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  1. Nicely done. Tires look great and you even brought a lustre to your dog's coat!
  2. Depends on the mood. I'll play jazz or blues if it's a relaxing puttering sorta garage session. Sometimes folk or rock. More often I am on a timeline so I put on more upbeat selections like heavy metal, hard rock, punk, EDM, even a little pop...basically anything that you would find on a workout mix. I like a lot of different genres, the only requirement is that the music is well played.
  3. cdnrod

    Smaht Pahk...

    I'm with you. Thought the technology is cool but that just screams trouble either from door dings or from other angry commuters who are blocked out of their vehicles.
  4. I'm with you and your Mrs. This is a 2012 I bought new. It's been reliable and comfortable overall, but there are too many shortfalls. Agree they are crap in the snow. I think mine is a 1.8 if I recall correctly. too little engine for the weight, and the fuel economy is lacking. Feels some sluggish when there is a full load of passengers. Should have got the 6 cylinder. I have had this in for various warranty issues including pistons and rings before 60k miles. Not good. I guess to summarize - I have not been disappointed really as I knew I wasn't buying a performance or luxury ride...but it could have been so much better. My mother in law has a '17 LT that is improved from mine, but still middling. I would not buy another.
  5. Finally got a chance to clean up the 'Nox. Just had time for a wash and application of glass sealant. There is a lot more that could be done...but this is a big improvement.
  6. Thank you all! I am sure I will have questions soon. There is a box of goodies due to arrive on Thursday and I get the keys to the first patient on Saturday. Let the fun begin!
  7. Thanks Rich! My 'nox is just over 7 years old, and just rolled over 100,000 miles. Looks pretty good for its age despite being a daily driver, being parked outside for most of its life, and the last couple years of neglect. Pics of that and the wife's bug to come soon. In the meantime here is one of my mother in law's two Camaros which I will be taking care of. Going to do some paint correction and protecting on this over the next couple weeks, so I have to order supplies today. And a swirl killer. 😁
  8. Thanks Ray. Sure miss the area and the good friends we made there. Depending on where you were just south of the border you might have spent a pile more time on the shovel than we did. Pics are a coming. Don't have any handy, and certainly none showing a shiny surface, lol. More to come...
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