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  1. keev14

    Thank you, Adam!

    So jealous!! I wanted to attend. But I live 1250 miles away.
  2. keev14

    Bottle Rack

    NICE SET UP!!!! rich. 5 more months CARLISLE!!!!
  3. 5 more months !!  CARLISLE!!!!

  4. keev14

    Spring Carlisle

    I will be there in august for 5 days!!!!!!
  5. keev14

    1965 corvette. After repaint

    3 girls!!!! Need to buy one more. 19 ,21 ,22.
  6. keev14

    1965 corvette. After repaint

    Apple doesnt fall far from the tree. His 65 silver with black int. My 02 corvette silver with black int.
  7. keev14

    1965 corvette. After repaint

    Pic #3 is him putting brilliant glaze on the chrome door handles. That was his job B.G on all the bright work. Aka chrome .
  8. My dad got his 65 corvette painted over the winter. We let paint cure plus let weather warm some. Started at 9 am friday. Finished at 430. Paint had some orange peel. Also they had to repainted around the front windshield. Making for some overspray and blending needed. Used heavy compound on entire car. Using mini swirl killer with 4 inch blue pad around windshield. Took several passes. But got rid of overspray and blended the paint perfectly. Next finishing polished the entire car. Add a tremendous amount of shine. Then paint sealant on and off like a breeze. Final round patriot wax!!! Dad and i super happy with the results. He thanked me over and over. Told him totally my pleasure. Got too work all day on a 65 corvette with him!!!!
  9. Use is on chrome as the last coating also. adds nice pop in the sun!!!! I prefer patriot with brilliant on top,.
  10. I correct all swirls. Then paint sealant. New paint sealant doesn't need the 12 hour cure time Then Americana or patriot wax. Then brilliant glaze.. Perfect combo.!!!!!
  11. keev14

    Waxes and ASSC for trade

    pm sent. scott
  12. If no bids. My double up. Get it myself !! will give me three. Put what the hell. Fantastic wax!!!!!
  13. I just bought his used patriot wax with 90% left free ship, 39.99 Has brand new one 59.99 buy now. or starting bid 44.99 free shipping Good buy for someone just a heads up. Item # eBay item number: 142718297345
  14. keev14

    New Wax?

    Just when I thought I had it all !!!!!!
  15. keev14


    That's a great idea!!!!