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  1. Hi. I am not familiar with 303, however our VRT does a GREAT job on Vinyl, Rubber & Tires. Check out this video!
  2. Ceramic Spray gets my vote too. -Extremely easy to use -Adds extreme gloss, shine, and depth -Super-slick, hydrophobic properties -Add 6-8 months of ceramic protection in minutes -Fast 1-2 minute flash time, few hours total cure time -Safe on all painted surfaces, glass, headlights, tonneau covers, soft tops, chrome, trim, wheels, & bed liners
  3. Once you get your paint perfect and do proper washing & drying it should last a good while, especially if you apply coatings after your paint correction. Hope this helps.
  4. Welcome to our forum!
  5. Welcome Ron! If you take your time you will be able to make those minor marks look better with Revive.
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