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  1. I learn something new every day from Adam's! LOL I can't wait to try this. Can I use them on my floor liners as well?
  2. I have never heard of this! I will have to try this out. Can I use them on my floor liners as well?
  3. Chris@Adams, I bet it is great! LOL Now, when can I place the order on your credit card? LOL I'm so kidding.... Wow! I wish that I could get this (maybe one day)?
  4. What Ceramic Spray Coating? I have no idea what that is? For the mats? I am clueless. I apologize.
  5. NuNu, Thank you. I just got WeatherTech floor lines for my personal vehicle...OMG! I love them. This type of vacuum would be great with my floor liners. Which WeatherTech mats do you have in your wrecker?
  6. What spec creates the foam? What should I be looking for in conjunction with the psi? Thank you.
  7. Glad to be here to learn and become addicted! LOL
  8. galaxy, I got a super cheap pressure washer a few weeks ago. OMG! It was horrible - maybe that's why I am looking into more expensive ones. LOL The cheap pressure washer was not the way to go - 1700 psi if I remember correctly.
  9. RayS, Thank you. This can be confusing for someone who isn't knowledgeable about this kind of stuff. I wonder when the Adam's Pressure Washer will be back in stock?
  10. RayS, Thank you for giving me that advice. I am seriously looking into an electric pressure washer now. Do you have any recommendations, because the ones listed above are gas. I have no other pressure washers in mind at this point? What electric pressure washer do you use? Please explain the difference between the Foam Gun vs. Foam Cannon? Thank you so much for this help.
  11. RayS, I completely agree, and I'm striving to get to that with the help of Adam's and this wonderful forum. And, let's face it, my vehicle isn't that hard to clean compared to some? So, I need to get on the ball! LOL
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