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  1. He is referring to the 4x4 Camaro that I posted in post #41. My Dad sold it earlier this year. Looks like he must have bought it from the guy he sold it to.
  2. Not me, just have them delivered to my office!
  3. Use mine all the time and it has latch on side that you unhook from one pin on platform, then swing it around and latch on pin of leg to lock it from closing. Only one for each end of platform. It still allows slight movement, but I don't have to worry about it closing and falling when moving on it.
  4. Good info. Looks like I will be taking mine apart tonight.
  5. Happens all the time. A lot of people don't understand the difference clay bar makes till you do a section and let them feel.
  6. -Front grills -Cars with front scoops or vettes side brake cooling ducts that have plastic trim -The trim along windshield wiper area ( usually has fins) -Numerous areas in engine bay (hoses, accordion intake piping, tight spots) -Interior vents and some other tight spots usually around change holder/cup/ash tray area - Door jambs
  7. Seems like you already decided on what you want but just to throw another one out there. I have a Foldacover. I like it because its a hard folding cover that allow access to front or rear with a flush locking latch that using car door like strikers.. No drilling required. Can easily be removed by removing 4 screws.. Comes with tail gate seal too. Have owned it for little over a year now and truck is parked outside 24/7. I get zero water in bed. They have some videos on there webpage to show installation. Great quick customer service. Mine a small dent/nick in paint on cover where packaging box was punctured. I called and they sent FedEx next day to pick up and ship new one immediately. http://www.foldacover.com/
  8. Still liking the hood? I still haven't replaced mine after selling to a buddy, just put stock hood back on. Too many options and can't decide. Seems to be priced about right. Always hard to sell a car you love, but I usually find another to love just as much! Good Luck With the Sale! Beautiful Z
  9. I have one and love the size. I usually palm the "head" of the brush instead of grabbing the handle. Since the handle is so short I don't have to worry about banging it onto places I don't want when being aggressive.
  10. Thanks everyone. I just ordered some new Leather w/ suede inserts to recover the seats. Didn't like the cheap feel and look of these factory seats, plus passenger seat had a small tear in it.
  11. Yeah I certainly like this hood because it gives it a very clean, as if it were stock look, but I love how aggressive the ZR2 hood is. I might even do the ZR hood (without the side vents) so that it is a little bit of both hoods. I almost ordered the ZR hood (he had 1 left at the time) then I saw this hood for sale and since it was already painted I couldn't resist. After seeing how great yours looks in the carbon fiber, I know I could go a little while before painting, if I painted it at all. Thanks for all the pictures of yours too, helped a lot.
  12. After saving for a little over 5yrs I purchased a 2011 6spd GS in March. The paint was pretty hammered. The car had some cheesy chrome trim around the marker and reverse lights. Also had some chrome along the rear diffuser and chrome corvette letters on the bumper. Had a terrible Tint job (2 piece on rear window). 3 Wheels had some bad curb rash. It wasn't exactly what I had wanted but I was able to purchase it for a really good price. Exterior I immediately removed all the cheesy chrome trim and replaced the wheels with Identical factory wheels. I then removed the tint and had all the windows re tinted including front windshield. Replaced side marker lights with matching painted ghosted led marker lights. Replaced tail lights with led lights. Tinted all rear lights (brake light and reverse lights) on the car. Installed carbon fiber like vinyl to the emblems. Plastidipped the chrome grandsport emblems on the side of the car. Painted brake calipers black. Going for the blacked out look, but still a fan of chrome wheels. Interior Installed new stereo with sub/amp front and rear cameras for parking, mats (front and rear), wrapped some pieces in carbon fiber vinyl, custom bass knob (matches factory ac knobs), shift knob, leather shift boot, leather padded center console lid, heads up display, led lighting, mild to wild switch. As far as the paint: I used Flex for big areas, porter cable and 4" pads for smaller spaces and my drill with 4" pads for deeper scratches. -Washed with Adam's Car Shampoo and two Adams Wash Pads -Adam's Clay Bar while washing (wash a panel then clayed with soap) -Adam's Polish's (still using the older formulas) - Used orange and white microfiber pads and finished with a white foam pad. -Applied Americana to all painted surfaces - love this stuff -Applied Quick Sealant to wheels -Adam's Brilliant Glaze to all paint and wheels - used a hex grip applicator -Adams glass sealant to the windows -Adam's Super VRT on all trim/seals and wheels - Use pro tire applicator on tires and blocks cut to shape for trim - Adam's In & Out on front and side grills/scoops -Adam's Metal Polish 1 & 2 on the exhaust tips - Final wipe down with Detail spray and Single Soft towels Interior: -Cleaned all surfaces with Adams Leather and Interior Cleaner -Adam's Leather Conditioner on seats, center arm rest, and shift boot -Adam's glass cleaner and towels on windows -Total Interior Detailer on All Plastic surfaces - Cleaned some spilled coke out of passenger carpet after removing seats with Adams Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Didn't take but a few before pictures so majority of these are after pics. Pictures of Car at Dealership Paint was jacked (can't believe I bought a car in this shape) A few after pictures of being detailed and some cosmetic changes. Interior After Pics - Have changed a few things and have more planned
  13. Looks great! Nothing better than a freshly cleaned black vette. I need that hood! Looks like it will be late next month before they have them in stock.
  14. Good ole rain to ruin things. Looks killer, certainly liking the carbon look with the black. If you ever have time to take some more pictures, it would help me out if you had one from the side view of the car and front angle view of the car. If your like me, I can never see to many pictures of vettes. Thanks for posting those. Looks like I might already be putting my hood for sale that I just purchased a few weeks ago.
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