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  1. Oh............ Well THAT was disappointing. Could you at least lie to use and tell us that it's special Adam's Brand Premium Detailer's Tape? Super effective at preventing the unwanted spread of polishes and waxes to delicate parts of your pride and joy.
  2. COOL! Whats the yellow thing in Adam's hand in the shot with the Vert C2?
  3. XQIZT

    R.I.P. Flip Pad

    I know someone who has some. http://www.adamsforums.com/forums/contests-promos-sales/18133.htm
  4. Have you been crying since the news of the Flip Pad going the way of the Dodo? Dry your eyes with a Great White Drying Towel and place an order! 2 flip pads: $15.00, free Post Office shipping. Yes, ya gotta order 2. No, you can't add a gallon of Detail Spray and still get the free shipping. I've got limited quantities, so act fast! Through XQIZT AUTOMOTIVE only! (Unless other dealers, or the Adam's Warehouse wants to jump in)
  5. XQIZT

    How to fight "you clean too much?"

    As long as you're not ignoring her, then I don't see a problem. It's also nice to see that your attention to detail bleeds into other portions of your life. Flip it on her, tell her it could be worse, you could not care, drive a beater with 12 months worth on McD's bags on the floor boards and "wash me" scribbled on the back glass. Which sled does she want to ride in? Also, there are worse things to be "addicted" to. Give her ride a full on detail and see what she thinks.
  6. XQIZT

    R.I.P. Flip Pad

    Good riddance....he was a bum anyway. When compared to the comfort and size of the hex grip pads, it seems to be a no brainer. Thanks Adam's and crew for continuing to improve and listen to customer feedback!
  7. XQIZT

    How Many Passes is too Many?

    You may need to step up to the 4" pads on a drill instead. Be very careful with this setup, as you essentially have a rotary in your hands. Also, don't doubt the results of any polishing adventure until you have completely worked down through the products. SSR, SHR and FMP all have to be used to see the final result.
  8. XQIZT

    "wash swirls"

    You'll always run the danger of introducing swirls. Even with a perfectly clean pad, if a grain of sand is blown on your wet car, it could get scrapped across the surface. Insta-swirl. I've moved to another extreme of washing on the vette. 3 buckets. One for wheels and tires. One soap, one rinse. 3 pads. One 9x9 for the glass "greenhouse. " One Merino for the top surfaces and down to the "beltline." and another 9x9 for the lower surface. Since I can use and flip each pad before needing to get more clean wash water, I almost don't use my rinse bucket at all. Each pad only gets clean water once. Heavy blast to knock off the big stuff, then foam, then wash.
  9. XQIZT

    APC questions

    WELCOME! You can use APC to clean the front of your car, but it's pretty harsh, even diluted. Try Waterless Wash first. Yes, APC will strip everything from your paint. It's even suggested to use it as a "strip wash" when you purposely want to remove everything from the surface. Yes, APC can be used for all kinds of household things. Just test in an inconspicuous area first. DS and Glass Cleaner is great in the house as well. So is Carpet Cleaner.
  10. XQIZT

    First PC

    He meant SHR and an orange pad... easy to get twisted around all the acronyms. If you ever forget, keep in mind that the products and pads are colors coded. Green with Green, Orange with Orange, etc etc etc. BlueGen is 100%. You can get amazing results with these products. Watch the video's...again...and hang out here. You will be stunned!
  11. XQIZT

    Customer service

    BINGO. The 110% guarantee is there for a reason, and it really is no questions asked.
  12. Twice a year, the local race track here holds an event called Crash-a-rama. It's essentially an evening-long Jeff Foxworthy punch line. The line-up? Chain Race - 2 cars chained together and only the front car drives Reverse Race - Back it around the track Skid Race - Front wheel drive car with the rear tires removed and replaced with metal skis Roller Derby Race - Just like Roller Derby. One car pushed another around the track and also "throws blocks" on opponents The "Gauntlet" - An armored van has to complete 5 laps, while 6 cars try to prevent it. Flag Pole Race: There were 2 poles that drivers had to do a complete 360 around on the back straight before being allowed to continue. RV Demolition Derby - Yes, recreational vehicles FWD Demolition Derby - front wheel drive mayhem Figure 8 Bus Race - 15 buses on the track. Figure 8 pattern. See a problem here? Boat Trailer Race - Car towing a trailer with a boat...now go race. These were full field races, not one at a time. So swirl marks were the last of anyone's concerns. All this and no serious injuries, just a good time. They didn't even riot when they ran out of beer! Skid Race: Boat Trailer Race: Figure 8 Bus Race:
  13. XQIZT

    Adams Dealers

    Austin: Thanks for the props! I have met a number of the Adam's dealers and I can tell you, they are all top notch folks that are passionate about the products and the results. If you ever have a doubt, call us and ask! I carry all the products and try to honor every special price and sale offered by the Adam's team, as do other dealers. Picture us as an extension of Colorado, just closer.
  14. I spoke to the dad around Christmas time and later on this year. He had a bit of a "situation" with ice around his house...lets just say he's been laid up and probably not doing much detailing. Next time they are in Florida, I expect to have a visit.