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  1. Thank you! I look forward to the adjustment/fix.
  2. Your guy's SSL certificate and this forum hosting needs to be adjusted. When I come through via HTTP, it is not doing HTTPS redirection. Your certificate also has issues, mostly with HSTS. This has become more strict in FF/Chrome and causes issues coming to this site over HTTPS now within those browsers. This may not make sense to most reading, but forward this info on to your IT people. Cloudfront themselves may be able to help you since it seems you're using AWS. What all of this means is, if someone is on a network that is being watched, them typing in their password or going to the page to change their password is completely unencrypted and readable by someone who could be maliciously watching. It seems the cert from DigiCert on adamspolishes.com is just fine. So for those reading, there is no issue with your information on the shop (adamspolishes.com), only with the forums.
  3. Interesting. I will find out.
  4. I do not have an Ozone machine. You can rent them though, can you not? I am definitely worried about what could be found under the seats. If the foam is toast or the whole back seat is, then this is beyond my scope of services.
  5. That's right. Just got a call of a woman with a 2002 Camry that keeps having these little larvae coming out of her back seat. Nothing crazy, only sees maybe 2-3 every few days. Vacuumed the car like crazy before and it went away for a bit, but has come back. This is a new one for me. I'm doing research on what I can do to see if I will even take this client on. I don't want her spending money and time on me doing a very extensive detail, only for them to come back a month later or something. I also don't want to spend the time and take her money if I can't perform the service. Anyone ran into this before? You can bomb a car, but this isn't fleas or anything that I think a bomb will work on. You can be sure I'll be charging my mold prices most likely, which starts at $300.
  6. What is the shelf life for Americana held at room temperature and not in a fridge?
  7. that garage is awesome. Can you PM more pictures? Don't want to derail this thread or make a general lounge post? I'd love to see how it looks overall and where that lift goes up to as I see a hole for it to raise higher? This is a great setup and I need ideas for my future garage and my detailing business. How much did the lift run ya?
  8. I'm getting really tired of this trend of every single webdesigner making web-sites into this blog type template. Try some innovation for once! Unfortunately, I'd have to say the site is tolerable. I do not like it overall though. I love the way products look when you're browsing all the products and I like the product pages. Pictures are fantastic as well. i just dislike the main coding of the site.
  9. All great stuff. You're building a garage almost exactly how I would. However, I would have lights along the wall at waist height for detailing jobs, haha. Something I've always wondered. How much more would it cost to install drainage in the garage so you could wash inside of the garage?
  10. Ha, good call. Will go through and adjust "clothes" to "cloths". It's just me for now, but I do have a second employee to jump in for larger scale details. The times are pretty accurate based off my experience. Which times were you most concerned about? Maybe I will reevaluate.
  11. Rich, check it now on the About page! I love it! Great idea! Hmm. I was seeing monthly wash packages on other sites and considered it. I think for now, I will remove that line about doing it on a monthly basis. Thank you!
  12. Good call on Weekend hours. I will just put 8am to 8pm.
  13. Ah, yes. Maybe on the About page? I can show the icons of the different brands I use (and yes I do use Adam's. )
  14. After nothing but a year of people saying they would build my site and falling out on their promises, I finally decided to hire a professional web designer. Let me know all thoughts, opinions, criticisms, and quips! I'm looking for any input on how it could be better or spelling mistakes, etc.! Also, any thoughts on pricing. SO EXCITED! www.chicagosdad.com - Chicago's Dedicated Auto Detailing PS: criticisms*
  15. Nope, been indoors for quite some time. So always room temp.
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