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  1. Welcome, Mark! Truck looks great! Good thing you noted that you were in Arizona... I was about to book my flight to Calgary to get away from the Chicago winter... lol Anyway, good having you on the forum!
  2. Welcome, Josh03! Nice truck! And you are indeed correct. As a non-pro myself, I can attest that you are in the right place to search for and/or get great advice from a friendly community of fellow gearheads that like their rides to shine!
  3. Welcome, Chase!... Love the color combo of your ride with the white exterior and the red interior! Same as my Alfa! It will turn heads, but I'm sure you already know that!
  4. Welcome (Back), Matt! Looks like a solid Mystery Bucket Score! If you want, don't forget to post it to the Official Mystery Bucket Thread. You can find it here: And don't forget to post pics of your rides when you get them shined up! I have an '06 4Runner, still running strong up here in Chicago, where our weather is very similar to what you described as your weather... Well except for the temperature... Wind chill... Humidity... Ummm... The sun came out for the first time in three weeks the other day!... lol As for answering your question, I'll defer to the experts. @f
  5. Welcome, Bonmoo! You've got a great community here that I'm sure will be able to help you take care of your new ride! I don't detail cars professionally, but I have heard that you cannot even take Teslas to automatic car washes, so you are making a wise move taking care of the cleaning it yourself. Plus, you know what they say... If you want it done right, do it yourself! I'm sure you'll be quite happy with the results using Adam's Products!
  6. Welcome, Michael! As you can see already, there is a great community here, so if you can't find the answer you are looking for by searching old threads, just ask, and I guarantee you'll find plenty of help!
  7. Welcome, James! Glad to hear the HGG is working well for you! Per @falcaineer's advice, I'll be applying it to my new white car as well... As soon as the weather cooperates just a little here in Chicago.
  8. Welcome, Dominik! Nice ride!
  9. Welcome, Chris! Truck looks great! The silver and chrome is a great combo!
  10. Welcome to the forum, dthd2006!
  11. Welcome, Brew! Your ride is sweet! It's a shame GM didn't continue the Pontiac GTO and Chevy SS using the Holden products. I also complement you on the re-baging to the original Holden logos... Down to the wheels! Great detail work on your behalf. As your daily, I'm betting you smile every time you have to go to work or the store for a gallon of milk!
  12. Welcome, savage99ss! Don't know if you've had a chance to try out the Adam's products you've picked up yet, but I'm betting you will be pleased! In any case, please report back on your thoughts on Adam's products once you do.
  13. Welcome, Detailbuster09!
  14. Welcome, Tired Arms! As a Chicagoan, I can appreciate what you are saying! My winter routine includes a touchless car wash down the road from me and a whole lot Adam's Waterless Wash with the Adam's Blue Microfiber Waterless Wash Towels to finish cleaning any remaining spray from the road or drips from the car wash once I get home. Just my two cents... Hope it helps!
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