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  1. Easter detail spray??

    I don't think we have any Easter themed Detail Spray planned for this year, but you may have seen some very colorful hoodies floating around on social media and in our 18th Anniversary video in addition to the Mint Green hoodie available now
  2. Easter detail spray??

    Haha, well technically the iron activator in Wheel Cleaner smells very similar to a nasty rotten egg, so that's why we have to mask that smell with the not as nasty, but still very potent, cherry-vanilla cough syrup smell
  3. Agreed, I looked at pictures and saw maybe about 1" of clearance at some spots of the caliper, but not many.
  4. Hi there, While I haven't tried Eco Wheel Cleaner as a bug and tar remover quite yet, it is safe for all surfaces besides interior, so you could try it out. It will most likely remove most if not all wax protection, and could weaken sealants like Paint Sealant and H2O Guard as well. Do not allow it to dry on any surfaces, and make sure to rinse it thoroughly. I would follow up with a fresh layer of sealant or wax in that area as well!
  5. Hi Johnny, Welcome to the forum, and great question! I haven't had a chance to check on a ZL1 yet, but I do have a friend's 6th Gen Camaro SS at my house right now and the Small Wheel Woolie does fit in between the caliper and barrel of the wheel with about a 1/4" to spare. The diameter of the wool material is 1.75" at the widest part, and it will squeeze down to about 1.5", so you could measure the gap between the ZL1 caliper and the barrel of the wheel to see if it will fit. Just from looking at pictures of the ZL1 brakes, it looks like a very tight fit, so you may have to clean one half of the barrel, then move the car forward a few feet to get the other half of the barrel clean.
  6. Patroit wax for sale on ebay cheap!!!

    Moved to Garage Sale section.
  7. Patroit wax for sale on ebay cheap!!!

    Please note that buying from eBay sellers is a "buy at your own risk" if it is not coming from our Adam's Polishes eBay account directly, and we are not responsible for any damage or any other possible issues. We do not permit any of our authorized dealers to re-sell on Ebay or Amazon.
  8. Swirl Killer stopped working

    Hi Samuel, Thanks for contacting us, and I'm sorry about the issues with your Swirl Killer polisher. It does sound like a short with the cord. Please contact our Customer Service by email at orders@adamspolishes.com or phone at 866-965-0400 and we will be happy to help out and resolve the issue. Please reference your order number so that we can look it up no problem. We can get that one shipped back to us and a repair or replacement if it's still within the 1 year warranty. We're on the phones for a bit longer tonight, and we will have a customer service rep on phones tomorrow as well. As a side tip for everyone, make sure to never wrap the Swirl Killer power cord too tightly around the machine, and leave plenty of strain relief at the area where the cord meets the handle.
  9. Phones and internet are back up and operational at HQ!
  10. Quick announcement: The internet line to our building was accidentally cut while the parking lot is being paved this afternoon, so office phones and internet are currently down. If you have any immediate issues or concerns, please contact us through email or Live Chat. I'll post an update once things are back up and running more smoothly. We do apologize for the inconvenience!
  11. Matte Black Wheels Cleaning.

    Hey gang, it's funny this topic just came up, because I'll be posting up a write-up in the next few days on cleaning matte black wheels. I just finished taking about 100 pictures of cleaning the wheels on my car...stay tuned!
  12. Kärcher K3 and Foam Cannon

    Hi there, sorry I have to remove the link for the competitor per site rules, but you will need to find a Karcher Foam Cannon adapter in order to make the Foam Cannon compatible with your Karcher pressure washer wand. If you search for "Karcher K Series Foam Cannon Adapter" on Amazon and some other detailing websites, you should be able to find the appropriate adapter for $15 or less.
  13. Yep, Adam and Bianca will be in attendance at this event! I just found out about this event late last week from Bianca, so that's why it wasn't announced on here yet. Park Place Auto Salon is one of our newest authorized dealers, and it should be a great event!
  14. Towels

    Moving this one to Towels, Brushes, and Accessories. We try to keep the Detailing Library section for FAQ's and write-ups only. Static charge is normal after removing from the dryer as others have said. You should be able to grab two corners of the towel and give it a few quick snaps to discharge the static build-up though
  15. What last longer

    Moved this one over to Exterior Protection & Enhancement since we try to keep the Detailing Library section for tips, write-ups, and product videos.