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  1. XSE15

    New Guy

    Got my first mystery bucket in today and couldn't be much happier! It wasn't an over-the-top haul, but most of this, I know that I'll use right off the bat. I may be willing to sell or trade the Rinseless Wash and the Ceramic Spray Coating, as I don't think I'm ready to dive into those at this time. Any advice on those two? Also, the bucket weighed 11.7 lbs, and the Car Shampoo was ordered separate from the bucket. If my math and pricing is right, I was somewhere around $145.
  2. XSE15

    New Guy

    Thanks for all of the kind words. Got my tracking information on my bucket today. 11.7 lbs. Who knew you could get so excited about a bucket? The anticipation is killing me!!
  3. Hey all. I'm new to Adam's and relatively new to detailing, extensively anyway. 2015 Toyota Camry XSE is what I'm keeping shiny. It's my daily and is driven quite a bit, and the local carwash isn't satisfying my OCD anymore, so here I am. Ordered Interior Detailer last week, and have already placed an order for my first mystery bucket this week. Looking forward to learning as much as I can!
  4. XSE15

    The two word game.

    My fault on the previous one. I was on page 399 instead of 400 Front Fender
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