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  1. Yep, what Chris said ^^^ Wash the area or panel first to ensure it is free of all dust or dirt. Use a soap with no shine or protective additives - blue Car Shampoo or Mega Foam would be my recommendations. Is the stain on the Corvette or the Equinox? At 3-4 months of application, it may still be very durable on the Corvette since you seldom drive it, but it is most likely wearing away some on the Equinox since it is driven more often. Polishing through the coating may not be too difficult on either. If you have our old Orange Foam Pad and orange Correcting Polish or the even old
  2. What I highlighted in bold could also potentially be a large factor in the coating bonding and curing properly. We strongly suggest applying ceramic coatings indoors in a garage, where temperature, humidity, and moisture can be controlled better. Those all play a factor in how a coating flashes, bonds, and cures. Your water beads in the last picture look pretty good to me! Keep in mind that yes, the Graphene Ceramic Coating will have a higher contact angle, but that does not necessarily mean that every water bead will fall off of the vehicle, especially if there is dust or dirt on the surfa
  3. @07stanggt are you having issues with our first 8oz/12oz sprayer design - the all black sprayer with the left-right locking tab? Or are the problems with the current 8oz/12oz sprayer with the removable red plastic circle trigger lock? The current ones with the red plastic trigger lock have been working much better for me. Ceramic Spray Coating and Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating will crystallize at the end of the spray nozzle after use, so I usually take my fingernail or a needle to break away the hardened ceramic and then they will work fine for me again. Just make sure not to try to pull the
  4. The current 16oz sprayers with the rotating head assembly and shorter pick up tube are due to a worldwide shortage on sprayers. We should eventually get back to the normal 16oz sprayers with the longer pick up tube and fixed sprayer head. It is a matter of that was all that we could source at the time.
  5. That's definitely the one in the picture with some editing to the photo most likely to bring out the color and shadowing more. If you notice, the sleeves are light tan. I still think it looks great 👍
  6. Hi Andy, and welcome to the forum, I do apologize that no one got back to you on this thread, I'm just seeing it now! Do you have any pictures of these white dots showing up? Are they on paint, glass, textured plastics, or all areas? Make sure to always shake up the Ceramic Boost bottle thoroughly before every use to mix all of the chemicals back together. You could also try to clean out the spray nozzle in a bottle of water only - it's possible that some of the chemical dried up in the spray, which is then going onto the surface of the vehicle. Spray water through the nozzle until only cl
  7. I absolutely love the designs the team came up with this year! Great job! My wallet was saying mean things to me an hour ago 😆
  8. There's a crewneck sweatshirt and hoodie available 👍 https://adamspolishes.com/collections/new-just-in/products/adams-tan-fall-crewneck https://adamspolishes.com/collections/new-just-in/products/adams-navy-fall-hoodie
  9. To add to what Chris said, you could certainly put a layer of Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating on top of your existing coating to sort of refresh and re-up the coating; however, you will want to do a very thorough wash and Surface Prep at a minimum before applying the Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating. It's also important to note that it will not last as long on the surface since it is trying to bond to an already cured layer of ceramic coating, rather than bare clear coat. You could then maintain with Graphene Detail Spray. To reduce some of the confusion, here are some general combinations fo
  10. Ouch, sorry about that Ray! As a warning, I would be hesitant to use Tire & Rubber Cleaner on powder coated running boards as well - it's good to hear that it works well for you, but it is intended for rubber and textured exterior plastics. Some powder coating is much more durable than others, so I'll usually just use Car Shampoo and water, or I'll go to Eco All Purpose Cleaner if I need a little more aggressive cleaning. Revive Hand Polish should hopefully bring those back if you have any, but it may take an application or two. Again, sorry for the frustration there
  11. Hi there, there are some great suggestions in here! As far as finding our products, yes we're mainly an online-based retailer; however, many Chevrolet dealerships now carry some of our product line, including a Waterless Wash Kit with the 16oz bottle and Waterless Wash Towels if you would like to try it out before grabbing the gallon. Waterless Wash is without question one of the products I use the most. It's great for removing dust and light dirt, cleaning up an engine bay, door jambs, and I use it as a drying aid after a full wash sometimes too! I like that it's ready-to-use - no diluting
  12. What Dave said ^^^^. Plastics from different manufacturers can react differently, especially depending on the prep work that was involved to remove any previous dressings and so on. Some customers have been experiencing a small amount of white chalky appearance on certain trims if you do not level and wipe it away, so I agree with Dave in that you should level and wipe any of our coatings on plastic trim just to be safe.
  13. Exciting news! The #88 Alex Bowman Chevy Goods Bag Kit is back in stock, and we have two new #88 Alex Bowman Collectible NASCAR Die-Casts up on the site now too! Previously only available at participating Chevrolet Dealerships, we now have this collectible Chevy Goods Alex Bowman Bag Kit available on our website too! It comes with 3 of our key chemicals with custom bottle labels - Detail Spray, Interior Detailer, and Tire Shine, along with a Single Soft Towel, Two Edgeless Utility Towels, and Two Tire Block Applicators, plus the collectible bag with the 88 and Hendrick Motorsports logos:
  14. The Guz nailed it ^^^^. If you clay the glass, I would recommend using Glass Cleaner as the clay lubricant, rather than Detail Spray. For the exterior trim, yep I would use the Trim Cleaner on black plastic trim, clean it at least twice. Then I would go back over it again with Surface Prep two times, to make sure that it is 100% clean. With textured plastic, once you apply the coating, it cannot really be removed, so you must have it as clean as possible first. You MUST also level and wipe away the coating from plastic trim to ensure that it does not leave any type of white residue aft
  15. Hi Joey, and welcome to the forum! Our ceramic coating offerings, and now our graphene coating offerings can have a little bit more tension to the feel of the paint than something like a sealant or wax, since once they cure and bond to the paint, it is leaving a microscopic "glass" layer on the surface. This is why we say to maintain the coatings about once or twice month with something like Ceramic Boost, CS3, or the new Graphene Detail Spray, as the spray products will bring back that super slick feel onto the surface of the coating. Sometimes even just a wash with Mega Foam or W
  16. Love that color, and love me a clean Camaro!
  17. As Dave has mentioned, I don't use Brilliant Glaze on aftermarket tint, only if I need to remove some really stubborn grease, animal saliva, etc in a spot or two. I never apply it to the edge of the window where the tint film ends for the very reason Dave mentions - I do not want it to weaken the adhesive at the edge. Essentially I treat window tint just like vinyl graphics, pinstripes, and racing stripes on paint, I stay away from the edges on those too! One mist of our green Glass Cleaner with a clean Green Glass Towel is usually enough to get a tinted window looking great. The other pote
  18. It does have some alcohol in it (to prevent freezing), so it could potentially weaken Glass Sealant over time and repeated use; however, it does have its own polymer protection, so it will enhance the Glass Sealant already on the windshield surface. No it should not stain paint. As with any type of windshield washer fluid, there is potential for streaking if you are driving quickly and would spray it to then have it roll up onto the roof.
  19. Hey everyone! Many of you have been asking for this for many years - introducing Adam's All-Season Windshield Washer Fluid! This 3-in-1 formula quickly removes bugs and dirt, melts ice, and has increased water repellency from hydrophobic polymers. It resists freezing in temperatures as low as -25°F. Adam's All-Season Windshield Washer Fluid will not streak, smear, or build-up. It's competitively priced at $6.99 per gallon before discounts and is available now; however it is restricted from sale in California and Texas. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NEW PRODUCTS NOW! Thanks for lo
  20. Yep! That would be a perfect order of operations
  21. Since it is a polish, it would at least weaken any wax or sealant protection, if not remove it entirely.
  22. It's at the $19.99 price point compared to $24.99 for the 16oz bottle. VRT and H2O Guard & Gloss are $19.99 at the 16oz size, and those are the most expensive of the free bottles for this promotion 👍
  23. 1) Like galaxy said, I would still keep Brilliant Glaze around to help with any high spots during application of the coating, and then it can be used on your exterior and interior glass to cut through film on the windshield too. You DO NOT want to put Brilliant Glaze down before the Graphene Ceramic Coating (if you are used to applying Brilliant Glaze before Paint Sealant in your current regiment). Graphene Ceramic Coating must be applied to the bare, polished clear coat surface to bond correctly. 2) Graphene Detail Spray and CS3 would be my preferred maintenance products now for a Graphene
  24. Yep, to add to what Rich said, our UV Ceramic Wheel Coating is 9H as well, and the new Graphene Ceramic Coating is rated at greater than 9H.
  25. Hi John, great questions! Graphene Detail Spray can be used as a drying aid or after a wash, but like with any protection product, there is a possibility of build-up if you are using it heavily and frequently. Once a week or bi-weekly should be fine, but you may want to make a fresh surface a few times per year with something like Surface Prep or a light dilution of Strip Wash 👍
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