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  1. Hello! I'm planning on doing my first full vehicle Waterless Wash this weekend. I did a full two bucket wash last weekend and there was extremely light rains that settled dust on my freshly washed vehicle... My question is... after I do a full Waterless Wash, is the vehicle "clean enough" to apply some Brilliant Glaze and Buttery Wax? Or should I be waiting to do those with a full pressure wash/two bucket wash? Also... my full regimen for a two bucket wash is -> dry with Detail Spray -> Brilliant Glaze -> Buttery Wax After I do a full vehicle Waterless Wash, should I use Detail Spray at all? Or should I be waiting until the next wash to apply any type of protectant (including the glaze/wax)?
  2. Yeah I was hoping one of the Adam's moderators would eventually provide input on my post, but I guess I'll just e-mail them separately. I guess a little bit of Waterless Wash sprayed onto a cloth should be plenty for such a small amount of dust. Really appreciate the input!
  3. Sigh.. maybe I should just get Eco Wheel Cleaner and Tire & Rubber Cleaner. I just didn't want to pay the $8 shipping for two bottles when I just spent over $500 on a bunch of other product... I bought a gallon of APC because I thought I would use it on wheels, tires, and cleaning my applicators, but maybe it was a mistake. Thanks for the clarification on the Brilliant Glaze! I remember hearing that it barely lasts if it's the last thing you put on the car, but didn't think of it much since I would be putting Buttery Wax on. Makes sense for the windows since it's the last thing I would be putting on the glass. Oh, duh! Don't know why I didn't think of just applying it as soon as I get home haha This is just my OCD, but the amount of dust that sticks to the tire on the short drive home shouldn't affect the Tire Shine at all, right?
  4. 1) I got that idea from this post: I was assuming my wheels would fall under the painted wheels (maybe not?) 2) Yes, definitely was planning on letting it stand for a bit. Not sure if I can do 3-5 minutes though since I'm Texas and that would dry up instantly in the summer 6) Yeah I know some people are going to think it's overkill but I don't mind the extra step to minimize the chance of dragging anything around on the paint that didn't fall off from the rinse 10) Could you explain why that is? I just never thought that it's something you apply to the inside 12) Does it sling even if you work it in and wipe off any excess? Would VRT or Tire Armor be a better option against slinging? I live in an apartment and I'll be cleaning on a gracious friend's driveway (with compensation, of course) so I don't want to take up the driveway for 2 hours after the time needed to wash and all that.
  5. Well they sent it off with their "wheel guy" but I have no idea... and I definitely don't know enough to tell if they are clear coated or not. Should it be obvious?
  6. Hello! I done a lot of research and dropped a hefty chunk of change on products for cleaning my new car. Just wanted to check with more experienced folks if they would change something in this arsenal/sequence. For reference, it's a metallic black paint car with a gloss black powder coat on the wheels that the dealership did for me as part of the deal (not sure if that would count as aftermarket or factory powder coat) All products are in bold. Between Washes Spot clean any bug guts/bird droppings/crud/anything that could damage the paint if left on with Waterless Wash. Exterior 1. Rinse wheel/tires/wheel well with pressure washer. Spray 1:1 dilution of All Purpose Cleaner on wheel and tire. Use bucket of Mega Foam and water along with wash mitt/wheel woolie/fender brush to clean area. Scrub tire with tire brush. Rinse wheel/tires/wheel well with pressure washer. Repeat for all wheels. 2. Use Waterless Wash to spray down any major bits of bug guts/bird droppings/crud on vehicle. 3. Rinse whole car with pressure washer. 4. Use Mega Foam in foam cannon to coat entire vehicle. 5. Rinse with pressure washer. 6. Apply second coat of Mega Foam. 7. Use two-bucket method and wash mitt to wipe down entire vehicle. 8. Rinse with pressure washer. 9a (bi-weekly wash). Spray panel with Detail Spray on all exterior surfaces and dry with microfiber towel. Repeat for all panels until whole vehicle is dry. 9b (replaces 9a every 2 or so months). Spray panel with H2O Guard & Gloss on all exterior surfaces, use damp microfiber towel to wipe, and then dry with separate microfiber towel. Repeat for all panels until whole vehicle is dry. 10. Apply Brilliant Glaze to paint, headlights, and glass with foam applicator. Let sit until hazy and buff off with microfiber towel. 11. Apply Buttery Wax to only painted areas with foam applicator. Let sit until hazy and buff off with microfiber towel. 12. Apply Tire Shine to tires. Interior 1. Wipe down all interior minus glass (leather, dashboards, steering wheel, etc.) with Interior Detailer on microfiber towel. 2. Spot clean stains with All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel when needed. 3. Apply Leather & Interior Dressing on all interior minus glass (leather, dashboards, steering wheel, etc.) with 1:1 dilution of . 4. Clean all interior glass with Glass Cleaner and microfiber towel. Post-Wash Soak particularly dirty microfiber towels in bucket with water and a few ounces of All Purpose Cleaner. Spray down/douse all used microfiber towels with Towel & Pad Revitalizer. Wash all pre-soaked/sprayed microfiber towels/cloths in washing machine with warm water and a little more of Towel & Pad Revitalizer poured in. Spray used applicator pads with All Purpose Cleaner and hand wash in water. **I actually bought Wheel Cleaner, but it looks like it might be too strong for non-factory powder coated wheels. Would a 1:1 dilution of it be a safe alternative, or should I just stick with the 1:1 dilution of APC? If there is something out of order or something that you think would be of concern, please let me know! I know this isn't a full detailing solution, but this is as much as I'm comfortable with doing (both in terms of skill and time invested). I will most likely be getting a full professional detail once a year so this is just to maintain the best possible shine and condition of the car in between those full professional details. If you made it all the way down here on this long post, really appreciate it!
  7. Is Wheel Cleaner too harsh to use on powder coated wheels? The article online says it's okay for powder coated wheels, but not aftermarket. I have no idea of the quality of mine because the dealership powder coated the wheels to gloss black for free when I got my car. Should I be okay to use Wheel Cleaner or do I need to use something much lighter? Or can I just dilute Wheel Cleaner? Or do I really need to buy the Eco Wheel Cleaner.... I already ordered a bottle so I'd obviously prefer to use it, but definitely not if it's going to damage the gloss black powder coat on my wheels.
  8. Oh, even better! I guess I'll go in once a year or something then to get a full detail
  9. Already ordered! Thanks for the help! I LOVE having my car shiny, but not the leather. Your picture prevented a regretful purchase (albeit less than $20) Thank you!!
  10. Could not be a more perfect response. Thank you so much! And just to clarify, the one on the left is the Leather & Interior Dressing, right? It looks like the Leather Conditioner is a little too much shine for my taste
  11. Okay so maybe I bought the interior cleaning gel too early... Do I need to use the detailer every clean and then the conditioner every month or so? Or is the interior detailer sufficient enough to keep the leather/dashboard "conditioned"?
  12. Okay so maybe I bought the interior cleaning gel too early... Do I need to use the detailer every clean and then the conditioner every month or so? Or is the interior detailer sufficient enough to keep the leather "conditioned"?
  13. I'm very new to washing my own car and smart me got a new black car. Bought a bunch of Adam's products after research and I'm excited to get started. I'm pretty comfortable with my regular washing part of the maintenance wash and dry with Detail Spray. For "post-wash" I have H2O G&G, Brilliant Glaze, and Buttery Wax. What is the proper order to layer those three chemicals? From my research, it seems like it should be H2O G&G > Brilliant Glaze > Buttery Wax. I will use Detail Spray to dry > Brilliant Glaze > Buttery Wax for regular washes, and H2O G&G instead of Detail Spray every month or two. I plan on getting a professional detail once or twice a year because I'm not that confident in it plus I don't want to spend much time beyond what I have listed above, so this is pretty much to maintain the best condition and shine possible between full details. Just wanted to confirm the sequence of my wash/mini-detail with some more experienced folks. Thanks!
  14. I just bought the All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel because I like that it doesn't drip down like water. I'm a little confused though... can I just use it and it be the only product I use? Or is it only a cleaner and I have to have some sort of separate dressing as well? I have leather seats with suede accents.. is it also safe on sueded? It's my first time personally taking care of (or actually taking care of) my new car, so I want to do it right from the beginning. Already have an arsenal for the exterior, but I have no idea how to clean my interior. I was just planning on using the all purpose interior gel and separate microfiber towels for different parts. Is there another product I should be using that protects the dashboard/seats/steering wheel other than the all purpose interior cleaning gel? If I want to use just one product, should I just be using the Interior Detailer?
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