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  1. Hmm, seems funny to join a forum, bump a thread that hasn't had a reply in 3 years, and then hyperlink to an outside web page. This is your first and only warning. If this continues, your account will be flagged as a spammer and banned.
  2. I'll talk to Chris about it to see if the latest forum update may have caused the issue. Thanks!
  3. As you may have noticed, our main website is currently offline for updates and maintenance. It went down yesterday afternoon for the upgrades, and was planned to be down for a few hours. I do not yet have an ETA of when it will be back up and running, but as soon as I find out anything this morning, I will update this post. Thank you for your patience!
  4. Warm weather is right around the corner, so that means time to start getting in gear with making your rides look the best they can! Each Spring sale, we try to introduce a few updates, new formulas, or new products to help make the detailing process easier and more effective - and this year is no different! On the chemical side, we've updated the Wheel Cleaner formula to have a less potent smell while also improving the thickness 25% to cling to the wheel surface even more. We have updated Barrel Brushes, similar to our old Wheel Woolies, but now with improved hand grips, longer length, and bendable brush portion. We've got an all-new All Purpose Cleaner with a heavy duty formula that is much stronger than our old APC formula. No worries, Eco Wheel Cleaner and Eco All Purpose Cleaner aren't going anywhere, as they still have specific purposes too. On the accessories side, we have quite a few new releases too - a new 4hp Air Cannon dryer, the MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon, a Fine Grade Clay Bar Refill, and a few new hose washing options like the Shut Off Valve, Drencher Hose Nozzle, and a new Fire Hose Nozzle. This sale is ending Saturday March 30th at Midnight, and you can use the code SPRING19 to take 15% off of your order total.* CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW and check out all of the new items!
  5. I'm sure by now you've noticed that over the weekend we did a relaunch of our Premium Ceramic Line to better differentiate the products and make them easier for our customers to understand which products will work best on ceramic coated vehicles. Our team has been hard at work on this launch to offer the best solutions, kits, and different size options at competitive prices. We've added a few new SiO2 Infused products to the line, an update to our previous Coating Prep, now called Surface Prep, and some new accessories to make the ceramic coating process easier as well. We have a whole new CERAMICS tab to the website now under SHOP. From this tab, there are multiple subsections - Prep, Ceramics, SiO2 Infused, Accessories, and Kits - for each specific category. For individual bottles, you can now pick individual bottle sizes that work best for you, ranging from 4oz to 64oz for some of the products from their respective drop-down boxes on their product page. Ceramic Paint, Wheel, and Trim Coating are still sold in 50ml bottles, but with the new labeling for the Premium Ceramic Line. I've been testing the Ceramic Waterless for quite a while now and I've been very impressed with its results! For St. Patrick's Day, we also launched a Mystery Box yesterday that ends tonight at midnight, which you can pick up HERE! This sale ends March 19th at Midnight, and you can use the code MARCH for 15% off.* Please note that Mystery Boxes and Ceramics are not eligible for discount. Free shipping is set to $75 for continental U.S. orders only. CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE PREMIUM CERAMIC LINE NOW!
  6. Stay safe good buddy! Tyler told me there's lots of ice everywhere!
  7. Update: our phone system is down now at HQ as well - lots of power outages from high winds and ice - so we're down to email and chat communications at the moment. Hopefully things will be back up and running normally in the morning!
  8. Colorado is getting hit with a pretty big storm system at the moment, so we closed HQ early today for employees to get home safely. We do still have a few of us answering calls and emails though for the remainder of the working hours today though if you need any assistance. USPS is running on limited staff and will not be picking up any orders today either, so we do apologize for any inconvenience and delay this may cause in getting any orders out. Respectfully, Dan@Adams
  9. Here's another great video short on the start of Adam's Polishes! Reminder: Sale ends tonight at midnight! CLICK HERE TO SHOP!
  10. Copied from the announcement on our Facebook Community: Friends and Customers of Adam’s Polishes- We recently learned of posts on social media raising concerns about potential credit card issues in connection with transactions on the Adam’s Polishes web site. We place huge value on our relationship with our customers, and we are writing this post in an effort to respond to those concerns. First let me clarify, Adam’s never stores or holds credit card information. When our customer types in a credit card number during the online purchasing process, the information is first encrypted in the browser before it is sent directly to our credit card company. Adam’s employees do not have access to credit card information at any point of the process. We take security and privacy very seriously and we have been working proactively and diligently to address any potential issue. When we learned of these concerns, we engaged expert security professionals to review the concerns raised by our customers, our security and our website. All of the scans have come up clean, and thus far we have not been able to identify any issues with our website or service providers. Adam’s is not trying to minimize or avoid the fact that people have and are experiencing credit card fraud. We are just trying to understand it and react to what is a very complex issue. At the end of the day if customers have an issue, we have an issue – we fully understand that. As part of our ongoing effort to improve service and security and in addition to our ongoing software upgrades, we are changing our server hosting provider this week as part of commitment to improving the customer experience and security. We appreciate your loyalty and hope you will be patient with us as we go through this difficult and time consuming process. Of course, if you have concerns about the Adam’s site, you can use Amazon, PayPal or contact your local dealer. If you do feel like you have had a security issue as a result of ordering through the Adam’s site, please contact us directly at IT@adamspolishes.com. We will update this post on Friday, March 15th with any new information. Thank you.
  11. Hi there, I'm terribly sorry about the issues you're having. Our Saturday work hours are from 9AM - 2PM Mountain Time, and we are closed on Sundays, so I do apologize if you were unable to get through to us today. I will be available on the phones starting at 9AM Monday morning if you could please give me a call at our 866-965-0400 number. We have a very small customer team of around 2-3 people on weekdays and one on Saturday, so we can and do get overwhelmed at times. I usually handle technical calls and emails, but I would be happy to help resolve issues with your foam gun and hex grip, and I can help to place the new order by phone as well. Please have an order number or your email address ready when you call so I can look up your account and help as quickly as possible. Respectfully, Dan@Adams
  12. Forget to add the link. Some really dirty cars trying for the Adam's gift.



  13. The vote starts today for the March 2019 Dirty Adam's SSOTM. I also told them that if you do not think you can win this month no problem because Adam's is having their 19th anniversary sale with 19% off. You might also want to make a post about it.


    Take care,


  14. Hi Dan, and welcome to the forum! For local pick-up orders, it's best if you give us a call at 866-965-0400 to place the order and then one of the customer service team can usually place it on hold in their office until you can come pick it up. Unfortunately I don't think we can enable that option too easily on the website, as once an order is placed online, it immediately goes into the shipping software.
  15. And some awesome insight behind these two products:
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