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  1. I'm tempted to go and pick up more supplies! Seeing as how Pomonas so close to ontario I think I just might!
  2. Miguey

    Any Golfers?

    Golfing is fun when I am able to go, but since my brother stopped working for the golf course I realize that...its expensive to go without connections! But if I had the money I'd be going there every Sunday/Saturday morning. Great way to just sit back and enjoy nature.
  3. Miguey

    LX forum sadness

    16 oz of APC won't be enough for a detail? Keep half the bottle as is, the other half dilute with water. 24 oz which is MORE than enough, unless you make the same mistake I made and started cleaning everything in your sight with APC...later to find out why it ran out so fast and everything's clean. Nah, he said it here "With Adams, you only get 1 of each pad and you will need more than 1 of each to do a vehicle properly." Apparently we need more than one orange pad, one white pad, etc.. So be it! I'll buy more of something that will last me a lot longer than most of the competition.
  4. Jacket, two board games, a ton of candy and the last, but best, part was my GF buying me the Detail Spray Daily Special today So excited! Plus within this week I'm going to the Upland supplier to get more detailing supplies courtesy of my parents. Getting ready for spring and detailing friends cars!
  5. Greetings/Merry Christmas from Ontario! I didn't realize I had this account until I decided to get back into detailing again.. looks like my Christmas money is going to be invested in Adam's! Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and eager to learn as much as possible about auto detailing and Adam's products. Time to spend the next couple of days reading up! -Miguey
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