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  1. Do some looking, the MSRP on my Laramie was $60,300, after rebates and incentives I paid $44,700 + TTL for this one. I don't know if I could spend $60k on a truck, even though it is arguably the nicest truck out currently.
  2. As far as I know the properties of the two are the same, just different application style as far as a paste vs a liquid wax. I bet a jar of CPW lasts longer than a bottle of CLW, I probably used a third of my bottle doing my truck.
  3. I just did my 2019 Ram with CSC with a layer of CLW with amazing results. I too had previously just used the CLW on my truck, but wanted a better foundation of protection for the winter up here in ND.
  4. Finally got around to prepping the truck for the wonderful ND winter that's coming. I will eventually correct the truck and do a proper ceramic coating as it's parked outside and daily driven, but the paint is in decent condition and I know you can polish the CSC off somewhat easy so I decided that was going to be my winter coating. Here was the process I followed. Wanted to type this out on my computer, but the pics are on my phone so the pics will be in the following post. I didn't pause to take as many pics as I probably should have, and it was raining outside when I finished so I didn't get to enjoy the shine much 😐 Plan on doing a CWW tonight and then topping it finally with CB before heading on the road to MT for a fishing trip tomorrow. Clean wheels/tires using wheel & tire cleanerSpray down truck Strip wash in foam cannon Wash with microfiber mitt Rinse Dry Spray down with iron remover Rinse Dry Clay bar fine grade with detail spray lubrication Wipe down with IPA solution to remove detail spray residue Final wipe down with surface prep CSC all paint and trim, along with tonneau cover Ceramic coat headlights using trim and headlight wipes Let cure overnight Apply CLW to truck and buff Apply ceramic windshield coating using the new wipes. I'm really happy how it turned out. Paint looks like it literally has a layer of glass on it. My girlfriend commented that she thought the truck was still wet in the pictures.
  5. I just found my bottle of APC leaking out the bottom on the shelf the other day. I wonder if they will sell a more durable bottle maybe like what the strip wash comes in?
  6. Perfect timing for this, I have a brand new windshield being installed next week!
  7. Because this forum isn't for giving good advice brand-wise, it's for giving good advice with Adam's specific line of products. I don't understand why the discussion about the merits of other products isn't allowed, as we all want the best results for our money but those are the rules to participate here. Personally, I feel like there is a difference between promoting the sale of competing products and discussing them, but I suppose the discussion of others could lead to a potential sale for the competitor and not for Adam's if the discussion lead to a perceived better value. A bit of a catch-22 I suppose. Either way, one should never limit research to one source of information be it detailing or any other aspect of life.
  8. What would be the difference between this then and applying CSC to the windshield being CSC is a 9H ceramic?
  9. Would the new Leather and Interior dressing be suitable under the CSC vs the Leather Conditioner?
  10. I have the MTM with my greenworks, and it works just fine. Did you change the orifice to the 1.1?
  11. Could possibly be air in the line of the pressure washer too...try bleeding it by leaving the power of the washer off and hold down the trigger for a bit to make sure all the air is purged out of the line.
  12. Just circling back to this...did we find any clarification?
  13. Slightly off topic, but relevant to this....I did my truck with the Ceramic Liquid Wax (was told it was identical to the CPW, but in liquid form by Adams). How do you determine if the CB is building up? I use CB every time I do a maintenance wash on my truck (once a week), but my truck also lives outside being it doesn't really fit in my garage so I think the CB takes a bit more of a beating. I haven't really noticed any weird streaks or anything from the CB, so not sure if I should just keep doing what I'm doing or not?
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