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  1. Thanks guys! They’ve come a long way this summer as you can see in these pics. The Buick was a “barn find” was garage kept most of its life but from 2009 till I got it it was parked on the side of a garage under a big tree. I spent about 30hrs bring its shine back delicately so not to damage the 52 year old paint and she came out great! All 4 of these photos were all taken on cloudy days so I felt they’re the best comparison pics
  2. Here are my current two cars. 1986 IROC-Z that I painted this summer and last weekend ceramic coated with Graphene Spray Coating and my all original 1968 Buick Wildcat with only 23,900 miles
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Steve. Just found the forum today, I’ve been on the Facebook community page for a while now. I’m the guy who painted is own Camaro this summer. I’ve been using Adams Polishes for about ten years now and as time progressed so did the quality of what I was doing. I always enjoyed washing cars since I was kid and when I was finally old enough I was always washing and waxing but lately I started doing it the PROPER way. I look forward to reading the wealth of knowledge you all post here and learn even more!
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