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  1. This is actually the one I saw, finally found it again. In this one he doesn't have anything covered and uses a pressure washer, it also has the "VRT milk"procedure in it. I'll be sure to document my process and hopefully will not have any negative outcome.
  2. Oddly enough, that thread is kind of indicative of what I see with answers varying so much. I wish the original video was still up as it sounds like it was very descriptive! It's obvious all the concerns are from folks not wanting the "Christmas tree"effect lol!
  3. The second video was one i watched and 1 with Adam himself, I'll have to find it. My vehicles are 2016 dodge ram 1500 and 2018 jeep compass, no after market, no modifications. Thanks for the thread and other video, checking them out now Chris. Thanks everyone for your input!
  4. So, I've watched several videos from the Adams team about cleaning and polishing the engine bay, but I'm still left with the question "what do i need to cover or avoid spraying with water?" In all the videos it is just stated that newer cars are "bulletproof" to spray the engine bay full on with light pressure water hose or pressure washer. I'm sure I'm not the first to ask so maybe you guys can point me to a thread in the past where this was discussed or give me your method. Both my vehicles are 2016 or higher. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm so anxious to get it done man! But i wanna be sure i have all the tools necessary to do it right. So I'm being patient!
  6. I still have a few more products to get before i start my coating. I took a well placed gamble on a mystery trunk organizer. I'll post the haul in that forum soon. In the mean time, here is a glamour shot just using 4 Adams products. 1. Wheel cleaner 2. Tie shine 3. Wash&wax 4. H20 guard and gloss I love my truck!
  7. Hey! Im not the only one with 2 black cars to keep shiny lol! Welcome! We can trade tips!
  8. Congrats Chris! You have been a huge help to me in the little time I've been around! Well deserved!
  9. Update: First order is in. Pic attached. I know what ur saying.... "but Matt.... where are ur suede towels?" Lol. They were not in the box, however, I immediately contacted customer support and they have them on the way! Excellent service Adams! Thanks. Order number 2 coming soon!! Then it will be time to put in the work.
  10. I know! we will see if I am still cheerful after this process is complete
  11. Ok. Just got back in from a week in the mountains. Placed my 1st of 2 orders (because I'm poor lolol). Here is what I have so far. I ended up getting a kit that gives me what I need from my list and maybe a lil more. Adams Daily Driver Kit: Includes: 10" Car Wash Pads Borderless Gray Towels 16oz H2O Guard & Gloss 16oz Detail Spray Visco Clay Bar Kit 16oz Car Shampoo 5 Gallon Car Wash Bucket with Grit Guard Short Wheel Brush 16oz All Purpose Cleaner 20" Fender Brush Adams Ceramic Spray Coating Kit W/ Prep Includes: 4oz Ceramic Surface Prep 12oz Ceramic Spray Coating 2 Single Soft Towels 2 Suede Applicators Adams Gray Microfiber Pad - 6 Pack (as suggested by you folks) Suede Microfiber Towel - 2 Pack Gloves 2 Watermelon Air Fresheners (cuz....why not?) I'll be putting in my second and final order in the next 2 weeks. I have a cruise coming up that I gotta sock some cash back for....so slow rolling it. After I get them then I'll be updating you guys on my progress as I go. Starting with the RAM first and if all goes well, then will move on to the COMPASS.
  12. Thanks! I'm quite happy with it! Shinier pics to come soon!
  13. Alright, I think you folks have given me a lot to think about and narrow down. I really really do appreciate your kindness and detailed responses. I've got 2 weeks of away time (vacation and work) and then I'll be placing my final orders. I'll keep this thread updated w/ pics when I get my order in and start on my vehicles. Thanks especially to Juan for the detailed write up but I'm not leaving out any thanks for all the helpful responses from others like Ray. BTW Ray, I watched the video in your linked thread and was blown away when they used RHP to remove spray paint from that hood!!! Also, the Malibu looks great!
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