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  1. What products from Adam's work the best for giving black cars an extra bump? I know there are no black 'specific' products in the line up but I am wondering if there are products I should look into more vs others for this particular paint color. Side Question: Where can I find the ingredients in Adam's products or are they secret?
  2. So given that my car is daily and sits outside. Does HGG standalone also protect from UV? (I look at the Paint Sealant and it says "Increases shine, hydrophobic properties, and UV resistance" but H20 Gloss doesn't )
  3. This has probably been asked a lot and I cannot seem to find an article on this. My routine is to go to the car wash (pressure hose place), wash the car. Afterwards use H20 gloss, which is absolutely stunning in itself as well as only needing 2 (pretty small) towels to dry an entire Challenger, then I apply buttery wax. I've spent about an hour just reading through these products so now I am just frustrated. I am looking to increase the longevity of shine and protection of my vehicle. It is parked outside, and it is a daily driver. My dilemma is that I don't exactly know what I should use AFTER H20 Gloss to give it that little oomph or protection I need since I heard buttery wax doesn't last long. Recap: Wash, H20 Gloss, followed by Buttery Wax. Looking for methods to prolong protection.
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