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  1. Hi John, I am a newbie doing my own cars and went thru the same thing. I was afraid to touch my new car. Once finished, I am extremely happy with the results. I ended up: Strip Wash Visco Clay w/ Detail Spray Revive Polish Paint Sealant Brilliant Glaze Americana Wax (Will follow up with H2O after this Saturday's California opening) I just did my in-laws car and it was an older car with scratches. I used a machine polisher and not only are the scratches gone, I think it looks better than my new car. In about 8-10 months when the paint sealant is gone, I will machine polish my new car. I left my in-laws car out overnight and a day, and I wiped it down with some detail spray before I started polishing. I didn't have Waterless Wash and am hoping/assuming the polishing removed and detail spray left on. I used the Correction and then the Finishing Polish. I can't express how pleased I am. Both of them seem mild enough that there doesn't seem to be much risk for someone new like myself. To answer your last question, I did NOT do the jams as they don't normally see weather and it seemed like a lot of work with all the small creases and hard to reach areas. (And I don't see them as much)
  2. Thank you too! From my little bit of research, maybe black wheel wax might be an idea suggestion? (I guess eventually I need to "not be afraid" of ceramic products)
  3. Hi Juan, I guess I didn't look in the ceramic "world" because I hadn't gone ceramic with the car, but that shouldn't matter. Hadn't thought of ceramic! Will take a look, thanks! If I stayed wax though, would the items that I have on hand be good, the AW or BW? Hoping to get HGG at the Anaheim grand opening, would that work?
  4. Hello! My car has metallic black painted rims. Before I found Adams I was using a CG MaxCoat Wheel Guard that was specifically for wheels/rims. What would be the best Adam's product, just a regular wax like Americana or Buttery? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the pictures! Just a newbie, but looking forward to attending! Need some waterless wash because the day to day dust is getting on my nerves more than ever!
  6. Perfect! HAHA! Thanks! Definitely need to add that! I straightened up my supplies after two long days, and realized how much my arsenal has morphed in the last 3 months. Before and After.......
  7. Next move is to take the 30 minute drive to the new Adam's California location. Luckily it is less than an hour away. (Have to convince the wife that the 4 orders and two mystery boxes leaves room for more!)
  8. Thanks! I went with- Strip Wash Visco Clay Revive (chickened out on using my newly acquired SK from the mystery box, will use it the first time on my in-laws car) Paint Sealant 2X Brilliant Glaze Americana (And then glass sealant and interior detailer)
  9. Thanks everyone for the advise! Adam's products gave me great results and were pretty straight forward to use!
  10. Thanks! Thats what I was kind of thinking. I was trying to cut down the time a little bit. I have a vehicle that I need to do more serious work and I am going to use the Paint Correcting and Paint Finishing (and I am hoping these are enough). I knew there was no way I could, or should, do those by hand.
  11. I took a big step and picked up a SK Mystery Box. Anyone have any suggestions or comments about the best practices- I have been using Revive (by hand), Paint Sealant, Brilliant Glaze, and Americana, and will use Buttery soon. Which of these steps would be beneficial to use the SK instead of by hand? Which pads are the best to have on hand? What should a polisher newbie know, or be warned about? Thank you for any suggestions! (This forum has been very helpful!)
  12. Thanks everyone! I am trying to set up a long term, or annual plan. If I use Paint Sealant every 9-12 months, with wax or HGG in between, do I need to do a Strip Wash before I Paint Sealant again? Any suggestions on: Annual - Paint Sealant, Americana Every 6 months - Americana Every 3 months - Buttery Monthly - HGG
  13. Thanks! Do you recommend any wash or go straight to the Revive polish?
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