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  1. Welcome aboard from NC!
  2. Loving the new shelving products from Adams and going to build out the garage around them, but i noticed the "gallon" holders are for the gallon containers of products. Might be nice to have for for the buckets as well? Just a thought, not sure if there would be enough interest for them. The other thought is a spot on any of the racks to add a holder for the truck brush, lord knows you don't want that thing hitting the ground.
  3. I'm really digging the adams shelving units and definitley going to be putting them in the garage when the house is finished being built this year. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/organization/products/adam-s-bottle-organizer
  4. Thanks for the welcome! Great seeing some other trucks around here, especially a Raptor. Big fan of them.
  5. New member to the forum from NC. Been a fan of Adams since i saw them at the Carlisle Ford Nationals years ago. Finally got back into detailing after i sold my mustang, now have a Blue Flame Metallic F150 FX4 i want to make shine like no tomorrow and my detaling supplies needed restocking so i am jumping back in with both feet in the Adams world. Coming from the Meguires family of products. Its been a while but i remember using the numbered products like Meguires Glaze # 26 and such. Can't wait till the house is built later this fall and have a dedicated garage for the first time. So i jumped in and ordered a mystery box today and some black trim restoration. Hope everyone has a great week ahead and looking to dive into the forums! Adding a picture of the truck for fun and reference.
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