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  1. I use it on chrome and windows to remove water spots. Does great
  2. So if I go with the paint sealant next time, if I’m reading right I’ll have to clay bar the vehicle before applying the sealant?
  3. Thanks guys. I’ve got a bottle of the Adams Ceramic spray but I’ve been hesitant to try it as I don’t have an indoor area to apply and cure. Are you saying to use that and maintain with HGG? Or could I do HGG on top of the wax?
  4. Thanks! Finally knocked it out. Americana does pretty well, just difficult to see Applied on this paint.
  5. I washed my truck yesterday and ran out of time for wax. Can I wipe it down with detail spray today to remove dust, etc before applying Americana wax? It has not been driven since washing but it is outside.
  6. Dropping in to say Hi! Recently bought a new vehicle and with the cost, gained a renewed interest in detailing to take care of it. Happy with the products I’ve used so far, with more on the way!
  7. Hi All, I have a 2019 GMC Sierra with factory chrome wheels. Unfortunately I have street parking and the community sprinklers always seem to get my wheels. What is best product to remove the spots, I assume they are clear coated? I have used detail spray and it mostly worked but still some stubborn spots. And lastly, other than ceramic, is there anything I can treat wheels with that may eliminate the spotting?
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