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  1. @ADG we started a Cyber Monday sale at midnight last night that still has a very nice discount (20% off) on most products on the website.* We added a few new items as well - some limited items, Drawstring Bag, Mouse Pad, restock on a few hats, and so on - that you can check out all of the new items here: https://adamspolishes.com/collections/new-just-in * Mystery items are not eligible for discounts.
  2. Yep! Greg on our show team has that one too, and I think you're correct that a few were given out to close friends and testers when the staff was very small back then 👍
  3. Hi JB, and welcome to the forum! I'll try to address all of your questions the best I can. 1. This can occur with our Graphene Ceramic Coating and UV Ceramic Paint Coating on darker colored vehicles from my experience; however I did have some of them on a red metallic Chevy SS I did a while back too (UV Paint Coating, not Graphene Ceramic Coating). The UV LED Light will make this much more visible shortly after application, but the lines usually show up if the coating was not wiped away thoroughly enough - usually they will show up in an overcast or cloudy sky and it will look perfect in th
  4. I didn't see it mentioned, but when you washed, did you do just a hose and bucket wash? If yes, I would try a pressure washer with the appropriate nozzle tip, keeping the pressurized stream about 12-18" away from the paint. The pressure washer will hopefully remove some of the concrete dust build-up before you move onto a Clay Bar, Clay Mitt, Polish, or Brilliant Glaze. If you were on the other side of PA I would offer to help! Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. I believe we did have detailing aprons several years back, but they did not sell very well. Then we had a few aprons from Cyclo that were sold as well. Adam is wearing a red one in this older video series, but I'm not sure if that design was ever offered for purchase: I did receive a prototype one a couple years ago to test out. It was made out of a super soft chenille-type of material, but it never materialized. I will mention it to the product development team again though!
  6. Just wanted to add - that does look like excessive "rainbowing" from the coating, but if you wiped it off after 2-3 minutes, that should not have happened, as the spray coatings are much easier to work with than the full coatings in the glass bottle. A lot of modern headlights will appear to have this rainbow look at certain angles due to the type of plastic and clear coat used on them (and possibly from how they are polished), but not as excessive as your pictures, so this leads me to believe the coating may not have been wiped away fully. Do you see this on any other painted or glass area
  7. Yes, they were copy-paste mistakes from the regular Hand Soap label. The scent for the Holiday Hand Soap is Sugar Cookie.
  8. Just a quick update: I spoke to Phil and he's going to talk to our manufacturer to see if they would manufacture a coupler for us!
  9. Looks great! Yes we're aware of the broken images. It's a certificate issue...working on it.
  10. If you waited 4 minutes that should be more than enough time for it to flash onto the surface. Typically I will watch it rainbow, then once the rainbow begins to dissipate a little into a more clear look, then I wipe it away. I don't think you need to reorder more, I think you'll be totally fine as-is and then just maintain it once a month or so with your favorite ceramic maintenance product - mine are currently Graphene Detail Spray and CS3.
  11. Sticky/tacky feeling during removal will depend on humidity too. If humidity is low, the Graphene Ceramic Coating can take a little longer to get tacky. It will have slight tension on your towel, nothing super tough though, as it was made to be easy to work with. I usually let it sit on the surface for 2-5 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity, and then remove it. Type of towel used for removal will also affect how tacky it feels. I use the Suede Towel to do an initial wipe and remove about 50% of the residue - this will have tension for me. Then I wait about 30 seconds and remove the
  12. My opinion, do NOT machine polish PPF, it's far too risky if you have never attempted it before. In addition to degrading the adhesive like Chris mentioned, you can cause an almost permanent hazy finish on some PPF that is then very difficult to fix - delicate and repeated massaging with Brilliant Glaze...ask @BRZN and I how we know from a car at Carlisle a few years back! If it were me, I would simply wash the PPF, maybe use Fine Grade Clay and Waterless Wash with very light to no pressure only in spots that have stubborn bug guts, then Surface Prep and finally coat.
  13. Hi @aa146, and welcome to the forum! Our Iron Remover is a very strong chemical, so you do need to exercise caution when using it. I would recommend using it in the shade, and do not let it dry onto any surface. I try to avoid getting it on any exterior plastic trim pieces - it's mainly intended for removing iron contamination from painted surfaces. If the Iron Remover sits too long on some plastics, the plastic can discolor white almost like when getting wax residue onto plastic trim. You would then need to scrub it thoroughly with Tire & Rubber Cleaner to fix it. In other words, I tr
  14. Nice wheels! Yep, you should be able to coat those no problem. I would do a test area on the inside barrel of one just to be sure. The coating will go on glossy, but once you wipe it away after a few minutes, it should leave the finish near identical to before the coating was applied.
  15. I agree with Rich - our Graphene Ceramic Coating isn't going to repel dust or be completely anti-static, but it will provide excellent protection and gloss to the paint, glass, etc. To me, I'm not a chemist, but wiping a static-charged microfiber towel onto the surface of the vehicle sometimes seems to leave a charge on the surface that might attract more dust, so I hold two corners of the towel and give the towel a quick snap to try to discharge any static before use - you'll notice this most after pulling a clean towel out of the dryer. UV protection mostly comes from UV inhibitors in the
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