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  1. I just wanted to send a special thanks to the folks on this forum that religiously answer questions and give feedback. Specifically @RayS @falcaineer @Dan@Adams and there are many others as well but I see these guys chiming in on almost any topic. Thank you guys for taking the time each day to read and help. For me, it is invaluable. Often times I read about problems that I don't necessary face but still find the knowledge and approach each person takes as valuable future info. Kudos to you all and keep up the good work repping the best car care company in the biz..... in my opinion. I put this in the feedback section because I think it fits best here.
  2. Im gonna order next week. I wish they would offer a trio bundle like they did the hand soap. I'm definitely gonna try the pineapple.... possibly the mango. I'm sure too that if the grape is the same scent that everyone on here raves about from the legacy products that it will be a hit also!
  3. You guys are killing me...... 😁 Pineapple! Take my money!
  4. I really enjoy reading these! Great job and thanks for posting this!
  5. Nice job Ray! Looks fantastic!
  6. Hand Sanitizer FTW!!! Got 2 bottles in the mail this week....along with my mystery bucket.... Great job supporting the community and first responders as well! Much appreciated!
  7. I haven't use PS but I am a big fan of HGG . I use it on the wifes Jeep and its always a product I use when friends ask for "help" washing a vehicle . I have recommended Wash and Wax and HGG to 2 of my friends and those 2 products alone made them believers in the Adams brand. Soon they will feel the addiction.... lol
  8. Derrick, sorry I didn't get a notification you tagged me in a comment and have been absent from the forum for a bit. Yes, I am about 5'8" and I could reach the middle of the truck and all the back glass and windshield. I did a good bit of research before buying the adams ladder and I can say it was a great investment. The biggest part is the stability you have while on the ladder to control what you are doing. I would recommend it for sure. I use to have to step up on the bed rails or use a simple step ladder (very unstable) to reach all the part of the truck. No more!! :D
  9. Thanks @Wk2Altitude15 ! The write up did take a while but I can say I enjoyed it. I also think participation is so key on a forum like this. I have learned so much in a short time reading the write-ups of others and wanted to keep that culture going! LOL I did get a good workout hand polishing, but I learned a good bit from doing that and could control what I was doing and that was my goal. I'll take ur advice on the light, I actually have been looking at adding a good stand alone light for detailing anyways. I can say that my CSC is still going strong. Now, I do keep my truck in the garage and it is not a daily driver so take that as it is.
  10. Welcome Chris! Georgia.....and a RAM truck! Seems like you got it right!
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