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  1. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    You guys read the yellow sheet of rules. Really cracking down on stuff around and in the air of the grounds.
  2. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    9 more days!!! counting them down!!!
  3. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    you guys bringing cars and coffee d.s to Carlisle??
  4. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    Forecast looking good so far!!! I also really like the new sticker design this year.!
  5. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    Two weeks from today!!! I'm headed east !!! To corvette BLISS!!! and meeting more adam's fanatics like me !!!
  6. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    Rich I got my sticker yesterday!!!!!
  7. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    Lmao !!! Yea that's me talking to rich!!!!!! I know those tan cargo shorts and Nike dri-fit all too well!!!
  8. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    I did regular fun field this year. I will stop by and say hi. You be there Thursday?
  9. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    That a good catch Rich!!!! That's me just in front of you with my hood and hatch up!!
  10. keev14

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    I will be there 3 days !!! Thursday through Saturday! Cant wait. I always buy something.
  11. keev14


    4 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I also had a good weekend. Took my car Sunday. Very happy won all american sunday chevy pick. Got to go through parade and on stage. I didn't hear it but my parents said they said how good my paint was!!!
  13. Eric was good seeing you this weekend!!! Looks like you guys had good weekend!!. Shelves looked thin!!!!!
  14. Adam making an appearance this year?
  15. I will be there Friday and Sunday. Taking my car on sunday!!!! I will talk with you guys on Friday. I need a 15mm swirl killer. Opps did I say that out loud?