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  1. They dont make these anymore....keppppppppp ittttttttt
  2. Did you notice he said that most of the dirt should be on the rag.....Then he continues to wipe the panel with the same rag.....Oh and after he dropped it on the ground........
  3. Just to add a little input and observations on this machine........ I bought one of these machines and absolutely love it. It has enough power blowing to dry a car but it does take a little longer......I dried mine completely wet to completely dry and it took about 20 minutes just to see what it would do........The time is reduced if you use the pooling method to help remove most of the water. NOTE- IF YOU USE ALL OF YOUR HOSE TO VACUUM YOUR CAR, YOU MUST CLEAN THOSE HOSE BEFOE DRYING OR RISK BLOWING THE DUST AND DIRT BACK ON TO YOUR CAR AND POSSIBLE TO ACTUALLY SCRATCH IT WHILE DOING THIS. Thanks Dylan for that tip..... You do have enough hose, 24', to be able to use 12' for vacuuming and 12 ' for drying., BUT you will have to remove the vacuum from the wall mount. It has tremendous sucking power and with the all the attachments that come with this machine you can get into EVERY area on a car. Hope this helps.......Sorry AJ didn't mean to steal your thunder.....
  4. The University of ALABAMA ROLL TIDE ROLL................. 2010 BCS National Championship - #1 Alabama vs #2 Texas - YouTube
  5. Welcomes, Welcomes, Welcomes good to see other Bama folks at Adam's.
  6. Dave, I had the 79.95 hand held Mater Blaster before I upgraded to this unit. This unit has more power for drying. I dried a completely wet 2010 Camaro to Completely dry in 20 minutes as kinda a test. Normally I do the pooling water drying technique first but wanted to see how it performed with a completely wet car. The air comes out heated after a few seconds and quickly will dry tires/bumpers etc... It moves the water across flat surfaces rather quickly and has enough force to get water out of mirrors, cracks and things like that. It also has some mirco attachments that allow you to get into small areas alot easier than a regular vac. I had look at the Air Force Dryer, BUT I wanted a dual purpose machine and I am certainly glad I got this one. It cleaned the interior of my dirty truck pretty quick last night, better than some shop vacuums I have owned. The hoses are GREAT. made out of a rubber type material that is very flexible. Unit has wheels for ease of movment and a positive ( toggle) on/off switch, not some push button junk. Hope this helps, if you need anymore info please feel free to ask. John
  7. Ok I received the missing items a few days ago and last night decided to put the vacuuming properties to a test on my 2500HD 4X4 Crewcab Diesel truck. The vacuum performed extremely well. The micro attachments allowed me to reach places that had not been cleaned in awhile. This unit is a great unit and I highly recommend this to anyone.
  8. The ole Junkman posted the famous " How to mantain your finish" on Camaro 5. I watched the videos, sah him ar CamaroFest I and the Adams Boxes started rolling and have never stopped.
  9. Adam I appreciate the information but this machine shipped directly from MetroVac or at least that is what the shipping tag said, a place in the northeast. So I don't think this is on you guys. I sent you an e-mail.
  10. I had the Master Blaster and it worked great, was compact and pushed alot of air. I just had the ability and room to get a new machine and really only wanted one. This was a good one especially since it had a wall mount. Chris I am planning on doing that, just want to use the Vacuum part of it, I am sure it will be fine, just want to be sure.
  11. I recently purchased Adam's JUMBO Vac N' Blo Pro Series by MetroVac and decided to do a review. Of course the order process and delivery times were outstanding as expected by Adam's Packaging The unit came in a well secure and protected packaged. Nothing was damaged. Overall impression was that alot of thought went into the packaging and it showed. Contents After emptying the box and getting ready to mount the unit, I did a quick inventory of all the listed parts. *NOTE This comes directly from the vendor. I found several things that were missing from the box that were listed on the contents list. Common things like vacuum bags, hose holder, accessory holder etc..... Overall thought was that someone made a mistake and forgot to put in a few things that were supposed to be in the box.......hmmmmm. Product The product is a well built, well made unit. It is sturdy and has a great finish. It comes with alot of accessories that help in cleaning the most smallest areas on a car i.e.....the area between the seat and the rocker panel. I especially like the hoses they are made of some kind of rubber content material and are real flexible and soft not like most hard plastic hoses that ALOT of vacuums have. Overall impression of the product was impressive. Function I specifically left my car completely wet to see how the machine performed in the drying aspect. The unit comes with 24 feet of hose, 4 -6 foot sections, and for the application of drying 24' does not work well. It lost alot of pressure after 24 foot, which is normal for what it is intended to do. I took 12 foot off and the unit perormed well. It took approximately 20 minutes to completely dry a 2010 Camaro, wheels and all using a 12 foot section of hose. The force pushed water away and along with the heated air it dried perfectly. ( NOTE BE SURE TO HOLD THE END OF THE HOSE WHEN TURNING UNIT ON, OR YOU WILL GET A SURPRISE ) I am sure drying time will be less once I use the pooling method to dry my car then use this unit. I left it totally wet as a product test/demo type of thing just to see what it would do in the worst case senario. Vacuum Function Still waiting to use the vacuum function until the missing parts arrive. Will edit this once I receive the items. Overall Thoughts and Comments I had a Master Blaster before and upgraded to this since I built a new garage and had more room. I wanted a dual function unit that would dry the car and vacuum as well instead of having two different units. One short note to Ashley about the missing items and it was taken care of, again this is NOT on Adams since this item comes directly from the Manfacturor. The unit performs well. Has ALOT of accessories to get into those hard to reach areas. It is loud but no more than any other wet/dry vacuum I have owned. The unit comes with a wall mount and has wheels for easy movability. Hoses are absolutely GREAT. My overall opinion is that I made a good decision buying this unit and would recommend it to anyone looking for a dual ( Drying and Vacuuming) unit. Hope this helps someone who is looking at this unit.
  12. Len, Great Job , Love the tag on the front:banana:.........There seems to be a common theme with Adams and trophies.
  13. LOL at knowing that was Oxford Lake Yeah it gets driven once a week, usually on days that do not rain, UNLIKE TODAY , oh well maybe the roads will be dry before I get off. I'm sure I will see you around town.....
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