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  1. Yeah MSRP is just that "suggested". I didn't pay anywhere close to the MSRP for my 4x4 RAM Sport.
  2. Hey Bret! I'm a newbie too and you are definitely in the right spot for expert advice. I can tell you from my experience so far Ceramic Coating (specifically Ceramic Spray Coating) will be the easiest way to keep that 2019 looking brand new! I have a 2016 RAM 1500 and you can look at the pics and the steps I took. Pop up some pics of your ride in the new member check in forum and I'm sure you will start seeing some expert advice rolling your way.
  3. BAM! That thing looks great! Turned a lot of heads I bet!
  4. Welcome @Watchmyshoes! Mystery bucket time! They helped me (also a newbie) build my arsenal and CSC my truck! There are a lot of experienced folks on here! Got pics of your car?
  5. That was gonna be my follow up question, which one you had. I could see where a mini would be useful. So, SK 15 and Mini....on the list... . OK. I'm not sure why, but the thought just hadn't crossed my mind. I just put the CSC on my truck, and I'm lining up the future care much like Ray is, Wash + Coat and Ceramic boost, maybe H2GG here or there and based on recent forum thoughts, CWW as a drying aid. I'll have to add some CPW as an inbetweener.
  6. so, this peaked my interest....JR are you suggesting a CPW layer over the CSC periodically? I wonder if anyone does that?
  7. Looks great Ray! Amazing! Gotta get me a SK......
  8. Hey Sarge, I agree, when i did my CSC i never used any MF towels. I only used the double soft MF towel on the ceramic boost phase(optional after the coating). For my actual CSC I used the microfiber block applicator and suede removal towels (recommended here on the forum). They were cheap and disposable.... especially compared to the actual towels. Hopefully I'm not confusing your question, but i think the caution is using any applicator, used to add or remove the actual coating process material, again on the paint as it will crystallize and end up scratching any paint. By the way.... I'm an amateur just like you. 😁
  9. Awesome thanks. I used a double soft towel to wipe the ceramic boost. Washed immediately after. I assumed it was different but never thought to get a second opinion to be sure.
  10. What about ceramic boost? Same line of thought? Don't reuse on the paint?
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