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  1. Welcome, Brew! Your ride is sweet! It's a shame GM didn't continue the Pontiac GTO and Chevy SS using the Holden products. I also complement you on the re-baging to the original Holden logos... Down to the wheels! Great detail work on your behalf. As your daily, I'm betting you smile every time you have to go to work or the store for a gallon of milk!
  2. Welcome, savage99ss! Don't know if you've had a chance to try out the Adam's products you've picked up yet, but I'm betting you will be pleased! In any case, please report back on your thoughts on Adam's products once you do.
  3. Welcome, Detailbuster09!
  4. Welcome, Tired Arms! As a Chicagoan, I can appreciate what you are saying! My winter routine includes a touchless car wash down the road from me and a whole lot Adam's Waterless Wash with the Adam's Blue Microfiber Waterless Wash Towels to finish cleaning any remaining spray from the road or drips from the car wash once I get home. Just my two cents... Hope it helps!
  5. Welcome, VT Yeti! I know where you are coming from! While I have been a car guy for years, I really dove in to keeping my cars looking great and protected well this past year. Like you, I was overwhelmed at first, but as Juan said, you are in the right place to learn! Adam's Polishes produces premium products that outperform anything you are going to find at the big box stores or the auto parts stores. The first time you get that amazing look to your vehicle after using Adam's products (and realize how much longer your vehicle will keep looking good), you'll appreciate the difference, and if you're like me, be hooked on keeping your vehicle looking great all the time! And as far as learning what's what and how to use them, you'll find that you can typically find an answer by searching the forum or asking your question and getting replies from our fellow forum members. I'll also add to Juan's comments above that if you are looking for a good general overview of things, Adam's has an excellent YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzpvSWz3VFZpeFeitVsybWg. That helped me a lot when getting started.
  6. Thank you, @Bscott94! Again, if you have any other questions, let me know. I am happy to answer. One last word of warning... If you do test drive one, you will likely start a quest to buy one. I held out for 2.5 months between my first test drive of one and signing papers for mine!... lol
  7. Thank you, @mc2hill! I appreciate the insight. I will get some ordered up and if we somehow get a warm day or two up here, maybe I can get the PS on. For now, the 15-day forecast doesn't have anything above 44, and even that is only for one day. Every once in a while, we'll get a freakish 50-plus degree day. Otherwise, I'll wait until Spring and start the routine then. Again, many thanks, Michael!
  8. Hi Brandon @Bscott94... I Googled Indy Alfa Dealers and saw that you have two. I went to the Napleton Alfa Romeo/Maserati dealership off 96th Street (depending on the listing, it's either "of Indianapolis," or "of Carmel," or simply "Napleton Italian Imports") and had a great overall experience. I worked with a salesman named John McGloin, initially over the phone and finalized things in person. He was very accommodating, doing everything from providing pictures to filming a video to make sure that it was worth my time driving down and back. He has been with the dealership for years, even prior to Napleton owning that location, so he is very knowledgeable. Granted we did some pre-work over the phone, but I was literally in with my old car and out with my Alfa in four hours. The car prep was nice as well, as they transferred everything down to my I-Pass (EZ-Pass). The only thing that was a bit annoying wouldn't affect you. Illinois started a new process for registering out-of-state purchased vehicles that they weren't familiar with (can't blame them for that), so it took 40-days for me to register my car and transfer my plates. Since Indiana Temp Tags are 45-day Tags, it made for some anxious days and for a lot of phone calls as we got past the 30-day mark. But they even got that done and since you live in Indiana, you won't have that headache to deal with. I will give you the insight that if you are trading a vehicle, know your trade's value or the range you are willing to accept. This seems to be an Alfa dealer thing, not just a Napleton thing, as I shopped multiple dealerships up here in Chicagoland, and had the same experience. Whatever program or equation they are using to value trades was coming up with a low number regardless of who the dealer was owned by or what city it was in, at least on my car. That said, an hour at Carmax got me a written offer that I showed them after their offer on my trade, which they honored, and it got me an extra $2,500. Outside of that, the car is amazing and if you enjoy driving, which if you are on a forum like this I presume you do, then you will love the Alfa regardless of trim level. I've have/had American, European, and Asian vehicles, and each excelled in specific ways. This is the most well-rounded car that I have ever owned. It's truly a luxurious driver's car. The Giulia has personality and it is hard not to smile every time you drive it. And it is gorgeous inside and out. You will catch a lot of people looking at it. I hope that helps. If you have any questions or if I can help further, feel free to reach out to me. Good Luck, B
  9. @falcaineer I have not, but based on your suggestion, I will try it... Unfortunately, I just placed an order yesterday for some other stuff, so I'll have to add it to my shopping list for my next order. From reading up on each of the product pages, I presume the PS should be treated like a wax, applied once every two to three months, and then maintain with the HGG, right? Also, any problems applying either product in the cold? I wouldn't mind trying it out immediately so she looks good and add protection during road salt season, but if a certain temperature needs to be hit, I may have to wait to apply until the spring. Thanks!
  10. @tlbullet Thank you! I love the combo. This picture doesn't do the Trofeo White Tri-Coat justice. It's basically a pearled bright white with a blackout for the trim and a red interior. As far as AWD goes, I wouldn't say it's necessary, but it is certainly nice, especially for a daily driver. I work in the field going from customer site to customer site and can drive up to 400-miles a day, although most days are between 75 to 175-miles. I get reimbursed from my company (at least partially) so I have my Shelby for nice weather weekends, my 4Runner for bad weather, and I was driving a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid for my daily. Comfortable and great milage... I was averaging around 40MPG. But SOOOO boring. So I researched for a while. Test drove BMW, Audi, Infiniti, and made the mistake of test driving the Alfa. I was instantly hooked and I decided that I wanted the TI Sport Q4. I ended up finding this specific car four hours from me in Indianapolis. It's optioned out nice so it looks a lot like the Quad. Main differences are 280HP 4-cylinder Alfa engine vs 505HP 6-cylinder Alfa/Ferrari engine, no Race Mode, Standard Front Splitter instead of the Carbon Fiber Active Front Splitter, no Carbon Fiber Hood and Roof, Dual Exhaust Tips instead of Quad Tips, no Fender Vents and Badges, AWD instead of Two-Wheel Drive, and I have a Panoramic Sunroof. The rest is pretty much identical from the Carbon Fiber Driveshaft to the Active Suspension to the Aluminum Paddle Shifters and Pedals, etc. Obviously there are also some QF-only options like Ceramic Brakes and Race Seats which I don't have. Since you know the BMW 3-Series, I'd equate it to mine being a 3 with the M-Package versus the Quadrifoglio being an M3. A number of differences, but for a daily driver, plenty good enough for me and in some ways better and more practical. Now my daily driving if fun again, albeit, with slightly worse MPG... I believe the best I have gotten for a full day was 27 and my worst was 12... I drive... Ummmm... "Spirited"... lol 911 4S is an amazing car... I've never driven one, but drooled over them plenty.
  11. Not a Quad... It's my daily driver, so living in Chicago, its nice to have the All-Wheel Drive. Still a looker and fun! Here's a pic from before the first snow this year...
  12. Thanks for the welcome everyone! Time for the first piece of advice: The box has arrived @tlbullet... Post to this thread? Post to the Official Mystery Box thread? Or both (or is that just obnoxious)?
  13. Welcome Christian! @falcaineer... Why do you have to kick us Bears fans when we are down?... lol
  14. Welcome and congratulations! Can't wait to see them done and all shined up! --B
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