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  1. Just like the ttile states. How us your wedge holding up? This is mine and I know of another that looks the same. http://i.imgur.com/tyJSuoS.jpg
  2. If we where playing "hot or cold", you wouldn't be cold.
  3. It's also on the site if someone hasn't seen it. http://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-h2o-guard-gloss.html
  4. They don't sell everything 100% American made anymore. It shows you where it's made on the product page. I did notice that the Porter Cable page does not show it though.
  5. Canon 55-250 lense brand new in box. $200 Located in Waycross GA
  6. Update: Hasn't been washed since I applied Adam's h20 sealant. Had crappy weather lately and has been down bad dirt roads. Cleaned up very easy.
  7. Well I won the Super Bowl contest on here and was promised a beanie and a trial of a new prototype product being worked on by Dylan and the crew at Adam's. Come home Saturday and FedEx had delivered a box with this inside. I figured I'd be receiving a bottle of the new soap that Adam's has coming out but was surprised with a new product that hasn't been teased to everyone yet. So, once I read the love letter Dylan left me in the box I decided to give the new product a try so I figured I'd test it on the wife's Honda Accord. This car had a quick sealant appied to it a few months ago and it was time to reapply a sealant so this was perfect time to give it a shot. First thing I did was give the car a good wash. After I finished that I applied the new sealant to the car. No pictures of that as I did it quick while it was still light outside. Car has a good shine with the sealant on it and is very smooth to the touch. From what I understand this is .1 of the product so I'm sure there will be another formulation or two of this before it's released so these are just my thoughts on .1. Application was straight forward and simple. It seemed to "clog" my microfiber more than I figured it would. I applied it to every surface on the car. Another product I used I had a hard time getting it to come off the windows but this removed very easily. The color of it threw me off a bit when I first looked at it but after reading the letter this is not the final color. Smell was ok, no fruity good smell or anything but like the color it's not final until the formulation is right. Sprayed a little water on the hood and the beading was very good. Ready for it to rain to see how it compares to the last sealant that was on the car. Not much of a write up since there's no longevity testing or anything on the car but just from using this version I believe it's going to be a huge hit with Adam's once they get it all final and hopefully I can talk Dylan into sending me a small bottle of .2,.3 etc to see the differences.
  8. fogle

    Adams Shirts

    Should use teespring and use the American Apparel shirts. Awesome fitting shirts and you could sell them reasonably priced.
  9. I have this one right now from Lowe's. I really like it. Holds most of my stuff and I put my towels on top of it. It stays inside my house though. I want to buy one of the tall ones to put outside under the carport.
  10. new car leather fruit smell leather conditioner (love the smell when i condition the seats) just make sure they last unlike the cg ones
  11. Waiting for blowout pricing on TID.
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