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  1. Dear Dan, 

    I've been a customer for the past 10-15 years and my cabinet is filled with Adam's products, which I consider to be the best in the detailing business. I have a suggestion for eliminating the responses you've received about not being able to reach customer service. 

    One of those "nasty grams" was from me. 

    The next time you realize that your customer service team is going to be short staffed, (surely no one expects 3 people to handle half a million calls) have your IT dept. insert a script right at the login page explaining briefly what the issues are and that you're working to correct them as quickly as possible. If they choose to place a online order they can do so, and for their inconvenience of not being able to talk to a customer service representative your including, free of charge, a trial size package of one, two, or three items, or free shipping.

    Everyone seems to understand communication issues better when the owner of the company also understands the frustration of his customers and he's willing to offer something for their loyal support, and their continued business, especially when it's free. 

    Regards, Jerry Rizzo, Libertyville, IL.   

    1. Emery@Adams




      I am very sorry getting in contact with us has been a bit more difficult of lately!


      Shoot me an email at emery@adamspolishes.com and I can assist you.


      Looking forward to hearing from you!




      Emery Cannon

  2. Thanks for jumping in here Emery! Indeed it has been a little crazy for Emery, Tyler, and myself to keep up with things. I was out supporting Hot August Nights two weeks ago, and now I'm at Corvettes at Carlisle (we just finished dinner for the evening), so that puts even more strain on an already understaffed team. I am very sorry for the inconvenience if anyone has been trying to get through to us. I will be back in the office Monday morning and will help to alleviate some of the phone frustrations. Please bear with us during these growing pains, and let us know how we can help. Respectfully, Dan@Adams
  3. Dan@Adams

    2006 "GTO" gets dusted

    Beautiful ride Van! I have a 2006 Impulse Blue GTO that I bought new in 2006 and will never sell, and I picked up a 2016 Chevy SS sedan 2 years ago now as a daily driver. You could say I like blue Holdens just a bit And the SS in temporary Rally North America trim:
  4. We have our very popular Trunk Organizers, Bottle Organizers, and Detailing Stools back in stock, plus a cool new limited run keychain! We're doing 15% off store wide* with the code JULY18, plus free shipping on orders over $75. Sale ends Monday July 30th at Midnight. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW * excludes Gift Cards, 2oz Sample Kits, and any mystery boxes/buckets
  5. Dan@Adams

    items for sale

    Sorry for locking the thread for a minute, I thought all items were sold. If all items are sold, I can lock it down. Let me know.
  6. Our limited edition Cars & Coffee Detail Spray is now available for purchase! We've been offering it at the last few Cars & Coffee events that we participate in as a show exclusive, but we now have it available for a limited time for anyone to purchase. We're doing 15% off with the code COFFEE, plus free shipping on orders over $75 for the continental U.S. This is a quick 48 hour sale - ends July 21st at Midnight! Make sure to check out the other show essential gear below as well: CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW!
  7. Dan@Adams

    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    No worries, I need to make it a habit to proofread the new product pages when the marketing team uploads them anyway. Thanks!
  8. Dan@Adams

    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    Fixed. The URL's are sometimes reused and edited, so that's why you're seeing blueberry in the URL link.
  9. Hi Scott, We put in the GoodGuys order a few weeks back, so unfortunately the limited edition items will not be on hand for Columbus GoodGuys or Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle the following week. For show events, we have to put orders in several weeks in advance, so we typically do not have limited edition items at shows, unless it's a local Cars n Coffee in Colorado. We do apologize for the inconvenience.
  10. Dan@Adams

    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    Improved from the red and white mitt, which was already awesome in my opinion. This one is even softer microfiber material. I've been using the red & white mitt and the premium microfiber sponge almost exclusively on my vehicles lately - they both rinse out very easily (much easier than the 10" Wash Pad and Merino Wool Mitt for me) and do not put any swirls in my vehicles when used properly. I'm very excited to try out this new mitt!
  11. It's time for one of my favorite parts of the year, the 4th of July! As many of you already know, we love our country here at Adam's Polishes, and what better way to celebrate our independence than with some fun patriotic products like we've done for the past few years now! Last year we had blueberry Detail Spray, but this year it's Apple scent, plus we have a new limited run Shampoo too! Detail Carts and stools are back in stock, plus there's a super soft new 1500gsm microfiber wash mitt, blue borderless towels, air fresheners, shirts, hats, and more! We have free shipping for the continental USA set at $75 before discount, and you can use the code USA for 15% off store wide! This sale ends July 5th at Midnight. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW!
  12. Dan@Adams

    Bug and tar remover

    Yep, just don't allow the Waterless Wash to dry onto the clear bra material. If you put a nice layer of Ceramic Boost on the clear bra first to make the surface incredibly slick, you most likely won't need the pressure washer - you should be able to wipe them away with a wash pad and one of our soaps without much trouble
  13. Dan@Adams

    Adam's at Barrett Jackson

    Very cool! Nate and I did the detailing with Adam on that Phantom during the seminar, and then Greg and Raphael from our show team helped us finish it off. I had the pleasure of cleaning Mr. Jackson's Veyron in the photo twice during the event too. It was an absolute honor!
  14. Dan@Adams

    Adam's at Barrett Jackson

    Awesome Dave, make sure to stop by and say hello! I'm driving up on Tuesday and I'll be working either at our display or detailing cars all week! I'm not quite sure if Adam is going to make it to this one, as he has a few other commitments, but we'll have quite a team helping out, including Chris@Adams, GerryC, and blcksilv08 here from the forum, as they're all part of our show team!
  15. Hey Travis, It was nice chatting with you in our Live Chat just now. Brilliant Glaze or Revive Hand Polish should do the trick. I would start with Brilliant Glaze first. If you don't have any, we can absolutely take a look at it for you and figure out what you will need to resolve the issue - stop by today or tomorrow morning/afternoon if you can. We'll be open from 9am - 2pm tomorrow.