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  1. Thanks! I'm quite happy with it! Shinier pics to come soon!
  2. Alright, I think you folks have given me a lot to think about and narrow down. I really really do appreciate your kindness and detailed responses. I've got 2 weeks of away time (vacation and work) and then I'll be placing my final orders. I'll keep this thread updated w/ pics when I get my order in and start on my vehicles. Thanks especially to Juan for the detailed write up but I'm not leaving out any thanks for all the helpful responses from others like Ray. BTW Ray, I watched the video in your linked thread and was blown away when they used RHP to remove spray paint from that hood!!! Also, the Malibu looks great!
  3. I have been trying to get a good clear picture to post, close up of my paint, so you can see from experience if I am stating this correctly. But I don't see the scratch marks or swirl marks referenced in most of the polishing videos on either of my vehicles. Maybe they will be visible after the strip wash though, that I don't know. If I can get a legible picture I'll post it so you guys can see if I'm correct or just an untrained eye. So, assuming that I don't have them, from what I am seeing in the vids (thank you for recommending that Juan) the White Finishing Polish is the very least that I should do right? Also, I had another question. If I do my wheels completely ahead of time, say a day or so like suggested, when I go back and foam and strip was the vehicle, wouldn't that undo some of my work? Again, I am learning here so forgive me if I am asking the obvious. The good thing is that I do have 2 vehicles and drive a company vehicle to work, so I can work on this for a couple days in and out of the garage as needed without undoing my work driving around.
  4. Wow Juan! I can't thank you enough for taking time out of the day to give me a write up like that. That is well over and above what I was expecting and fantastic info! I hope Adams Admin is watching! I think I am 100% with you and understand each point that went over. The only part that I as a novice am nervous about is the polishing. That is something I have zero experience with and from some of the instructional videos I've seen can be overdone easily. Both of my vehicles are fairly new and garage kept with very little to no blemishes. Having said that you make me want to try at least to polish while taking the time to do this. In your opinion, what is the safest option here? I have never attempted to power polish nor do I have a polisher. Is it risky for me at this stage or am I just being skiddish? Again, I can't thank you enough for this as you have more than answered my questions and have even given me some additional products that I am adding to my cart that I was not thinking about.
  5. Thanks Ray. And thanks for the humidity tips! Especially not having used any of the products referenced that gives me some food for thought. Summer in GA is usually close to 100 mid day and humidity is almost always high. I'll take it any day over freezin' though! 😁 I have thought of using HGG in place of the drying method I currently use and may still add that as an extra step. Thanks Chris. At 6 bucks those applicator pads are a no brainer to use something that actually works better! Cool! Thanks Juan! I appreciate that very much. 👍
  6. No I'm not. That is actually why I posted here. I didn't expect the quick responses and don't plan to order until I'm sure what I'm getting. I know for sure that im getting the strip wash and visco clay kit. I have the basics from my previous 2 orders to keep me going for the moment. I would absolutely be interested in what you used specifically and your methodology. That is way above my expectations.
  7. Thanks for the welcome and I know Rich.... it's a constant WIP! 😑 but when she's clean.... man she looks good! Lol! Im glad you are bearing the burden with me. You can always say "at least i don't have 2 like stalebreadjr! " 😁
  8. Awesome. Thanks for the advice. I think the kit also has 2 grey suede rectangle applicators for the ceramic coating. Would those suffice for application? I also actually scored the ceramic boost already in my mystery bucket, so, visco clay kit and ceramic kit seems to be all im missing. Oh and I'm definitely taking Chris's advice of using the strip wash first as well. I can't tell you how much this helps! With so many products to choose from, narrowing it down and having a plan is tough!
  9. Thanks Juan. If you don't mind me asking... which products did you use? I am looking at the spray coating kit that has the prep, the spray coating, the applicators and double soft towels. Also, do you use the ceramic boost at all? If so, when and how often?
  10. Ha! The struggle is real! That's why finding these products was a light bulb for sure!
  11. Thanks Chris! This is the kind of info I'm looking for exactly. And yes.... I'm sure this is now considered my new addiction 🤣! BTW, here is the compass newly washed and my 2016 dodge RAM attached.
  12. Hey all! I am definitely a newbie when it comes to car detailing and have stumbled on these products via instagram and so far I am definitely hooked on them. I have a full size truck and a small jeep and they are garage kept vehicles. So far I've played the roulette of mystery buckets so that I could try out a few things. Now that I have 2 buckets and grit guard and essential wash pads and such, I have the basics from what I can tell watching the adams videos for the 2 bucket wash and I've followed that process. It works great! I dried my vehicles with the great white towel method. My big question here is what process should I follow to protect my vehicles. I'm a little confused by the waxing versus sealing versus coating difference. I really would like to try the ceramic spray on my vehicles but I don't know what is the proper process to get my vehicle to the point to apply. I can tell that the video instruct thorough washing and claying (visco clay is in my cart preparing to be purchased) but I'm unsure of what to do next. Is it proper to just prep and ceramic spray? Should I wax the car first and then follow? Should I ceramic spray and then use ceramic boost periodically? I'm pretty lost when it comes to anything more than the basic wash and care of a vehicle but I'm open to all suggestion! Thanks in advance! - stalebreadjr
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