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  1. thats what i thought would work as well but it was difficult for me for some reason. not sure if i didnt wait long enough or waited too long to try and get the sealant off with the glass cleaner after
  2. thought it was cool out but maybe it was too warm still. ill have to go back and try the glass boost on top as i have some of that too from my last order
  3. fresh wash and coat of BG, right before the rain. tried the Glass Sealant but it came out super streaky even after wiping it with glass cleaner any suggestions?
  4. anything on this so far?
  5. my wife just bought my son a shirt for us to match šŸ˜…
  6. I see they have some new Memorial Day gear in stock, was trying to find out if anyone knows of anothery mystery box as well. Want to place my orde before stuff sells out but dont want to jump the gun and pay double shipping
  7. Super old thread looks like, but im new to the game and maybe we can bring it back
  8. So the car is finally coming back *fingers crossed* this friday. Wanted to ask here, how long should I wait before waxing? Since it'll have freshly painted panels.
  9. Thats exactly what I told my wife, the green light hesitation (which really should always be done) and the fact that she made me panic brake saved at least 2 of our lives. Considering i didnt have a seat belt on šŸ˜³
  10. thankfully were all okay, wife and 2 week old son (he slept through the whole thing šŸ˜…) were both in the car with me. dropped it off at the body shop two days ago so now just have to play the waiting game. dump truck ran a red light and clipped the front end šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø on the bright side iā€™m hoping they detail the whole car for me šŸ˜
  11. how quickly things happen in this world huh?
  12. my wife is already dreading it. i need to figure out all of your guys secret to giving in to the addiction while still keeping her happy lol šŸ˜‚
  13. Thanks guys I just wanted them to stand out a bit from the plain old mall crawlers around my area, its just the old tried and true spray paint on oem wheels with about 10 coats of clear coat lol.
  14. awesome yeah we just moved here about a year ago from northern VA, so im still getting acclimated I completely feel you on that we just had our baby 2 weeks ago, crazy time right now for pregnancies. Hope all goes well for you
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