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  1. Like mentioned always follow up with a clean dry MF towel. All products with si02 will have tendency to streak. But it is definitely worth the extra effort.
  2. Any products with si02 will have tendency to steak, like mentioned just go back over the streaked areas with a clean MF towel.
  3. You might try to machine polish with Compound & MF pad, I have had good luck with this process.
  4. Did a little Trim Coating today on my Durango. Such a great product & so easy to apply. Check out the pics.
  5. One day for light polishing & coating and the next day for Boosting.
  6. Adam's Ceramic paint coating, I only use Adam's products on all my cars.
  7. About a month ago I detailed & did paint correction on two 40 Fords. The new Compound & pads did a great job, as you can see. The new SK Pro Swirl Killer performed great as well. Check out some of the before & after pics. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/polishing-paint-correction-detailing
  8. Americana is a GTEAT wax, however no wax can compare to Ceramic Coating.
  9. Rich you would have to buy it for me.
  10. Correct the new Ceramic coating wax. A GREAT product!! https://adamspolishes.com/products/adam-s-ceramic-paste-wax
  11. Check out this 40 Ford I detailed & top it off with CPW. The CPW gave it a nice deep wet look.
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