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  1. Yeah, it does look like that fuzzy on one side but not the other. Thanks, appreciate the info! Larry
  2. I just got one in my mystery trunk organizer and was curious what it us supposed to be used for since I do not see it listed on the site anywhere. Is it something new or discontinued? Thanks for any info!
  3. Follow up question for Dave: You mentioned that you use CS3 after washing. Could you use Ceramic Waterless Wash as well? The reason I ask is because I got a mystery bucket with Ceramic Waterless Wash. Thanks, Larry
  4. Thanks for the clarification. When you read the description for Boost, it says adds like 4-6 months of protection and then Spray 10-12 months. I was just thinking Spray was a more concentrated form of Boost. On that note, I used my wife's car as my test subject before I did my own. I never did paint correction or anything so practiced on her silver Ford Flex. So I tortured myself for 2 weekends on her forsaken hellboat with chips all over the front end. I finished the Ceramic Paint Coating Monday night about midnight so when I got home tonight I used the Boost on it and I can tell how nice it looks just in the garage but now I want to see it in the sun. Holiday weekend I'm doing my black Focus with only a couple chips not even to the primer, so I know I should have a much easier time. At least more time for beer breaks! Thanks Again, Larry
  5. On the instructions for the ceramic paint coating, the last optional step is: Step 4 (Optional): To give your coating that extra pop after application, spray Adam’s Ceramic Boost to the coating to top the coating with an added layer of silica enhancement. Apply as needed. Has anyone used the Ceramic Spray Coating instead? Was there any difference? Thanks, Larry
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