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  1. Join us for our first annual Toys for Tots charity drive at our growing Lafayette Cars and Coffee event! Each toy donated will receive a raffle ticket entered to win 1 of 3 unbelievable giveaway items! Each person donating will receive both their raffle ticket and a coupon for 15% off at our Open House/ Detail Clinic immediately following this event! *Toys must be new and unwrapped in order to be eligible. Where: Flatirons Church 355 W South Boulder Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026 followed by Adam's HQ for the Open House/Detail Clinic When: Saturday December 2, 2017, 7am - 10am for Cars 'n Coffee, 10am - 2pm for the Open House/Detail Clinic We hope to see you there!
  2. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but one person on our shipping team said it's her favorite air freshener scent that we've ever offered. I'm anxious to see what it's like!
  3. Protection Not Lasting

    Hi Stephen, Thanks for contacting us! That sounds strange indeed! Paint Sealant should net around 4-6 months of protection per application in most environments, and H2O Guard should be at least 1-2 months of awesome water beading per application. What part of the country do they live in? Does the car see extreme hot or cold temperatures regularly? Is it garaged or does it sit outside while at work for example? What type of process do they use for washing it - do they go through any automated car washes? Some of these factors could determine how long the sealant will last. Some automated car washes may use strong soaps and cleaners that could be stripping protection prematurely. I used one application of H2O Guard on my SS sedan when I purchased it before polishing it and applying a final prototype of our Ceramic Paint Coating. It's been holding up strong for 14 months now, with Ceramic Boost used about every 2 months for maintenance. I drive the car in all sorts of rain conditions and drove it through most of last winter in the snow too. I've worked on many Holden-built vehicles now (many GTO's, a few G8's, and my SS sedan) and their clear coats seem no different than other GM vehicles that I've worked on. Can you ask your friends if the dealership may have applied some type of paint protection onto the vehicle before purchase? Standing by to help further!
  4. Lots of new items are going to be showing up on the website today and probably tomorrow! Please note that they are not available for purchase yet, but as we're creating the product pages and doing the descriptions, we're giving sneak peeks for the Black Friday sale. That's all I can say for right now at least
  5. Hi Kory! With the newer long-throw polishers on the market today, the days of using lots of downward pressure like with the Porter Cable are no longer necessary. The large 15mm and 21mm throws of these machines provide a larger orbit pattern, so they correct faster, and when combined with today's pad and polish technology, typically the weight of the machine with just a bit of downward pressure to keep the pad flat to the surface is enough. Slow and steady gives me the best results, usually at around speed 4 on the Swirl Killer for most correction, but I will bump it up to higher speeds when necessary. You can check out our most recent Paint Correction Video Series at the following YouTube link: Adam also demonstrates using the polisher in the Winter Preparation Video that we released about 2 weeks ago, at around the 20 minute mark:
  6. Brushes

    Hi Eric, the blue brush you have pictured is definitely our older Tire Brush. It works quite well with All Purpose Cleaner, but the slightly softer bristles in the Red/Black Tire Brush we have now will allow Tire & Rubber Cleaner to foam up on the tire more effectively. The video is actually a bit outdated now - we've since modified the brush to have half-height bristles which you can see starting at around the 2:38 time in our new Winter Preparation video here: The bristles do excellent at scrubbing the sidewall, while being a little safer if you would happen to contact the on the rim edge of the wheel as well. I think you would be pleased with it if you would like to try it out!
  7. So many exciting things! I believe we might even be doing a limited pre-release of a new product for Black Friday too!
  8. Best vacuum for interior?

    Hi Dylan, I don't know about the best vacuum, but I use a stainless steel Craftsman shop vac for vacuuming. I got it for a great deal a few years back on Black Friday. For pet hair, I use a pet hair remover stone to loosen it from carpet and upholstery, then vacuum it up. You must be very careful with using a removal stone though - it can scratch plastics, leather, and vinyl surfaces instantly and permanently! I'm quite pleased with the little Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner I bought for deep cleaning carpets on a budget, rather than going the extractor route. When used with hot water and 1oz of our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, I've been able to remove some pretty nasty stains with it!
  9. 2018 Adams Calendar

    I'll see if I can find out any information on this. Hang tight!
  10. Hi kris, As Michael said, you can contact us at 866-965-0400 from 5:30AM to 5:30PM MST Monday through Friday, or send an email request to "wholesale at adamspolishes dot com" (removing the spaces and changing to an at-symbol and period for dot com). We can go over some questions with you about your business and provide further information as well. Thanks!
  11. The best protectant would be our Ceramic Paint Coating Kit, but if that's out of budget, my recommendation would then be for Paint Sealant followed by H2O Guard & Gloss every 1-2 months for maintenance. On the white diamond Regal GS that I had before I sold it (still miss that car!), I used Paint Sealant twice per year and H2O Guard about once every 4-5 washes. The amount of shine that you get from H2O Guard is very strong!
  12. New member

    Hey Andy, thanks for signing up to AdamsForums! There's a bunch of great people here that will help answer any questions you may have
  13. Ceramic wheel coating

    Hi Tom, if you keep the bottle sealed tight and store it in a cool environment out of direct sunlight, it should last for a year or longer. I've had prototype bottles of our coatings for about 18 months now with no issues.
  14. Hi Dean, was the vehicle machine polished to as close to perfection as possible before applying the coating? Machine polishing will give awesome depth to the paint since you're smoothing out the surface and removing swirl marks that cause light to reflect and refract in all sorts of directions and make the paint look dull. Most ceramic coatings are pretty durable and shouldn't haze up or scratch as easily, but as falcaineer stated, using our Ceramic Boost about once every 2 months or so should maintain the coating and keep the paint looking fantastic. You could apply Patriot Wax over top of the coating - it won't necessarily hurt anything but keep in mind that it may lessen the water-repelling behavior of the coating. If you went with any wax, I would recommend Patriot since it is infused with ceramic protection for more durability, but for my coated car, I do not put a sealant or wax on top of the coating. I stick to Ceramic Boost, Waterless Wash, Car Shampoo, and Wash & Wax (also has some ceramic in it).
  15. The Value of Paint Gauges

    Strong write-up Shane! Thanks for the share