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  1. Yeah both trucks are pewter so the paint really doesn’t show much unless your looking with a light real close. I just ordered a swirl killer kit last night so when ever it comes in I’m going to test it out and start getting comfortable with it. I think the only thing I don’t have that I need is the strip wash
  2. I really appreciate the offer man! I think it’s taken care of now but really that’s awesome of you guys to offer that!
  3. Thanks man I appreciate that! I think it’s taken care of now but I appreciate the offer!
  4. Yeah I’ve heard really good things about the customer service, but I haven’t really been impressed with it. I sent an email right after I noticed the missing sprayer in my essentials kit and got a quick reply saying they were sending out a replacement right away and I would receive a confirmation email. Well 2 or more weeks go by and nothing. By this time I’ve got my mystery buckets and see the missing and damaged items in them. So I have to send another email again asking about the first missing sprayer and the new missing stuff, I mentioned the grit guard but said it wasn’t a big deal because it was still usable and said maybe just add some protection under it next time. Anyways finally got an email back saying they shipped out another grit guard and a 3 pack of the normal sprayers, so I’m not getting the sprayers that are supposed to come with the ceramics, o well not a big deal and I’m getting another grit guard.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I definitely want to try it, that’s another one of those things I’m hesitant about jumping into though lol. Also I don’t have any sprayers for them, I don’t know if it’s just me but every order I’ve received has been missing something or had something damaged. Missing a sprayer out of my essentials kit, missing 2 sprayers out of one mystery bucket, and I got another grit guard in one mystery bucket that had a couple pieces broken off the bottom of it.
  6. Thanks for the reply! My personal vehicle is a 2000 Silverado with almost 300,000 miles lol. The paint isn’t perfect by any means but I think it could be corrected and turn out pretty good, so I think a machine polisher will be my next purchase. As far as right now really just want to test out some new things and get comfortable with them. I also will be using them on my brothers 2004 Silverado duramax (his paint is in a lot better condition than mine) he’s also caught the detailing bug and my moms 2010 Acura MDX. I graduate from college next May and just want to get some more experience with detailing before I buy another newer vehicle that I want to keep as pristine as possible.
  7. Hey guys, new to Adams products and looking for some advice. I’ve recently made a few orders and got a good collection started, this is from the essential kit and 2 mystery buckets. I’ve always been interested in detailing, but have never got into it seriously. I’ve always been hesitant about jumping into it as far as machine polishing goes but I think that will be my next purchase. So just look over what I have and I would appreciate any advice on anything you have to offer. Thanks!
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