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  1. that looks like it got hot at one point and it separated. i would toss it and get some new wax.
  2. no offense, but there is no way you can expect / be sure soaking gets it all out. tossing 4 towels that are worth 10-15 bucks isnt worth the time/effort/cost of soaking them and dealing with getting the residue on your hands. to each his own, but if someone handed me a towel and said there might be some abrasive material in it, there is no way i would put it on any part of my car. again, just my opinion
  3. they are fine for use during the session of getting the car done. the product in the towels will cure in the same amount of time it does on the car. so no worries using them for the whole car (assuming you are doing the whole car in the same day)
  4. toss them. any towels used applying or removing coating should be tossed. they will have hardened / cured coating in them direct from adams website "A ceramic coating when cured rejects water for years, so the absorbed ceramic residue will harden, stiffen and cause the towel to become crusty. These products behave no differently when buried deep within the fibers of your towels."
  5. try a lot of hot water and strip wash, a lot of house paints clean up with water/soap. worth a shot.
  6. My 2 cents, The company still has great products but its definitely a different company / brand than it was when i started using their products 8-9 years ago. IMO the second the outside investors came in, it was all going to change. Any time you take outside money from investors/private equity or the like, you have a new set of bosses running the company that care about one thing only - growth and return their investment. They are in it to hit a certain return target and then get out 99.9999% of the time. Given that a lot of people were buying all the limited stuff/mystery items, lets be honest it sold out really fast very often, its no surprise that a lot more of it got offered - remember growth and revenue. If I had to guess, the company will be sold soon as the revenues have clearly grown and are likely getting near the return the investors had targeted. Hopefully whoever buys the company maintains the quality. But realize, given the price they will pay, they will likely continue the current path, they will have to in order to maintain profitability. I'd find it highly unlikely that a buyer comes in and slashes a lot of the non chemical items unless they no longer make $$$$. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but its a business. Yes it has had a community around it, more so in the early days IMO, but in the end the dollar rules. A business Made in America, the exact thing that attracted so many in the beginning - a bit ironic.
  7. does anyone know the scent of matte detailer. i like it, but can't figure out what it is. thanks in advance.
  8. the pics do not match the description. buyer beware is correct. example pic - 4 ultra foam shampoo bottles; description - 3 pic - 9 detail spray; description - 6 i'm not going to count it all but when i noticed that i moved on immediately
  9. Brand new in box. First $25 takes it, willing to trade as well for microfibers, car wash, APC, glass cleaner, tire rubber, tire shine,
  10. product description says 9H, but the FAQ on page 1 still says 7H. Assume the product description is correct, right?
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