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  1. From my research, Graphene is the thinnest material due to its one atom structure. Without getting too technical, Graphene is the name for an atom-thick honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms. to achieve this true molecular bond to the paint is the challenge. From the articles I read, and videos I have watched none of the graphene products produce the true 1 atom molecular bond with the paint. Here is a YouTube video that is a must watch if you are considering Graphene coatings. Pay particular attention to the portion of the video where Jim the Chemist from Dr. Beasley's does some independent testin
  2. How does your product complete the bond to achieve the 1 atom thickness? I have read this is not possible, and that most products on the Market cannot achieve the 1 atom thickness to form complete protection. Dr. Beasley's has had a independent third party test several products on the Market, and they did not achieve the 1 atom thickness. Have you had your product tested to verify it achieves 1 atom thickness? If so do you have any documentation to substantiate this claim? Thanks.
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