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  1. Hey guys. Planning to fully detail and correct my truck for goodguys show here in iowa this weekend. Paint needs corrected bad. Needs washed first. Am i safe to use strip wash on 6 week old paint or not. Also will claying new paint mess with it or not. Thanks.
  2. Yeah. I know how to care for it and know to wait 30 days. It was professionally done but wasnt baked. All im wanting to know is which products adams offers that i can use before that 30 day period is up that will still allow the paint to do its thing.
  3. Hey guys. Just had some work done on my classic show truck. had a new hood put on and painted and had some dents fixed. As we know car show season is quickly approaching/already here at some places. That being said im fully aware that newly painted surfaces cannot be waxed/sealed/coated for X amount of days. So what im looking for is a full list - right down to soaps etc of products i can safely use on my paint for shows etc that wont effect the outgassing of the paint until its fully cured. Thanks.
  4. Yup. I sure do haha. Id just love to be able to have this coffee in multiple different styles of brewing
  5. Me too. Im curious if its ground course enough to be used in a french press. Maybe he could offer it as a whole bean coffee to customize grinding per buyer. I use french press when i go camping.
  6. I agree, its good stuff. Just had different thought of flavor based on smell unbrewed haha
  7. Who all here has tried adams custom ground coffee blend and whats your thoughts on it. Just bought some and tried this morning through my keurig. Definitly a unique flavor - not bad by any means but not what i was expecting either. Will def buy more and drink more. Just curious on everyone elses thoughts on it and any tweaking you did to the brewed amount for flavor changes.
  8. Hey guys. So i just had an interior detail job show up and when i went to pull my new gallon of carpet/upholstery cleaner out i accudently bought leather/interior cleaner instead. My question is this, can i safely run a diluted ratio of all purpose cleaner in my tornador/extractor for the interior of the vehicle without hurting it? Its a jeep compass i believe. Cloth interior. Id be running a ratio of approx 10:1 or so through machines. Unless its safe to get away with 4:1.
  9. Yikes. Must live in ankeny area. I was at goodguys car show that weekend. Even our hotel was leaking lol
  10. Hey guys. This weekend was first time my 83 chevy c10 had seen a wash in a year. Pulled my old engine out last august due to an internal knock and didnt get truck back on the road with new engine until last week. Anyway, truck still needs corrected badly, so disregard the not perfect finish on the truck currently but i HAD to get some protection and shine back on the paint. Anyway, did a VERY SOLID strip wash as i had about every engine fluid on the front half of the truck somewhere that needed cleaned off. After the atrip wash i clayed the truck and followed up with the god of all waxes - patriot wax. Anyway, heres some pictures of the truck after i cleaned it up and a sideways video if it lets me send it. Snapchat-1196371381.mp4
  11. Hey guys. Just wondering if the adams c&u cleaner will work in the Bissell little green machine. Not sure if adams is meant to be diluted and run through an extractor or not. Anyone with any suggestions etc please let me know. Should I use adams to pre treat and extract with Bissell cleaner solution? Not sure on this one haha.
  12. Ah ok your really just "down the road" from me. Do you ever make it to any of the coffee n cars events throughout the summer months on Saturday mornings?
  13. Hey Matt. It is nice to see a fellow Iowan here. Where abouts is Kelley Iowa located and do you detail for money or just for yourself.
  14. Hey guys. Just curious which products here are body shop safe. Looking to do some work on a vehicle that was painted about a month ago and paint still needs to gas out. Which products can I apply that will still allow paint to gas out but leave some sort of protection/shine on the paint.
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