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  1. Would the new Leather and Interior dressing be suitable under the CSC vs the Leather Conditioner?
  2. I have the MTM with my greenworks, and it works just fine. Did you change the orifice to the 1.1?
  3. Could possibly be air in the line of the pressure washer too...try bleeding it by leaving the power of the washer off and hold down the trigger for a bit to make sure all the air is purged out of the line.
  4. Just circling back to this...did we find any clarification?
  5. Slightly off topic, but relevant to this....I did my truck with the Ceramic Liquid Wax (was told it was identical to the CPW, but in liquid form by Adams). How do you determine if the CB is building up? I use CB every time I do a maintenance wash on my truck (once a week), but my truck also lives outside being it doesn't really fit in my garage so I think the CB takes a bit more of a beating. I haven't really noticed any weird streaks or anything from the CB, so not sure if I should just keep doing what I'm doing or not?
  6. Got me all excited for nothing!
  7. Try sucking out what you can with a shopvac set up for wet/dry. Then put a fan on it. That's what I've done, and it works alright.
  8. That's awesome! DuPont Registry usually means awesome vehicles. How do you deal with the little bit of water from the rinseless in a situation like that? Lay a cloth down around the car to catch the little bit of water that drips off, or just mop it up after?
  9. I think it would work like a normal wax...my understanding is it's a good quality wax with a 30% silica content. It can be removed with a strip wash, so I would bet it would bond to the PS just like any other wax.
  10. I used interior detailer on mine for that reason, and it cleaned up pretty good. I suppose you could go over it with APC first and then ID?
  11. Looking for a bit of advice.. I have a Polaris Ranger that I want to detail. I asked Adams a week or so ago and they suggested revive hand polish after a wash and clay, and then CSC. I played around with the revive a bit tonight and while it cleaned the plastic up a bit it's still quite swirled. Any options for this? Can I clean it up if I use correcting compound with the orange hex hand applicator? I feel like using a machine would be a no go on plastics.
  12. Falcaineer, were you ever able to figure out the order of aggressiveness for the different clay products?
  13. It seems it happens when I try to tag another member.
  14. I use it once a week. I think it's a great product. Foams well out of the foam cannon, leaves a nice finish.
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