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    Odor Neutralizer AND Suede (Alcantara)

    I agree with the others, don't spray the ON directly on your Leather or Alcantara. That being said you probably could spray it on your headliner probably where most of the stink is in the first place.
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    Welcome Mark, I vote for Ceramic Coating as well! Check out our new Ceramic Spray Coating! https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-ceramic-spray-coating-9h-16oz.html
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    Here's mine!
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  13. The tool makes impressions in the clay to help with the claying process...… This is from the site. Designed for use with the included Adam's Geoimpression Tool, the tool provides a comfortable grip while claying, and also allows you to refresh the geoimpressions into the clay to generate a fresh working surface when necessary.