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  1. Hi Jeff, I'm not sure if we're going to release specific percentages for CS3, but it is a little higher than our normal Ceramic Waterless. I will speak to our chemist to see what all I can divulge and what is proprietary information.
  2. Hey everyone! We had a few students change their schedules, and we now have 3-5 open spots for our Shine Academy detailing class at Adam's Polishes Headquarters in Colorado, March 12th and 13th. Introductory pricing will expire after this class, so now would be a great time to sign up if you are interested. The two main topics covered in the Two-Day course focus on (but are not limited to) Machine Polishing/Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating. A light breakfast and lunch are provided both days, plus dinner the first evening with students, instructors, and Adam, as long as he is in town and not on travel. Gifts are provided at course completion, as well as authorization to purchase our Pro Ceramic Coating. All other expenses are the responsibility of the student - travel, airfare, hotel, etc. Serious inquiries only. For anyone interested, please comment below and you will be added to the list for myself or Chris (falcaineer) to contact you directly through PM with specific details on completing registration. First come, first serve. I will have a list of 5 slots below, and 5 standy. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! Respectfully, Dan@Adams Open Spots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Standby: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. Happy Veterans Day. On behalf of all of us at Adam's Polishes, thank you for your service and sacrifice!
  4. We typically state that our products have a 2-3 year shelf-life if stored in a room temperature environment. I have some bottles of Detail Spray that are 8+ years old now that still work fine, but as Michael mentioned, the polishes may not fair as well. The micro-abrasives may not do their job as effectively. Swirl & Haze Remover is 10 years old now, so it's most likely not going to work nearly as well as say our current Correcting Polish. For Corvettes specifically, C5 and C6 Corvettes that I've worked on (and that is a LOT), have hard clear coats that I will almost always need to use the Microfiber Cutting Pad and our Heavy Correcting Compound as my first polishing stage, and then I will step down to the Orange Foam Pad and Orange Correcting Polish. C7 Vettes do seem to have a more forgiving clear coat and I've corrected a few of those with just the orange/orange combo.
  5. Using Ceramic Spray Coating to aid in wiping off our Paint or Wheel Coating won't really add much more protection in that particular aspect, since you're just spraying a bit to make the flashed coating easier to wipe off (much like you can use Detail Spray to aid in removing Buttery Wax residue that may have hazed up a little too long); however, applying Ceramic Spray Coating after Paint or Wheel Coating have cured would add a little extra protection on top of the coating to help it to not wear down as fast, much like Ceramic Boost and Ceramic Paste/Liquid Wax do as well. For everyone else wondering about the video, here's a direct link to it! It's a very informative 10-minute video of our chemist Chris and Joe our Creative Director having a discussion on the process and science behind ceramic coatings, and specifically our Ceramic Spray Coating:
  6. You aren't misunderstanding at all! You're correct in that you can use a few light mists of Ceramic Spray Coating to aid in the removal of flashed Ceramic Paint Coating or Ceramic Wheel Coating. I've even used the Spray Coating to go back over a few high spots or streaks that I may have accidentally missed when applying Paint or Wheel Coating - these usually are most noticeable on a dark color paint like black, gray, navy blue, etc.
  7. Welcome aboard! What kind of vehicle do you own, or what have you been detailing to start out? There are a lot of great people here with a wealth of knowledge on our products and detailing in general 😎
  8. Welcome to the forum! When you applied the Paint Sealant, did you apply it indoors or outside? What was the temperature? Paint Sealant can be much more effort to remove if you are applying out in the sunlight, so I would recommend applying it in the shade or in the garage. Three drops on the gray foam pad should be enough to cover a door for example - apply it thin and light, with the polisher set to speed 1 or 2, as mc2hill mentioned. Do not use any downward pressure on the machine or pad when applying a sealant or wax. Simply let the weight of the machine apply the sealant evenly as you move the machine over the surface. Paint Sealant will require a little more effort to remove than something like Buttery Wax, but it shouldn't be too bad. Paint Sealant is the one product of ours that I like to let it haze up on the surface a little longer than our other waxes and coatings, at around 5-10 minutes in most cases. Then remove it with a Single Soft, Double Soft, or Borderless Gray Towel. I fold the towel into fourths and use one side to do the initial removal of the sealant residue, then flip the towel over and thoroughly wipe over the area again - sometimes the first pass with the towel will smear the product some, and then going back over the area with a clean side of the towel will get things looking perfect.
  9. Were the house painters using a spray paint system or were they applying with brushes and rollers? The reason I ask is that a few years back, my dad was spray painting a metal gas can red out in his driveway. When I got over there I noticed the can and that the garage door was open 20 feet away... Needless to say, my mom's brown metallic Buick Encore now had a wonderful red shimmer to the paint and windshield 😄 Two hours with Detail Spray and a Visco Clay Bar followed up by a few hours with orange Correcting Polish and Orange Foam Pads on the Cyclo Polisher had it looking perfect again without much effort. Then I topped it off with a layer of Paint Sealant!
  10. Completely understandable! The only soap of ours that would potentially weaken a ceramic coating over time would be Strip Wash, since it is a high pH, designed to remove waxes and sealants. Ceramic coatings are chemically resistant for the most part, and can only be removed by abrasion - whether from polishing or from over a hundred washes over time. I believe our chemists tested the paint coating to 170 washes before it began to wear away from what Kyle in Product Development had mentioned to me before. For great upkeep of a ceramic coating, I would recommend routine maintenance with Ceramic Boost about once every 1-2 months (or more frequently if you prefer - Adam uses Ceramic Boost on his wheels every wash!) or Ceramic Waterless is a great option too if you're looking to remove some dust or light dirt!
  11. That's a great question that I will have to pass onto the marketing team. I'll see what Kourtney says and report back if I have any updates! In the interim, if you give us a call at 866-965-0400 with the referral code to place an order, we might be able to help out with that.
  12. I certainly understand the frustrations Donald, and I do apologize! I'll try to clear some things up Indeed there are a lot of differing opinions on this forum - what products work best for someone in one environment may not work best for others in a different area of the country, i.e. temperature and humidity can play a big role in how easy or difficult some products are to apply or remove. As far as not many people responding to your specific questions in your thread, I am sorry about that, but sometimes people are busy and not on the forum as often as other times. Everyone on the forum as far as moderators are volunteers, with the exception of Kyle and myself (paid employees), and we do try to help as much as possible. Many of our soaps are fine for washing a ceramic coated vehicle. The standard blue Car Shampoo is great to do a straight wash with no protection. Wash & Wax might have a little less suds, but still does awesome at cleaning while offering a bit of extra protection onto the surface. As others mentioned, Wash & Wax does have some SiO2 infused in it, so it's technically a "Wash & Ceramic Additive" product; however, back when we released it just over 3 years ago, none of our ceramic products had been released yet, and we decided that "Wash & Wax" was a much more recognizable name for most customers. Me personally, I use our blue Car Shampoo, Ultra Foam, and Mega Foam the most on my vehicles. The ID that shows up under each username is determined and updated by how many posts you have made, i.e. new members with few posts will show "Newbie", people with more posts will show "Advanced", then "Master AF (AdamsForums) Detailer", etc. A few members will show "Founding Member", as they've been around since the beginning of the forum. There is an option to put custom text under your name as well through the user Control Panel. I will have to talk with Gerry to see if we can change the ID categories to eliminate some confusion. A diagram of chart for the various product families is a great idea. I will see if we can get something in the works, but in the meantime, we do have all ceramic products in their own subsection at the top of adamspolishes.com, under CERAMICS, which then breaks down into Prep, SiO2 Infused, Accessories, Kits, and Ceramic products themselves.
  13. Unfortunately we have never offered microfiber towels made in the USA, because there are no manufacturers of microfiber here. Some of our older towels that may have had a cardboard stock card on the towel bag may have had a small US Flag logo, but would not have stated Made in the USA like all of our chemicals do. The last time I looked into it, the only two countries manufacturing microfiber towels were China and Korea. We source the best microfiber towels that we can find from Korea, since we started offering them many years back. All of our polishing towels are also the higher quality 70/30 blend vs an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide. I do understand the frustration with the vacuum. I agree that it would be much more versatile with wheels on it, and if the diameter of the vacuum was 1" narrower it would be perfect for the Bucket Caddy. I will pass along these suggestions to the Product Development Team. My Barrel Vacuum showed up with a very slight bend in the lid portion too, but I did hear the delivery person slam the box down onto my porch I will suggest to see if we could have them shipped in a slightly larger box with more foam material as well. I was able to carefully bend the lid back on mine and it operates with no issues, but if you are experiencing any problems or are not satisfied with yours, please let us know and we will make things right!
  14. Hi Pete, I do apologize about that. We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours on weekdays, sometimes it can take longer on weekends or during busy sales and show events. Which email address did you contact us through? Was it orders@adamspolishes.com or to someone direct? It's possible that your emails could be blocked by our filters, but I doubt that is the problem. If you would like, you can PM directly on here. I usually handle more of the technical related questions, but I would be happy to assist with any matters. As for products that you feel may lack in quality, we try to offer products that are being requested by customers, including new chemicals and updated formulas, as well as detailing accessories, and apparel. Some accessories are very high quality with high price tags, and then we receive feedback that prices are too high. Other accessories, we try to bring in at a more wallet-friendly price point, but may have slightly lower quality - the foam guns are a perfect example of this. It's a balancing act that the Marketing Team works through on a daily basis. If there are any products that you have purchased that you are not completely satisfied, we can initiate a return authorization on them no problem. Again I am sorry if your emails fell through the cracks, but we will help out however we can. Respectfully, Dan@Adams
  15. Right now we have gift cards disabled on the website, but I would say it's a safe bet we will have them back next month for the holiday season. We can do electronic gift cards by phone though if you give us a call, as Chris mentioned. We'll be on the phones today until 5:30PM MST
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