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  1. Thanks everyone! Got a chance to try out the CS3 after I got it back in the garage yesterday. That stuff is super easy to use and maintain the clean coat with!
  2. I had to go over a few panels 2-3 times but the results speak for themselves. Loving the way it looks with the ceramic spray coat. Sadly it's already getting rained on 😭 but the water flies right off the surface
  3. Thanks for the tip! At this point I'm holed in for the coronapocalypse and itching to use the stuff that just came in! I'll post pics when it's done!
  4. Looks like I should get a set of WeatherTech's... That's a pretty convenient way to get the inside clean quickly. Nice video!
  5. Hi guys, thank you so much for following up and answering my questions! @falcaineer, thank you for letting me know that the formulation has changed. The verbage on the website doesn't reflect that to what I can see. For polishing my experience is strictly with my previous car, which was a black Honda with very soft paint that required a gentle touch to correct. This vehicle I am working with now is a 2019 VW with a "pure grey" paint color. Not sure how hard/soft it is. I hear VW paint is very hard generally but then some of the grey or black paints i hear are much softer. That being said, the vehicle is only a few months old and doesn't have much damage beyond some car-wash installed swirls from the previous owner. I attached a pic of it. I guess when it came to choosing the one step and the white pad it was me being overly cautious about my experience and erring on the side of not correcting it enough as opposed to overdoing it and marring the clear coat on it, while also trying to spend less than $200 on my Adam's order, lol. Sounds like me taking the easy route is not gonna get me the results I want, though, depending on the hardness of this VW paint. Perhaps I'll order a one step pad, if I use this liquid with the two different pads do you guys think I can get close to a 2-step with just the one product? Thanks again everyone, and thanks for slappin some education on me.
  6. Thanks for the response, my intention was to do just that. I was thinking Adam's one step was going to be similar to 3D One, Sonax Perfect Finsh, or Griots correcting cream, where they are pure polishes that can cut a little more aggressively while still providing a fine finish without having to do a 2-step compound/polish. The fact that adam's is called both a one step and an all-in-one is where i missed the fact that it has sealant. I was absolutely not looking for an "all-in-one" product. Mistakes were made.
  7. Hello everyone, I have another question here concerning the one step polish. I ordered some of this with a white pad to make the paint correction step a little easier for myself as I am a bit of a noob when it comes to paint correction. I liked that the one step has some ability to correct deeper swirls while still finishing nicely, at least according to the description. I was also looking at some competitor's one step polishes but decided to keep it in the family before I go ahead with the Ceramic Spray Coat process. Thing is, after re-reading the description it states that this is an All-in-one product, meaning it leaves behind some sealant protection? Will this interfere with the ceramic coating process? I will be using the Surface Prep after polishing, is this a strong enough solvent to remove the sealant left behind by the OSP? I don't want to compromise the strength of the ceramic by putting it over something else! Thanks!
  8. Thank you, Chris! With the ceramic spray coating, I will be treating the trim on the exterior of the vehicle as well. How does the ceramic boost do with trim? Is it best to avoid it, or does it work as a sealant for that as well?
  9. Hello everyone, new user to the forum here. I just placed an order for the new CSC and CS3 combo kit, plus a everything I need to prep the surface before application. I picked up a slightly used '19 VW GLI the other weekend and I'm ready to make this thing look better than new. I realized after placing my order that besides the CS3 I don't have anything to maintain the ceramic finish with. So my question is, which product bet offers the best combo of slickness and hydrophobicity? Has anyone used the Ceramic Liquid Wax on top of the spray coating yet? I understand that the CB will be easier to use, but for quick maintenance I will have the CS3 to use and I'm not opposed to spending the time to use the liquid wax. Does the liquid wax offer better properties in real world use or is the difference so minimal the the CB will be the better choice? Thanks!!
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