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  1. It is confirmed the wheels are raw. Knowing that with moving forward now what precautionary steps should i take to avoid damaging the finish through cleaning or protecting them.
  2. Ok. Well their still being shipped so i cant do any testing yet.
  3. Ah ok. But ceramics are ok on raw polished aluminum?
  4. Hey guys. Just purchased a new set of polished (uncoated i believe) aluminum wheels for my hot rod truck. Wanting to protect them asap when i receive them. I was wondering if i can use the adams ceramic spray coating on the face and barrel of the wheels without concern. Also whats the best method to prep them for coating if im able to coat them and whats best method for care afterwards. Thanks and heres a pic of the wheels.
  5. Ok so next question. She said i had unseen water spots i coated into the front windsheild. Whats the best method to remove the coating from the windshield and remove the water spots.
  6. Hey guys i have my first coated vehicle customer coming in tomorrow for a wash and ceramic boost treatment. Just wondering what the best process is for washing a coated vehicle etc and what all needs to be done. Do i need to clay a ceramic coated vehicle? Whats best wash to use (dont own ceramic wash) what do i need to be careful of that may weaken or remove the coating?
  7. Hey guys. Getting a car to detail tomorrow with heavy iron deposits. Fist time using iron remover so I'm wondering if i spray it before i wash or after i wash. Before makes more sense but not sure if it should dry on paint or not as the process will probably take longer than the product takes to dry. Just looking for insight on best way to apply it. Thanks guys.
  8. Hey everyone. Just wondering what the easiest and quickest way to remove the spray coating on paint and glass is. Had a customer whose vehicle i coated and she says theres some water spots in the glass and paint shed like fixed. Not looking to pull out buffer unless its only option. Theres gotta be something in adams line i have thatll take the coating right off down to bare paint again. Just not sure what it is. Thanks.
  9. Hey guys. Planning to fully detail and correct my truck for goodguys show here in iowa this weekend. Paint needs corrected bad. Needs washed first. Am i safe to use strip wash on 6 week old paint or not. Also will claying new paint mess with it or not. Thanks.
  10. Yeah. I know how to care for it and know to wait 30 days. It was professionally done but wasnt baked. All im wanting to know is which products adams offers that i can use before that 30 day period is up that will still allow the paint to do its thing.
  11. Hey guys. Just had some work done on my classic show truck. had a new hood put on and painted and had some dents fixed. As we know car show season is quickly approaching/already here at some places. That being said im fully aware that newly painted surfaces cannot be waxed/sealed/coated for X amount of days. So what im looking for is a full list - right down to soaps etc of products i can safely use on my paint for shows etc that wont effect the outgassing of the paint until its fully cured. Thanks.
  12. Yup. I sure do haha. Id just love to be able to have this coffee in multiple different styles of brewing
  13. Me too. Im curious if its ground course enough to be used in a french press. Maybe he could offer it as a whole bean coffee to customize grinding per buyer. I use french press when i go camping.
  14. I agree, its good stuff. Just had different thought of flavor based on smell unbrewed haha
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