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  1. Driver License I’ll get it going 🙂
  2. I wonder if they are going to pull the product reviews over OR if we will need to leave reviews again. What can I say, I always like reading the reviews 🙂
  3. Same here. 2 orders, no problems. I really like the new look. it also works very well on my iPad 12.9" pro. And, the way the responsive site changes for my iPhone X. looks and feels great!
  4. You guys rock! Just placed an order! Thanks GolfR!
  5. I just watched the video and love it! It really does look like shaving cream! My friend said I would never get thick foam from an electric unit... I use an electric pressure washer as well and always get really thick foam with the new Mega. Needless to say he always tries to come over to my house to wash his car 🙂
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