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  1. Travis is correct on this one ^^^^^ As long as the bumper is painted and clear coated like the body panels, you could apply the Wheel Coating; however it is more difficult to work with, which is why we would recommend the Ceramic Paint Coating instead. If there are any textured black/dark gray sections of the bumper, you will want to avoid those areas. The Ceramic Trim Coating is much more suitable for exterior textured plastic trim.
  2. 1 step

    Hi Doug! Thanks for the great feedback As you stated, the One Step Polish isn't going to achieve perfection on a very neglected finish, but for a quick machine polish of a vehicle in good condition, it will get it looking great! What kind of vehicle did you polish, any before/after pictures?
  3. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from everyone at Adam's Polishes! We hope you get to spend some time with family and friends
  4. Good morning everyone! Quick announcement that our office will be closed starting at 12PM MST this afternoon - including phone support, email, live chat, and forums - for our company holiday party We will be back in the office tomorrow morning for our normal business hours. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your understanding! Thanks, Dan and the rest of the Adam's Polishes Team
  5. Rubber Mat Cleaner Questions

    Hi Joel, Thanks for contacting us! The Rubber Mat & Liner Cleaner did leak out to some of our dealers earlier this year, but it is not a product that has been released to the public yet. I'm not 100% sure if/when it will be available through our website. It's designed primarily for cleaning rubber floor mats like Weathertech, Husky, etc. I would not recommend using it on plastic trim, but if you do, test in a small area first to ensure no negative reactions. It should in theory work fine on tires, but I have not yet tried it, so again, test in a small area if you would like, to make sure there are no issues. Since this product technically hasn't been released yet, I can't give too much more information about it at this time. Respectfully, Dan@Adams
  6. order status support

    Hi rexxy, I do apologize for the issues! Our 866 number is active; however it does not work for all international countries. Are you calling from outside of the U.S.? Our website is having some issues with sending order confirmation emails at the moment, but if you log into your Profile on adamspolishes.com, you can view order history with tracking information if it has shipped. We are extremely overwhelmed with orders from this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale (thank you everyone!), so we are several days behind in processing and shipping orders. Our team is working as quickly as possible to fulfill all orders and we thank you for your patience. You can also email us to orders@adamspolishes.com and we can check an order status for you. Please make sure to include your order number or the email that you purchased it under when you contact us. Again we do apologize for the delay and inconvenience. Respectfully, Dan@Adams
  7. New member from Ohio

    Nice ride and thanks for signing up to the forum!
  8. Give us a call or an email and we should be able to get a warranty replacement out to you. The thread pitch on the HDPE bottles for Strip Wash is slightly different than our normal bottle, so the pull-tops are very difficult to thread down all the way sometimes. This is why we're just shipping them with a regular screw on cap now I do believe.
  9. Another new one

    Thanks for signing up to the forum!
  10. Convertible top cleaning

    To add to what Shane said, if it's a cloth top, I'll use either our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner or Eco All Purpose Cleaner with the Cockpit Brush to scrub the area. Then rinse thoroughly with water until you're no longer seeing any foam or bubbles from the chemicals and allow to air dry or blow dry - the Master Blaster Revolution has helped me to dry the top efficiently. Do not use our Wash Pads, Wash Mitts, or plush microfiber towels to clean a cloth top - they will leave fibers everywhere that you will then have to brush again. Some of you may have seen me hint on here before that we've been testing some products for protecting fabric, but I'm not sure if/when they will be available. If it's a vinyl type of material for the top, our blue Car Shampoo should be enough for most cleaning, but then I'll step to Eco All Purpose Cleaner if there's heavier dirt build-up. You can then protect the vinyl top with our VRT afterward.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!

    We have much to be thankful for here at Adam's Polishes! For me personally, the past two years that I have worked here full-time have gone by like a breeze, and it truly is amazing to see how things are growing! We would not be here without each and every one of you, so we are extremely thankful for your support. Enjoy the day with your family, friends, and loved ones. I'm very thankful that I will get to spend this afternoon and evening with some of my loved ones. And for all of the men and women in our military that are spending Thanksgiving away from home, know that we are thinking about you too! From all of us at Adam's Polishes, Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Brilliant Glaze...OH...Brilliant Glaze

    You can apply it to glass by hand with a Red or Yellow Hex Grip or Microfiber Applicator Pad, or by machine with a Red Foam Pad at a slow speed
  13. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    Yes it is normal practice and absolutely recommended to clean the foam cannon after every use to prevent any clogging. We've had more than a handful of warranty claims on this due to improper use. The biggest gain is that it makes an even thicker, clinging foam on the vehicle for better performance and loosening/lifting dirt.
  14. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    Very limited quantities on this one. Better have your profile logged in and your click fingers ready at 10AM MST this morning! Hopefully the servers can keep up with site traffic, but we apologize in advance if it's difficult to get through.
  15. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    Clean the Foam Cannon out after every use, no matter what soap you use in it. I'll get the warning added to the other soap descriptions eventually too!