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  1. Our Creative Director Joe uploaded a new video series late Sunday night, and you may have noticed it already. If not, we're calling this one the "Lost Video Series." We shot these videos just over a year ago in April 2019 in Florida, to coincide with all of the sections of our website, but then shortly after we did a complete upgrade to the entire website...oops. This reason and other projects put these videos on hold, but Joe and his team had some time to finish editing them to finally publish them! Joe is unlocking a new video each day this week, and in addition to Adam, you will see some familiar faces to this forum like @BRZN, @Sizzle Chest, @Calvin A, our friend Kyle, and myself. This was a very fun series to shoot, and we hope you enjoy it and learn some new things too! Here is the intro video. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to like the videos if you enjoyed them, and subscribe to our channel:
  2. A friend and I did a longevity test on his VW Golf TDI last summer using Ceramic Liquid Wax. We washed, clayed, and then did a one-step machine polish on the surface using our older Orange Foam Pad and orange Correcting Polish. We then used Surface Prep and applied the Ceramic Liquid Wax on July 2nd. He commutes 40 minutes and works at a lock and dam - a harsh driving environment. We specifically did zero maintenance on the vehicle after applying the Ceramic Liquid Wax other than basic washing, to test its' durability. It began to show signs of reduced performance and water beading in October, so we got about 4 months out of one application in some very real-world driving conditions. The vehicle is parked outside every night as well. If we would have maintained it with Ceramic Boost once a month, my thinking is that it would have made it another 2 months into the middle of winter. With our Paint Sealant, I usually see 6-12 months out of it on my parents' vehicles, but they are garaged and are not driven nearly as much now that they are both retired. I will say that to me, Ceramic Liquid Wax is incredibly easy to apply and remove, and quite fun to work with. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite products for quick and durable protection and shine!
  3. We are sad to report that the biggest event of the year that we attend, Hot August Nights, has been postponed for 2020. While the news is unfortunate to hear, we completely understand and respect their decision to postpone this very large event until 2021. Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing all of our friends in Reno next year! Full Announcement and Video on Their Website Here
  4. Riots and protests do not affect our processing speed, but we did receive a very large amount of orders for the Buy a Gallon Get a 16oz Free and Memorial Day Promotions. Shipping times are longer than normal once the orders leave our facility though, as all of the major shippers have new policies and guidelines to follow for Covid-19, and online purchases have been very high in all shopping categories. One post I read on our facebook community from a mail person said they have been running at Thanksgiving and Holiday season pace for the last 2 months straight, and they can't hire many people because they don't have time to train them or practice social distancing to train them in a delivery vehicle.
  5. It may have been accidentally listed on Amazon early. I think it is planned for a launch within a few months, but I could be wrong.
  6. Dan@Adams


    Yep, the full ceramic products (Ceramic Coating Wax, Ceramic Spray Coating, UV Ceramic Paint Coating, UV Ceramic Spray Coating, UV Ceramic Wheel Coating, and UV Leather & Vinyl Coating) should not be smelled; however the SiO2 infused products like Ceramic Boost, CS3, Ceramic Waterless, and Ceramic Liquid Wax all smell great!
  7. I'm sure some of you may have watched the NASCAR Cup Series Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway on TV yesterday, and saw the big Adam's Polishes "A-logo" displayed on Alex Bowman's #88 Chevy Camaro from Hendrick Motorsports! It amazes me how much this company has grown to see something like this, and I am very proud to be part of it! Unfortunately he had a DNF due to being involved in a multi-car pile up, but all drivers involved are ok! We can't wait to see Alex back out on the track again. We also launched a new collaboration kit yesterday, available exclusively on ChevyGoods.com You can find the kit at the following link: Number 88 Camaro Car Care Kit by Adam's Polishes This kit must be picked up at your local participating Chevrolet dealership, as they do not offer shipping at this time. Discount codes also appear to be deactivated for this kit, but it's a very nice price at $58.00, as it is over $80 in retail value! Thanks for looking and keep on shining!
  8. I still need to do a little more compounding around the edges of the headlights, but I am going to ceramic coat them. I will recommend to the owner to have them professionally clear coated, but that will be up to him. I don't have a paint gun or paint booth to do things like that 😞 I did however prep the vehicle tonight with Surface Prep and then applied Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating onto all body panels. No in-process pictures of the application this time, since I wanted to get it done before 1:30AM, which I did. Here's a picture of it applied and curing though 🙂 Tomorrow night - interior cleaning, one more compounding step on the headlights, then coating the headlights and wheels. It should be ready for the owner by Thursday or Friday evening, and then I have another Holden next in line after this one!
  9. Yes it can be used on coated and non-coated vehicles, but that doesn't mean that you must buy it if you're already happy with other ceramic maintenance products like CS3, Wash + Coat, etc. This is another cool and effective option though 😎
  10. No, sorry this is essentially a spray-on and pressure-wash off ceramic sealant. We've been testing versions of this one for over a year.
  11. Not necessarily - they may only have a certain amount bottled up for now that may not sell as quickly on Amazon. Lots of factors at play above my pay grade 🙂
  12. It's actually available for purchase on Amazon as of a few days ago, so I would say hopefully within the next few weeks on the website. The Amazon channel sometimes gets early product launches, like this and a few others. The marketing team has not given me a definite date though, and we usually do not preview releases on social media until a few days before launch.
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