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    I keep several blogs one of them about birds, the second about home trifles :) I help in dovecot and photograph birds in my free time.


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    Traveler adventurer :)
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    Hunting, cars, fishing, reading books.
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    Winnebago Horizon
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  1. I have a problem, but I hope you can help me. I bought a garage for a while, but it has disgusting lighting. There's literally a light bulb hanging above the ceiling, that's all. It's a temporary garage, I'll have to give it to another owner in six months. I can't put big lamps like this in there. Do you have any idea how you can light a big room without spending a lot of money?
  2. I mainly listen to German radio where rock is played or radio stations with good jazz or blues.
  3. I saw these pictures for the first time, but now I know the price and I understand why they scare you all.
  4. The video is really interesting, thank you!
  5. I like incense, you should use it and leave it in the car for 5-7 minutes and it will smell nice.
  6. Daniel-J


    Good to see you all! I've never used this product once, but my friend praises it. I want to find interesting communication and tips for use
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