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  1. I’ve got Rinseless and Waterless I can use, was just wondering because of the aforementioned hybrid properties
  2. I use Paint Sealant / H20GG on my truck since I can't get it into my garage for the extended amount of time needed to ceramic coat it... Should I use regular WW for small touch ups or will the CS3 that I use on my wife's ceramic coated vehicle play nicely with my truck?
  3. You can always dilute the regular wheel cleaner to take the edge off a little
  4. I've had this happen as well with two different bottles, seems like all of a sudden it decides to just turn from cream/gel to water. Just opened my first bottle of the "new" formula so we'll see how it plays out. Stored in a climate controlled garage.
  5. Just about anything, any combination of stuff from my list as long as it’s like 60% of the value of the Patriot
  6. Well poop... I just bought a gallon of G&G...
  7. When I finally break down and get a cart I'm gonna put the bottle organizers on one end for sure... Looks like they fit perfectly.
  8. A lot of the stuff is gone, here's what I have left to trade: EDIT: Updated top post
  9. Welcome! We like pictures!
  10. The Karcher K1700 is pretty highly recommended as an entry level unit by this one guy who some would say is Obsessed... That's probably the route I would go.
  11. I don't have any personal experience with Brilliant Glaze, but I believe it is meant to go on before the wax, this could be causing your problems.
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