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  1. Chris@Adams

    San Diego, Well - Alpine, Checking in!!

    Welcome to our forum!
  2. Chris@Adams

    Brilliant Glaze then Paint Sealant

    BG has some fillers also by applying BG first it will last longer since you are putting the PS over top. That being said after time if you like you can apply BG over your PS, it just won't last as long. However if you like you can lay down BG every weekend if you like because it won't build up like wax will. Hope this helps.
  3. Chris@Adams

    New to the Adams family (no pun intended)

    Welcome Logan!
  4. Chris@Adams

    Inside of Windshield

    What you are probably seeing is off - gassing from the plastics in the newer cars plastic interior. BG won't prevent this however it will make them look new when done.
  5. Chris@Adams

    FNG checking in!

    Welcome Chris!
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    Checkin’ in!

    Welcome to our forum!
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    Newbie checking in

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    Hello from VT.

    Welcome Ray!
  9. Chris@Adams

    Just saying hi!

    Welcome Mike!
  10. Chris@Adams

    Brilliant Glaze then Paint Sealant

    I always apply BG first.
  11. Chris@Adams

    New member, new Adam's fan...

    Welcome Dave!
  12. Chris@Adams

    Ceramic Paste Wax

    With Winter coming I would just apply another coat of CPW, no need for paint correction now because as you know with all the Winter junk it's easy to pick up a few swirls & scratches. Wait until Spring...…..
  13. Chris@Adams

    Greetings from Kingman Az and Route 66

    Welcome Raymond...….nice car!
  14. Chris@Adams

    It Shines!

    Welcome Bob!