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  1. Thanks! Do you recommend any wash or go straight to the Revive polish?
  2. Thanks! From what I read this seems to be a highly debated topic!
  3. Thanks! My list is a combination from Adam's customer service and other readings I have found. I do not take any credit! Hopefully I am able to be successful in the actual work!
  4. Hello everyone! New here from Southern California. Not a detailer, just someone trying to take better care of my cars. After lengthy research, it led me here and to Adam's products. Looking forward to making my cars shine! If any experts have some advise I would appreciate it. My cars are a 2016 Mazda CX-5 (Reflex Blue Mica, a medium blue) and a 2019 Camaro (Shadow Gray Metallic, a charcoal gray/blue). My plan is: Strip Wash Visco Clay Bar Strip Wash? Revive Hand Polish Brilliant Glaze?? Paint Sealant Americana Wax Brilliant Glaze? Follow up after first wash with H20 Guard and Gloss If anyone has any pointers or two cents, it is welcome! Thanks!
  5. Hello! Just joined after searching all over the web on best car care. Excited to get my order and begin working on my cars!
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