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  1. Great input from mc2hill as always! To follow up a little, what did grit of wet sanding did you finish down to? That can be one factor in what type of pad and either compound or polish you will need to start with to remove the wet sanding marks. Typically I like to finish down to 2,500 or 3,000 grit when wet sanding to make the surface easier to polish out. Our Heavy Correcting Compound with a Microfiber Cutting Pad can take out 2,500 grit sanding marks quite easily, and then I will step down to an Orange Foam Pad with our color-coded orange Correcting Polish after that. If it's a darker color vehicle, then I will take it one step further and use our White Foam Pad with the white Finishing Polish. If it is a fresh re-paint, I would recommend waiting at least 30-60 days before putting on a sealant, wax, or ceramic coating for protection after the polishing steps.
  2. As Chris mentioned, I wouldn't recommend Spray Compound, as it is fairly aggressive and would at least weaken the coating if not fully remove it. The light scratches could possibly be due to the Waterless Wash Towels if you are not using clean towels as you wipe it off daily. I will typically use 3 or more Waterless Wash Towels to clean a vehicle, depending on how dirty it is, and I am folding the towel over to a new side every 2 or 3 passes or so across a panel. If you are seeing halos in the finish, what machine and compounds/polishes did you use to polish it out before coating? Typically halos will be from a rotary buffer, uneven pressure on a machine polishing pad, or a heavier cut compound that you would then need to step down to a more fine polish, e.g. Heavy Correcting Compound and a Microfiber Cutting Pad may leave some slight haze that the Orange Foam Pad and orange Correcting Polish will then typically take care of. If you wanted to try to polish the ceramic coating without fully removing it, I would recommend Finishing Polish with a White Foam Pad on a slower machine speed, about 3 or 4. Then you could follow it up with Ceramic Spray Coating to re-up the protection of the coating - or go with Ceramic Boost or Ceramic Liquid Wax for a bit of extra protection.
  3. We hit 350,000 followers yesterday, and the very limited 350k bottles will be up for grabs on the website at 9AM MST this morning! Only 350 bottles available - sorry no phone orders for this one!
  4. Our Paint and Wheel Coatings are going to be much easier to work with indoors, in a room-temperature-like environment - 60-75 degrees would be ideal. If working in very hot and humid weather, it will be more difficult to work with, and you will need to work in smaller areas at a time. As a mobile detailer, have you looked into our Ceramic Spray Coating? It's more forgiving and easier to work with, just not as durable our our Paint Coating Kit. Expect around 6 months of protection per application rather than 1-2 years. 4 hour cure-time vs. 24 hours as well! https://adamspolishes.com/collections/ceramic-spray-coating/products/ceramic-spray-coating
  5. Hi there, I do certainly apologize about the phone issues! We've been incredibly busy as usual with phones and emails during sales and new product releases. I was out of the office last week working at our display at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Las Vegas, so that meant even one less person on phones. We are trying to catch up to things as quickly as possible. Calling early in the morning (7am MST) or after lunch are times when the phones aren't usually as busy. Right at 8-9am, lunchtime, and 5pm are when phone lines are most busy. The Ceramic Glass Coating Wipes can be a tricky product to get right. If you are still having issue with the residue, I would not recommend using an orbital polisher as the first plan of attack, as it might be too aggressive and remove the coating. Try a few drops of Brilliant Glaze on a small test area of the windshield - spread it with a hex grip or a gray microfiber applicator block, then quickly wipe it away with a microfiber towel - that did the trick for me.
  6. My go-to routine for Weathertech mats is Tire & Rubber Cleaner followed up by Ceramic Spray Coating. Give it a shot. It will make them much easier to clean up, and darkens them up a slight amount too!
  7. Hi Mark, I do apologize but we haven't been updating the deal of the day page as much as we should since the website relaunch back in July - things have been incredibly busy, especially with the new store launch in Anaheim this past weekend. For all, please note that the Odor Neutralizer buy a gallon get a 16oz free that you see on the specials page is Sold Out, as that was part of a sale that we had a few months back as well. I didn't want there to be any confusion if someone clicks that link.
  8. Correct, with powder coated finishes, the curing process is much different than curing of an automotive clear coat. The powder coated part cures while being baked at a proper temperature and time, then there would be about a 30-minute to 1-hour cool down time, so you would be good to go to apply the Ceramic Wheel Coating right after that if you desired. With painted and clear coated surfaces though, most body shops will typically say anywhere from 30-90 days for the clear coat to fully cure before applying a sealant, wax, ceramic coating, etc.
  9. Sorry I'm just seeing this now. We've sold our pop-up canopy in the past, but only to authorized dealers. They have a pretty steep price tag on them 😮 It's a cool idea for sure, but I have a feeling the reason we only offer them to dealers is so there isn't confusion at car shows. When you see our canopy, you know there are products there for sale
  10. I spoke with Dave, sorry we won't be doing any recycling of boxes at the show. I'm driving out to Carlisle tomorrow night - see you all later this week!
  11. Nice suggestions! A bucket holder might be difficult just due to the diameter of a bucket would have it sticking out pretty far from the wall, but I can pass it along. A holder for the Truck Brush is a good idea too
  12. Proofreading every product page is on my list of things to do for the Marketing Team, but I'm going to be out of the office for the next two weeks working at show events (Corvettes at Carlisle and then the Corvette Caravan in Bowling Green), so I may not be able to get to them for a bit!
  13. Hi Juan, unfortunately you will need to host the videos somewhere if you want them to show up in a post rather than as a downloadable attachment. Youtube and Vimeo both offer free video hosting, that you can then copy the link here and it should then show up in the post 👍
  14. I've been trying to snap a few pictures throughout the Hot August Nights event - our biggest show event of the year! We're having a blast out here meeting new and old friends and customers! The weather has been great, and lots of amazing rides 😎 Here's a few pictures to start. I'll keep adding to this thread as I take more! Cars starting to roll in: Detail Team working their magic: Three Stage Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating: Adam checking out Weaver Customs latest masterpiece. It won Best of Show! I would love to own this goat: Waiting for an Uber over to the Big Boy's Toy Store this morning: Sunset Tuesday night, just spectacular:
  15. We typically don't need any extra boxes now because we have pallets of boxes that come in for each show, but yep, the Carlisle Staff does recycle all of our boxes for us, so if you have any that you want us to take care of, bring them flattened if possible and we can put them in with our stacks! They have staff that drive around the show field on regularly intervals to pick up garbage and recycle material
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