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  1. Welcome Chris! Georgia.....and a RAM truck! Seems like you got it right!
  2. Took advantage of the warm Georgia weather and washed the goat. I gotta brag on a couple things..... first off, ceramic spray coating holding up strong. Foaming soak of wash+coat, power rinse, 80% of the dirt and grime gone! Loving it! Second foam and wipe down got it spotless. Secondly, freaking tire armor! I literally just soaked the tires for a few minutes with TRC and then power rinsed.... spotless and shiny! Ceramic boosted, shiny! I mean, I'm no professional and I'm sure i can improve my coating techniques and shining techniques (which is why I learn from you guys on the daily) but if it's this easy for this dummy.... everyone should at least try it!
  3. 100 percent agree with this! I love mine! Not sure how i coped without it!
  4. Adams sells a couple different cannons I believe. YouTube has a bunch of videos on repairs and cleaning tips. There are several methods but for the most part are all very similar. Here is one for the PF-22 -
  5. Thanks Chris! And, I'm 100% with you about the wooden sign.... Thanks for the updated pics but I don't think mine was received before the 17th. So I'll keep an eye out on your next update. Did HQ get a good bit of christmas cards/stickers from the forum?
  6. Welcome! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics! Adams products and advice from this forum will put y'all well on your way to shinyville!
  7. @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin can I just ask, since I am not versed in machine polishing, when you are saying that you are conditioning the pad, what exactly are you doing with the brush and what are the cues that tell you to do it? Is it a build up of the oxidation that you are removing? Are you just brushing that off with force or what is the method?
  8. I think you have accomplished the goal Cap! If it looks the same each time that is a win! Nice work!
  9. And this is why I love this forum! Not always the perfect scenario, not always the perfect answer, but detailed write ups like this give a novice like myself evidence of what the options are and the results! Thanks for sharing Juan!!
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