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  1. Thanks Dan and Ray. So if i understand it correctly, hand polish has sealant so dont use it anywhere on the body if i plan on coating it. Scartch and Swirld, I shouldn't use on the softer door pillars because it will leave some haze behind which i will have to finish with a finishing polish like the white polish? And if i dont have any deep scratches or swirls, I shouldn't use scratch and swirl remover. Just use the white polish and it will get the job done. Y'all were very helpful. Thanks
  2. I am confused about this product. My car is relatively scratch free. But i want to polish it (not compound because if there are scratches, they are definitely not deep). Why buy this over the white polish? If i use this, should i pair it with the hand polish? So this first and then the hand polish? Both using white foam pads?
  3. So, I am planning on apply the graphene ceramic spray on my car (fairly new, relatively scratch free) and I had a few questions while I was planning the process: The process goes something like this: 1. Iron remover on the tire ; wash the tires with a wheel cleaner 2. Rinse the car and pre-soak with snow foam and use two bucket system to wash the car. Rinse off 3. After washing and rinsing off, I would apply the bug and tar remover; re-soak part of the car with snow foam and use a mitt or microfiber towel to wipe away the tar. Rinse the car.
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