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  1. This is the connector thats on the hose. Hopefully this helps better. It is 3/8''.
  2. Hey everyone. I hope this is the right spot to ask this. This might be a stupid question but I hope I can get some help. I just bought an Earthwise 1650 PSI electric pressure washer. I want to get the Snub nose pressure washer attachment. The pressure hose that came with my pressure washer I believe is a 3/8'' male attachment end that connects to the wand that came with the pressure washer. I see that the Snub nose is also a 3/8" male end. Is there any adapter that can connect the hose from my pressure washer to the snub nose attachment? Or can the male connection on the snub nose be changed to a female quick connect? I probably should have done some more research when looking at pressure washers. Thanks for any help.
  3. FuelMJ

    03 Ford Escape vs PC

    Nice! What speed did you use when you used the SSR?
  4. Oh ok. Thought he was talking about the Machine one.
  5. You need to let the Sealant sit 20-30 minutes, a little longer if its cold.
  6. FuelMJ

    GM National GTO Pics!

    Congrats! Can I have your stock 18's? Lol jk.
  7. Looks like 0 miles. Awesome work!
  8. FuelMJ

    How he blew $14.8 Billion Dollars....

    Paid $1.5 million for a badminton coach? Hahaha! Wow.
  9. FuelMJ

    So I Wrecked My Vette...

    Nice work Junkman.
  10. FuelMJ

    G8 Got Lotsa TLC

    Looks good!
  11. FuelMJ


    Crazy weather. Have some severe weather coming my way right now. A lot of red on the radar.
  12. FuelMJ

    Detail: 2003 Honda Civic Exterior

    Nice work!
  13. FuelMJ

    First Cars

    A 2006 Tiburon GT. It was nice looking but boy was it sloooooooooooooow.
  14. FuelMJ

    2002 Pontiac Firebird WS6

    Go for it.