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  1. Ceramic coated the explorer Saturday. I did a full correction last Oct and have been maintaining it, but I wanted to take it to the next level, mission accomplished!
  2. In light of todays cancelled detail clinic, I ended up getting my wrangler corrected and coated with the help of a good friend of mine. Came out nice! received_236123657792802.mp4
  3. That has been a solid truck for him, He doesnt want it Adamized but he will be more thrilled when I post pics of his MG I'm shining up for him! I may swipe the keys for the truck and bring back that champagne color goodness!
  4. My 18 Wrangler and my wifes 16 explorer. The jeep has yet to be "Adamized" even though it looks perfect in pics, it has lots of broom scratches from the dealership when I got it. Her car got the correction first, happy wife equals bigger allowance at Adams!
  5. I just read that the Governor has limited all mass gatherings to 10 or fewer people. Get your Skype passwords dusted off folks 😷
  6. Finally adamized my sis in laws pilot. Compound, polish, brilliant glaze, sealant and ceramic liquid. Tires and glass sealed, full interior job as well as deodorizer. Also took the one step kit to the headlights and sealed those as well, you can see how oxidized they were on the before pic. She was super happy, I welcomed her to the Adam's way of life 😀 Also cleaned up the wrangler, did some trim restore and installed the anti tailgate spray, I mean tire shine, or as my tailgaters may say "tire blind" 👍
  7. Greetings from Anaheim! Quick stop on my way to the airport, felt just like home! The kids were a BIT too wound up so I made it a quick visit.
  8. I have an application I'm about to submit as I have a DESPERATE need of a change in scenery. I hope to work with you someday, but for now I can message you when I'm dropping by for a quick hello!
  9. I went back today because bogo ruled my finances. I must say you guys outdid yourselves. It looks AMAZING, very good job to everyone involved. Everyone needs to go this weekend to see it in person, and pick up your midnight detail spray like I did ðŸĪŠ
  10. I dropped in today and I was blown away. It looks AWESOME, it wasnt done, they were aiming for completion at end of day. And lucky me, I get to see the Anaheim store this week on my vacation!
  11. I promise not to do this too often, but I'm just happy with how well Adam's products perform to help me do a good job. I have maybe 2 ounces in my sprayer and it's making these tires look brand new. Nothing sees dirt and abuse more than these machines, who knows what kinds of muck this has on it!
  12. After winning the boss over to let me buy Adam's products at work, I cant help but share. Heres a dirty JCB telehandler that I used APC on the tires to bring them back to black. I'm heading back to hq soon to burn a hole in his card some more!
  13. The weather's been all over the place so I've only managed to knock out 3 interiors. My wrangler, wifeys explorer and my sister in laws pilot. The pilot is waiting for a full paint correction but I managed a deep wheel clean and a wash for now. 2 out of 3 cars have leather which of course was cleaned and treated. I played with the new compound and my mf pad on the pilot headlights and got a good result for such little work. Sun dried makeup was NO match for APC, IC and ID new almond scent! I LOVE the in n out spray, it really rounds out the detail and gives a "like new" finish. I've had a similar product from car brite for WELL over 20 years that I use sparingly as I was scared I wouldnt find a replacement. I included a pic of cleaned and cleaned/treated leather in case you haven't picked up your leather conditioner yet!
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