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  1. I'm not sure if we'll ever do any sort of monthly subscription service, but you will notice we've recently introduced a refer a friend discount incentive program when you complete a new order. It's a pretty cool way to introduce new people to the brand and get a little thank you in return, if they do use the click-through link that the original customer sends out to the friend
  2. As you may have noticed, we launched a few new interior products on the website late last night! We have Multi-Use Foaming Cleaner - a strong cleaner for tough stains in carpets, Adam's Odor Bomb - to eliminate smells in the interior of a vehicle, Adam's Interior Goo - a sticky cleaner that will pull out dirt, crumbs, and other gunk from tight spots like window switches, cup holders, and air vents, and lastly the new Interior Brush - a super soft synthetic brush that can clean even the most delicate interior surfaces! You can use the code CLEAN15 for 15% off of your order total, plus we have free shipping over $75 for the continental U.S. This sale ends Friday, May 18th at Midnight! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE NEW PRODUCTS NOW!
  3. It's that time of the year again for the annual Grabiak Performance Center Small Town Expo and Detail Clinic, in New Alexandria, PA! The event is being held Saturday morning, May 19th, starting at 9AM until 2PM at Grabiak Chevrolet! I stopped by the dealership a few weeks back to start planning things out with Ray, and we're sure to make this year's event exciting and fresh! We're planning to have an Interactive Experience with 3 different work stations this year - one on Proper Washing, one for Interior Care, and one for Paint Care - Correcting and Protecting! Chris Toth (Chris@Adams), myself, and Eric (one of our expert detailers from our Barrett-Jackson show team) will all be demonstrating the newest products, answering questions, and letting you try them out before you buy. Here's a few shots of their awesome showroom display of Adam's Polishes products - needless to say, they will be plenty stocked for the event! You can even check out some products in the waiting area while getting a vehicle serviced! There will be food trucks on-site, as well as local live music, the Andy Davis Band, plus many other vendors and activities. Full flyer is below: This is a must attend event if you're located anywhere near the Pittsburgh region. It's a ton of fun and very informative! If you plan on attending, please RSVP here or at the event link on facebook below: https://www.facebook.com/events/214903255751872/ Thanks for looking, and we hope to see you there! -Dan@Adams
  4. Dan@Adams

    Anyone have a good promo code?

    Edited some things here. Please no posting of outside discount codes. Yes there are some codes out there, but you'll have to do some detective work on Instragram for those since our forum code SHINEON is currently only good for 10% off - not my decision. We do usually run about two sales per month at 15% off as well, and myself or Wolf post those to the forum each time they go live. There are no 20% discount codes - 15% off is the max you will see from any of our social media partners. We typically only have one or two 20% off sales each year.
  5. It's time for the annual Spring Wash Sale, and we've got a few new items too! Enjoy 15% off using the code WASH, plus free shipping to the continental 48 states on orders over $80 before discount. Grab your essential wash products like Car Shampoo, Ultra Foam Shampoo, and the Ultra Plush Drying Towel...also on sale for $29.99, so it's down to $25.49 after the discount is applied! This sale ends Tuesday April 24th at midnight. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW We got another shipment of the Detailing Stools back in just yesterday - this time with a gray base instead of the red base, but the stool is otherwise identical. This one is limited quantity, so it will go fast, but it's my understanding that we should have more red ones on the way in the near future as well. We also have new Draw String Bags to carry around some essential items at a show, grape air fresheners, and an Adam's logo Lapel Pin: Full sale ad below:
  6. Dan@Adams


    We have usually two sales per month when new items hit the dock or have been bottled up and ready to launch, sometimes three if it's a 5-week month. We're not the only company to do something like this, but I have zero control or say into how our sales work. Retail clothing stores (both online and in-store) have sales almost every weekend, grocery stores have sales each week, etc. Prices are in-line with other premium products in our industry, and if you feel that they did not meet your expectations for performance or results, that is why we have the 110% satisfaction guarantee. We will not be at a price-point of store-bought products, unless we reduce the quality and types of chemicals we use, which then reduces ease of use and results. The focal point of the company is to offer premium car care products, but we still need to make some money to keep the doors open. Shoe cleaner and other extremely limited promotions are done as fun promotions and tests to gauge reactions and reach out to people that may have never heard of our company before.
  7. Dan@Adams


    Our number of sales and hence our number of customers is constantly growing now. When new products are added to the website, they may go 'live' for a few minutes while we publish the page for testing, and then taken back down for a few hours or overnight while we finish things up. This is why you can find errors and so on. The page for the hat for example was just edited from a previous version of a hat that we sold that had the circle logo. I was out on travel for the new HQ grand opening and then Barrett-Jackson, so I didn't have a chance to proofread any product pages. I only do updates to pages for new kits, new chemicals, etc, and the marketing team usually handles the ones for merchandise. Price for the IK Multi Sprayer was most likely 'fat-fingered' with a '1' instead of a '2', as you can see that most other online retailers sell it for around $29.99 as well. It's still an awesome sprayer at that price, and much cheaper than the $49.99 Colad pressurized sprayers that we had before (I believe we may phase those out now), so we are actually trying to find more affordable products for our customers whenever possible. It was not a posting for early birds, but it was simply a mistake in publishing the product page this time, as they were rushing to get everything posted for the sale. For those that got it at $19.99 instead of $29.99, consider it a great deal, and to my knowledge we're not going to cancel those orders or make the customer pay the extra amount for it. The website does have some odd quirks that we have to work out from time to time, and if anyone ever notices anything out of the ordinary, it's best to give us a call at 866-965-0400 or send an email over to orders@adamspolishes.com and we will address and/or fix things as quickly as possible. I'm not sure why you were told you this, but it's best not to spread rumors. Retail pricing are not changing. There was one $10 price increase on the IK Multi-Sprayer, as it was originally published at the incorrect price. Our wholesale program for dealers is going through some changes in regards to requirements and discount amounts that they may receive - it is up to each individual dealer if they choose to sell our products for higher than the MSRP - they are not permitted to sell below retail discounted sale prices though. Locking this thread down since I don't want it continuing down a path of incorrect information being posted.
  8. Dan@Adams


    Let's clear something up, we would not intentionally do any sort of price hiking. Single Soft Towels went from $8.99 to $9.99 when we changed the supplier to the much higher quality towel that we have now, with satin edging and a higher GSM count, about 2 years ago. H2O Guard & Gloss has always been $19.99 for the 16oz bottle, unless when it goes on sale for $14.99 for a daily special or other sale price. Leather Conditioner went up to $29.99 with the new formula change several months back, more expensive chemical for higher quality and longer durability. This is why we also introduced the 8oz bottle since we did realize that $29.99 is on the high side. It will occasionally drop down to a $24.99 sale price as well though.
  9. Dan@Adams


    Color requests? Post them up here!
  10. There's been quite a few previews of this one, and we officially launched it at our Grand Opening of the new Headquarters this past week - introducing Adam's Iron Remover! To celebrate this launch, we're doing 15% off until Sunday April 15th at Midnight using the code IRON15 We have free shipping on orders over $100 and $7 flat rate shipping for orders under $100 to the continental U.S. We also launched the IK 1.5 Multi-Sprayer to go alongside the IK 1.5 Foaming Sprayer - the "MULTI" Sprayer is different from the Foaming Sprayer in that it produces a misting of chemical for products like the new Iron Remover, Detail Spray, Waterless Wash, and many more! It comes with two different spray tips to provide a wide and thin fan pattern as Adam demonstrates in the video with the gray tip installed, or a more circular mist similar to how our normal 16oz sprayer works. Black and Gray T-Shirts are back in stock, plus a new Snap-Back Hat to gear up for Spring, and we finally got a new shipment of the much-requested Trunk Organizers back in stock too...sorry for the lead-time on these! Click Here to Shop Now!
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    This was posted to our Instagram a few days ago too. I have no further information at this time, other than it will be an extremely limited release again.
  12. Dan@Adams

    Adam's HQ Relocation

    And just FYI, I believe these are grand opening introductory pricing for a lot of the detailing services. Prices may increase in the next few months.
  13. Dan@Adams

    Adam's HQ Relocation

  14. Dan@Adams

    Spring Carlisle

    Dave has a very solid show support team for the Carlisle events, but stop by if you're ever at any of the Carlisle events and inquire directly. Thanks!
  15. Dan@Adams


    I will pass these along to the marketing team. I can't make any promises though!