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  1. I actually had just looked at the 2 step kit, but could always go for more towels and detail spray! Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I'm getting set to make a order for everything I'll need to get started polishing, including a 15mm SK. What I wanted to know is, what all would you recommend that I need to order from pads to polishes to get started? My wife's black Traverse will be my first project as my truck isn't badly needed, and its got plenty of swirls and some fine scratches also! And what would yall recommend to bring out the best depth and shine on black? Thanks!
  3. Got home from work and had a good opportunity for a reflection shot. Happy with how it turned out having not spent a lot of time doing any polishing except for a few minor scratches
  4. After I get moved to my new house where I have a shop, I plan to do a full correction and detail. So I’m going to stock up on polishing stuff and get the 15mm. Have never really fooled with much polishing, but my wife’s black Traverse is in dire need of a full correction and polish
  5. That’ll be part of my next order then! Thanks!
  6. So with the Tropical Storm making its way into Louisiana today, I figured what better time to detail my truck! 3-5” of rain expected here tomorrow, so I borrowed a truck off the lot for a demo for a couple days so mine will stay clean. So this was my first time using a number of products from Adams, and I’m simply blown away! I ended up having to polish out several fine scratches that I wasn’t aware of, and haven’t ordered any Adams polish yet, so had to use some previous polish. But today I used the following: Adams Wheel and Tire Cleaner Adams Bug Remover Adams Ultra Foam Adams Detail Spray Adams Claybar and topped everything off with Adams Buttery Wax Silver is next to impossible to make “pop” but man am I blown away at how it turned out! I plan to make another order soon to stock up on some good polishing stuff, as well as H2O Guard and Gloss, and some Brilliant Glaze! Thinking the combo of both will make the silver shine it’s best! Anyway, critique away!
  7. I spoke to the dealer that I got them from and he said he's sure they have a cleared finish, as nothing really comes raw anymore. Going to have him check on it a bit more though
  8. What’s up guys? I’m getting set to do a full blown detail on my truck, and have a few spots on my wheels that look like a speck of tar, or something similar. Wanted to know what you guys would do and what to use to clean them and then finish them off with? They are the Asanti Offroad titanium brushed finish, so wasn’t sure what the best route to go is! Afraid a clay bar would mar them up. This is right after mount and balance. Thanks!
  9. New to the forum, but been around detailing for a pretty good while. My first job was detailing at a dealership, then did a little business on the side as well, now I'm a sales consultant at a dealership, and just detail my rides! Anyway, figured this would be the best place to learn more tips and tricks! Here's my current ride:
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