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  1. What’s the difference between the “new” ceramic spray coating and the “UV” ceramic spray coating? Exactly the same but with UV thingys in it? I just bought the UV CSC along with the flashlight. So is it the same or not. Adams needs to be a little more clear on the differences
  2. Ahhhh. Yes. I would have not searched acronym expansion. But thanks for pointing that out. But maybe the list of uses has not been done????????????
  3. Please let me know if this is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not knowing exactly what search terms to use, Being a novice, I’ve read just about every post and review and watched all the Adams videos I could. But With soooo much info, it’s gets very confusing to remember which products do what and when to use them. I couldn’t find a complete list. I had to piece together various threads and product listings. Sometimes I simply want to know “what other products besides detail spray can I use to help dry?” I would have to search multiple threads I was hoping to put together a list that can be easily and quickly referenced with both official name and the abbreviation often used, and any other pertinent BASIC info: application method, etc I’m only adding the very few examples I can remember and figure out, but am hoping this great community can add to it so in the end, there’s a fairly complete list. This is just a start. Please post additions. Feel free to suggest new categories Examples: (Products can be in multiple categories). Pre Wash/Soak BS(?)=Bug Spray WW=Waterless Wash General Washing CS=Car Shampoo (Foam Cannon/Gun, Bucket Wash) UF=Ultra Foam (Foam Cannon/Gun, Bucket Wash) MF=Mega Foam (Foam Cannon/Gun, Bucket Wash) Special Washing WC(?)=Wash + Coat. Ceramic infused Shampoo. Use on either coated or uncoated vehicle (Foam Cannon/Gun, Bucket Wash) SW(?)=Strip Wash. Strip Existing Wax/Polish/Sealants (Foam Cannon/Gun, Bucket Wash) ????=Wash & Wax. Enhances wax or sealant protection in between full details (Foam Cannon/Gun, Bucket Wash) Drying Aids (Spray on wet vehicle to assist drying ability and/or add some level of protection) DS=Detail Spray HGG=H2O Guard and Gloss WW=Waterless Wash CWW= Ceramic Waterless Wash CB=Ceramic Boost Ceramic Coating Application CSC=Ceramic Spray Coating CPW(?)= Ceramic Paste Wax CLW(?)=Ceramic Liquid Wax Ceramic Coating Maintenance CB=Ceramic Boost (Monthly) CWW=Ceramic Waterless Wash (Weekly) HGG=H2O Guard and Gloss Non-Ceramic Coatings BW=Buttery Wax BG=Brilliant Glaze PS(?)=Paint Sealant SW(?)=Spray Wax APW(?)=Americana Paste Wax Claying ????=Clay Mitt ????=Visco Clay Bar ????=Fine Grade Clay Bar Claying Lubricants DS=Detail Spray CS=Car Shampoo THIS IS JUST A START. If I got stuff wrong, let me know (I’m just a beginner). I’ll add to the list as suggestion or edits are mentioned.
  4. I wasn’t gonna open it to check. It’s like if I ordered a bag of chips and someone sent a bag labeled dog food. I’m not gonna open it just to make sure it really is chips. 😀 Plus Pumpkin Spice is a specific flavor. If I order a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks (uggg, why would I do that anyway?). They don’t then ask “what flavor?” Plus Adams advertises it as “Vanilla Spice”. Most everything else that is scented isn’t advertised as that specific scent even though they are scented (I’m looking at you Mega Foam!!! Bubble gummy Cotten candy scented greatness) But in this case, I just got a response back from customer service and they stated it is a labeling error. “Thank you for contacting us and thank you for your business! It was an error by our label designer. It is a vanilla spice scent, it just says pmupkin. I do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for understanding. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us!”
  5. Also Adams website lists musical car and corvette nationals in Chicago in November on there site. However Adams is not listed on the vendor list. Will Adams be there?
  6. Anyone else order “Vanilla Spice “ tire shine and receive “Pumpkin Spice” instead? I did. Upon closer inspection of the website, they do show the bottle labeled “Pumpkin Spice” under the “Vanilla Spice “ product page. I’m now guessing this is a title error, obviously im surprised this was not caught beforehand. It should be changed. Kinda disappointed. I really like vanilla scented stuff.
  7. On its own website, Adams list a Ceramic Spray Kit for $100 and is a 12 oz Kit. But on Amazon, Adams (Which is listed as the seller also) sells an 8 oz kit. Why doesn’t Adams sell an 8 oz kit on there own site? 12 oz kit on Adams website $100 8 oz kit Amazon Website $57 plus $10 shipping (Seller is listed as Adams Polishes) MODS: Sorry if this in inappropriate , and delete/move if necessary.
  8. I’ve asked several question and got answers when I needed them and every single person on here has been amazing! Anyway. I’ve seen a ton of answers about preparing to ceramic spray a car and claying beforehand. However, Not knowing what kind of coating has been applied beforehand, I want to clay bar and use APC or IR. Will the clay remove or damage a ceramic coating? As I stated in my new member post, I have a new to me 2017 CHEVROLET SS. When I bought it, it had 18k miles. It has some sort of coating on it. I have no idea what kind. It beads up pretty good still. But I can feel a tiny, tiny amount of contamination on the hood. Nothing pretty much on the roof or trunk. But I also have quite a few spots on the door and rocker panels of that iron dots and a little bit of tar dots. None of these are major but enough to annoy me. If it’s simply waxed, I understand the clay and chemicals will strip the coating. Which I want to CSC anyways But will I be damaging the coating if indeed it was ceramic coated? I’m kinda thinking it was either waxed or sealed because there is 1 spot on a piece of trim that is discolored white. And I’m thinking a ceramic coated car shouldn’t have iron spots or tar stick to it? My initial assumption is that if I clay and decontaminate, It won’t matter what was under it in the first place because no matter what, I’ll be recoating with ceramic anyways. I’ll either be putting a new coat on or just added an additional layer.
  9. For the life of me, I still cannot figure out how to add products to my wishlist on the new site!!!!!!
  10. I noticed that too but when I clicked the "enlarge" button to make it full screen, the mute button was enabled. Once I u clicked mute and went back to the page, it worked. I think it's a feature to keep autoplay audio from annoying you to death (at least mine autoplayed)
  11. No option to add to wishlist. I cleared my cache, logged out, but no option to add to wishlist. No little hearts. Nothing. My old wishlist was there. I enabled the option. I even deleted my old wishlist. Help😩😩😩
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