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  1. Empty bottles appear to be available for sale. http://www.adamspolishes.com/showproduct.aspx?ProductID=530&SEName=adams-empty-bottles
  2. I have a tendency to drop the microfiber pads. Can the Paint Sealant be used with the Americana Wax red applicator and/or yellow applicator? Update: I watched the video again and Adam said that the textured applicators can be used so answer is yes.
  3. BMWguy206

    DWC as a Paint Decon

    This is on my 1999 Dodge Durango with 135,000 miles. The paint has never been clayed nor has it been polished and waxed. Before close up shot on the roof After the first wash, I sprayed the paint with Adam's DWC on the roof and other panels I then used an alternative "clay bar" and Adam's older clay bar on the paint. After shot - Had to put the towel so that the iphone can focus on something. Sorry for the poor lighting but it was cloudy this morning.
  4. BMWguy206

    McLaren P1 Video

    The race track in the video is Willow Springs Raceway located in Rosamond, CA located right smack in a desert area. Temperatures during the summer can go up to 115F.
  5. If you're going to do a clay/one step polish/sealant on a pick-up truck, then I would charge a minimum of $200 but aim for $250
  6. BMWguy206

    Complete From the Studio: C63 AMG

    Thanks Frank. I just wanted to make sure because according to Chris (Mook), he used both Adam's Paint Correction and Finishing Polishes so I guess it's safe to use it on the newer Mercedes-Benz ceramiclear finish. My best friend just bought a 2014 Mercedes E350 and I could see some small swirl marks on the hood. I wanted to see if I can tackle that if I bought Adam's 2-step polishes.
  7. BMWguy206

    Complete From the Studio: C63 AMG

    Mook, Do you know if the C63 had a ceramic clear coat and if so, did correcting the paint take any extra effort?
  8. Nice to know. I wanted to order more bottles too and couldn't find them anymore even with the search. Upgrades are good though.
  9. BMWguy206

    Mercedes ML350 Inspiration Edition

    Frank - What did you use on the picture with the side door window trim?
  10. BMWguy206

    Trim Revival

    Is that trim even made out of plastic or rubber?
  11. For those with the Flex 3401, how do you correct and polish the paint on the pillars and small areas?
  12. I have been looking and comparing at all his pictures for awhile and just wasn't sure. I was curious because the wheel that was treated with Sonax appeared to have a smaller brake caliper. The wheel with the DWC clearly shows the size of the caliper.
  13. Alright this is long overdue but as they say, it's better late than never. I got into the hobby of detailing in early 2008. I was on the BMW message boards and all they talked about were other companies like GG, AG, and SV. I admit that I first started my small detailing collection with GG, SV, and AG products. The first time I heard of Adam's Polishes and their products was from Detailers Domain. This led me to the Adam's Polishes website and my first order was the Glass Cleaner and Detail Spray. After watching the included Detailing Video Vol. 5 with Adam demoing all their products, I then ordered more Adam's products. After a few more orders, I got an email from Adam P. thanking me for being a returning customer and wanted feedback on their products. Unfortunately, a couple of years later, I went to college and did not have time to have detailing as a hobby. But now that college is almost over and have less classes this term, and can go back to my detailing hobby. Needless to say, I can't wait to try out the new Adam's products and hopefully, buy a Cyclo or Flex by the end of this year.
  14. Just something I would like to share with the community. I emailed the sales/orders department asking a question about their Lifetime Guarantee. Within 2 minutes I got a response back from Mr. Matt Butcher. That is the fastest response time I got from a company. This past weekend I called a local popular detailing supply company and all I got was an answering machine. I sent an email to them but didn't get a response 2 days later. And yes I called them during their open business hours. Needless to say, I was very impress by the response time from Matt. I think next time I'm going to ask a tougher question. By the way, the Adam's Lifetime Guarantee on their Cyclo and Flex polishers, bought through their Amazon store, does apply.