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  1. Weather in Colorado has been pretty crappy, but I managed to spend a few hours getting the bride's Rover looking clean and shiny. Love how the wheels/tires turned out with Adam's Tire Shine and Detail Spray (even though I did miss a couple of water drops before taking this pic).
  2. If you're using an ad blocker, you could try whitelisting the Adam's site.
  3. I wondered about that, too (I usually trim them down a bit).
  4. Thanks, @falcaineer -- that info really helped clarify things.
  5. LOL! Reminded me of the one I used to have.
  6. So, Glass Sealant maintained with Ceramic Waterless Wash?
  7. I'm interested in products/workflow that would be suitable for both, ideally.
  8. I'm hoping y'all can sort me out on glass care. I currently clean my cars' windows with Adam's spray glass cleaner (the green stuff) using Adam's green glass MF cloth. I then buff the insides of the windows with Brilliant Glaze. I'm happy with that combo for the inside of the windows, but I'm somewhat overwhelmed by all the other glass car options/treatments. Would the next step be to treat the outside of the windows with Adam's Glass Sealant and then refresh with Adam's Glass Boost?
  9. Nice work! Digging that color. What year/color is the Beetle in the background?
  10. Great write-up. The Colorado looks fantastic.
  11. Just the inside of the KIA's (2014 Soul) windows. Will probably upgrade to ceramic for the outside and stick with BG on the inside.
  12. Finally had a chance to use Brilliant Glaze on the inside of our KIA's windows. All I can say is, wow! Super-smooth and clear as, well, glass. Very impressed with how little effort it took to apply and polish, too.
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