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    from belize,raised in NOLA,prior service-army,i run a successful business,married,yata,yata
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    saints football, detailing, family, sellin' more pizza, havin' more fun
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    4 store Dominos Pizza cofranchisee
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  1. Me and my nephew Isaac, I'm on the right lol
  2. Hope this helps, I'm sure others will chime in BTW:welcomebanner: Lots of great info, people, and a great line of products here
  3. I throw mine in the washing machine
  4. APW- Americana Paste Wax UCS- Under Carriage Spray DS - Detail Spray SVRT- Super Vinyl, Rubber, Tire LIC- Leather & Interior Cleaner LC- Leather Conditioner GC- Glass Cleaner CUC- Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner IOS- In & Out Spray MP1,2- Metal Polish #1, #2 SHR- Swirl & Haze Remover SSR- Severe Swirl Remover FMP- Fine Machine Polish PC- Porter Cable Mighta forgot a few, lol
  5. Looks great! First time can be pretty rough, then its all maintenance, Adam's makes it easy.... take pics at the car show & post em
  6. sucks man, but I'm sure most of us have been there... and no, the pc isn't all that scary, and when you see the results after good technique practice, you'll be then kicking yourself as to why it took you so long to get one Junkman's kit looks good- add a few more MF's, a gallon of APC & some 'passion behind the pad' and your paint'll be set! now for the interior.......
  7. I think the steering wheel isn't as clean as the seat is- I got the sticky wheel before, so I cleaned the wheel again-applied LC, wiped down with a MF- stickiness gone Sometimes I've had to hit the wheel with a more aggressive brush, depends on how dirty it is My interior brushes shed a little when they're new
  8. going from pc to flex is awesome! I loved it- I find it to be just as safe on paint as the pc- using good technique and common sense. It'll feel like a beast in your hands- just keep the pad flat and keep your arms relaxed- HAVE FUN!
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