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  1. Thanks to all who responded to my 'rinseless wash'? question. I had no idea! I'm a real 'babe in the woods' (of 77) apparently! :):)
  2. Thanks to all for responding! I'm beginning to feel like I'm 'all washed up'! :):)
  3. Thanks Ray. I'm starting to wonder if I bought enough of it! Thanks for the response and tip!
  4. Thanks Chris for the info and the 'feel good' comments. The guy I bought my stuff from had white hair and mustache (couldn't remember his name) and Erin wrote it all up. I bought the farm, the first day Saturday! $340 of product incl a buffer If my garage ever warms up I'll have the shiniest Miata East of Scottsdale
  5. Moderators 4,013 5,749 posts Location: Colorado Springs, CO Real Name: Chris Posted 58 minutes ago No, sorry. That defeats the purpose, honestly. It's also not meant to dilute. But what's your intent? I may not be understanding your question. P.S. Moving this to the Wash forum to keep in line with the subject (be sure to post an intro for you though!) Chris and Ryan, obviously, I'm a rookie and don't know what I'm doing either with product or posting on forums. Sorry. I'll look on the 'wash' thread. Thank you for responding. Why I asked the question is I think I overbought on the waterless wash. Bought a gallon as well as the 16oz spray bottle. I live on a very nice dirt road in Vermont, but a dirt road nonetheless. This stuff seems more suited to be used to wipe of dust. Overzealous purchasing at the recent BJ Show in Scottsdale
  6. Just curious if anyone has had any experience with the Waterless Wash, using it in the bucket with a 'water' wash?
  7. it used to be so easy. Simonize paste wax, rub on allow dry, rub off. Todays confusing array of polishing options have given me mental constipation, meaning I cannot move onto one or another. Ceramic, clay, etc. Where do I start besides washing the car first?
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