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  1. Can you catch your finger nail in any of them? If not I would use MF pad and HCC followed by Orange pad and CP. Take your time and go slow with slight pressure on your machine on 5 or 6.
  2. I think I would run them completely dead and then charge over night and see what that does. Keep us posted.
  3. Sorry to here this, however our Metal Polish 1 or 2 wouldn't scratch like (if I am seeing correctly from the pic) that, they were probably like that and you didn't notice until you cleaned and shined them. Thoughts?
  4. Steve, Not sure either on how hard or soft the Audi clear is. Do a 2x2 test spot and start with the least aggressive pad & polish so you will know what you are working with.
  5. I wish I knew about it too. I guess we will have to wait.....
  6. Congrats on the new truck, have you considered Ceramic Spray? Much better protection for Winter. https://adamspolishes.com/#
  7. Hey Bret, welcome & nice truck. If it were me I would go with either Ceramic Coating or Ceramic Spray, that will give you the best protection.
  8. Welcome to our forum!
  9. You have to remember that each paint-clear is different, what might work on one might not as easily on another. If I was going to have only one system it would be #1.
  10. I think a lot of DS & Clay should take care of the overspray. Keep us updated.
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