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  1. A Honda "ricer" I work with loves to call mine that just to get under my skin. Kids... lol. I saw a new one online the other day that made me laugh.... Impalabu!
  2. Oh wow no kidding!? I drove, and LOVED, a blue one in South Carolina (read the story here if you're interested how I ended up with the RPGM.).... I think I got a good deal on it... You're location says your in PA somewhere? I bought my SS out in Lock Haven, but live in the Lehigh Valley where it's my DD. //Brew
  3. I LOVE my SS! Mine is a '17 in Regal Peacock Green Metallic.. It's an awesome color that makes is look almost black in the shade, and brilliant green metallic in direct sun.
  4. I bet the Vette looks AMAZING. I'm past the 24 hour cure window, and drove it to work today... that means it's going to get very dusty......which implies I can hit it with the Graphene DS tonight! wooohoo. lol
  5. Hello. I just finished up a ceramic detail but have a question now, in retrospect, about my SK15... As I was using it, it seemed like it wasn't rotating properly unless I almost lifted it off the surface of the car. I was using one step polish and a brand new one step pad. Even just the weight of the machine made it appear it wasn't rotating properly. As I would lift it off the vehicle, I could see it start to spin. Is this normal? This was my first experience with a DA polisher... Last orbital polisher I used was probably back in 1987. //Brew
  6. I thought about some pics.... but it's overcast and even photos don't do it justice!
  7. ....with ME! I just finished my first ever graphen ceramic detail of my Chevy SS (like an hour ago) and here I am already thinking about when I can start layering on the Graphene Detail Spray! I absolutely LOVE that I can hit EVERYTHING with the detail spray. (I coated everything...including the glass) It took two days but I..... Washed Decom'd (Iron Remover) Clay bar... actually I used the clay mitt. One step paint correction Surface prep Then I coated everything with Graphene (excluding my wheels which were previously coated with Adam's Cer
  8. Thanks for the welcome Cap'n! It's a RPG and I love it!
  9. Not really adding anything here... but wanted to say. My ceramic project isn't for a few more weeks, so in the meantime I wanted a detail spray to give my car an extra pop between washes so I gave the "pink" stuff a try. wow. Do I LOVE the Adams Detail Spray!! I'm coming from years of Zanio products like Z6 and Grand finale sprays... I can only assume that the Ceramic Detail Spray is just as good if not better... I just ordered myself a gallon before even trying it. //Brew
  10. Hello, I'm planning a single step paint correction then will ceramic coat my car using the new Graphene coating product. My question is about the new Graphene Ceramic Detail Spray. Is that safe/recommended to use on a weekly basis after washing my car? I'm a bit confused by the ceramic "bost" products and now this new ceramic "detail spray". //Brew
  11. Maybe this should be a new thread, but i'll ask it here anyway. I enjoy my detailing routine in the warm months where I live... Would it be better to Ceramic Paint coat my car (every few years), then use Adam's Boost as part of my 2-3 times per week wash/quick detailing routine - OR - would it be better to use Ceramic Spray coating after a wash 2-3 times per week? I enjoy using "spray detailers" a few times per week to really keep my car looking great. My only concern is the layering of products. //Brew
  12. Hi again everyone.. Couple more questions.. Is it OK to use the Ceramic Paint coating for things like the "chrome" window moldings and any plastic exterior parts? Also - what about the glass? I think Adams makes the ceramic coating for the wheels, paint, and trim, but it sure would be nice to use the same product for everything... Any pros/cons to using the paint coating for everything?? //Brew
  13. How quickly do they turn bad? should I plan for 2 towels per panel? Or can I do an entire sedan realistically with 4 towels??
  14. One more question (for now)... Must I throw away the towels I use to remove/buff the ceramic coating? Or can they be properly washed and re-used? //Brew
  15. This has been an excellent "Adam's educational" thread for me. I think I have my product list and game plan just about ready for the spring. I have one remaining question I'm looking for advice on. Is the Ceramic Wheel coating really necessary or can I simply use the Ceramic paint coating? With an additional layer, or two, of Ceramic Boost? (I rotate a full set of tires/wheels in the summer/winter) Each product is roughly $80... of course, the wheel coating will go on 4 wheels, whereas the paint the entire vehicle... Since the Paint Coating product comes with enoug
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