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  1. I think I have an unopened pumpkin spice hgg and an odor nutralizer. I will check. I would be interested in the two detail sprays
  2. I may have one I will check tomorrow.
  3. Have a st Patty's day DS I would be willing to trade if interested.
  4. Ordered some items yesterday to make a stand. Thanks for the DIY thread
  5. Dry ice blaster is used for all kinds of cleaning and stripping operations. It could be used to clean the under side of a car but you can get the same results using a steamer. I mainly have seen dry ice blasting used in the aerospace industry for stripping mold tools. Joe
  6. great airplanes. Will take ALLLOOOOTTTT to get it to shine again lol.
  7. I didn't buy the ceramic wax but I wouldn't mind having it lol
  8. Looking for anything else? Have a price in mind for it?
  9. Maybe put them in something the size of a baby wipe container. Would be easy to store in a center console and then you would have plenty if you had to do a major clean up
  10. Would be neat to see a run of the patriot wax with the original patriot scent.To this day I still think it was the best smelling product adams has ever put out.
  11. Ceramic boost does great over c quartz it acts very much like reload.
  12. I have used HGG ontop of the Griots PS with no issue so I wouldn't see an issue using it over the Poly wax. . I use Griots Boss system for most of my corrections since I find them easy to work with and give amazing results. Joe
  13. pre-ordered mine. Wasn't going to miss this one after I got ordered the wrong size sticker bomb hoodie.
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