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    I Blame it on Adam's

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    Ceramic Boost 2.0 and Storewide Sale!

    Sale ends Tonight at Midnight MST!
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    Hi from SoCal

    Welcome to our forum!
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    Welcome Fred!
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    Returning New Guy

    Welcome back Denny!
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    Welcome Nick!
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    New Guy Checking In

    Welcome Mike!
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    Green with Envy

    Nice save!
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    Hi From New Jersey!

    Welcome Carlos!
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    Hello from Frederick Maryland!

    Welcome to our forum Charles! Check out our SK, it's a nice upgrade from the PC. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/polishing/adam-s-swirl-killer-15mm-lt-polisher.html
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    Welcome to our forum!
  12. Chris@Adams

    Glaze then Seal or Seal then Glaze

    Mike, That's what I do lay down BG first, I even apply BG over my polish residue then wipe them off in one shot. The residue wipes off why easier.
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    Forum Name Change Request

    You are Welcome!
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    Hello from South Florida

    Welcome Mike!
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    Hello and lil advise?

    First off Welcome! I was at BJ, it could have been me...…..everyone including myself started with a PC. However the SK will correct faster and is way more comfortable to use.