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  1. And finally, I like to have a little fun with the car in between detail sessions Thanks for looking. I owe all of these great shots to Adam's!
  2. At a wind farm near Somerset, PA, after we went to the Flight 93 Memorial. The GTO was grumpy about driving up a dirt road, but the pictures speak for themselves in my opinion.
  3. I have a feeling you'll like it even more in a few weeks The Wilwoods sure stop the car well, but I'm getting a slight vibration when braking from 65mph+. I think it's more due to the aggressive alignment I have on the car. More pics! StarLite GTO Night 2010 in Wexford, PA PA Mountain Cruise Fall 2010: Good shot of the new Maverick Man Carbon Fiber rear diffuser...and a pretty sweet reflection of another GTO too!
  4. Heading to the big Cabela's car show last summer, met up with thedak and the rest of the PGH crew along the way. I'm especially proud of this, my first big trophy win for the car, Best Overall Pontiac...at a show with over 1,200 registered vehicles for judging from all makes and models! Summit Racing Buick/Pontiac/Oldsmobile Show 2010. My car got one of the "Top 15" trophies at the show and was the only car newer than 1996 to win a trophy...and I drove it 4 hours to the show! Two trophies in one weekend. Woodward Dream Cruise 2010. It rained so the car was a little dirty, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some pictures at Woodward.
  5. I've been a member on this forum for a while, but I never really have much time to post up here. I'm hoping to change that from now on. Anyway I thought I would share pictures from throughout 2010. I use exclusively Adam's products on the car. Can't wait for Spring to actually get here so I can start driving the car again. Let me know what you think, thanks Pontiac Nationals, August 7th, 2010: Nice shot of the Wilwoods More to come...
  6. I'm not trying to start a fight, but to all the guys in here doubting thedak, I can honestly say his GTO is the cleanest new generation GTO that I've ever seen, probably in the entire country. The paint is not swirled. I've helped work on the car several times, and I always give it a good stare down at every car show, trying to find a hint of a scratch or any swirls. He had some fine marks one time last year from taking the car cover on and off that he took care of with my Porter Cable and some Fine Machine Polish. -Dan
  7. I figured as much. I was very impressed with the display last year!
  8. I'm getting quite excited for this event. Seems like it gets bigger and better each year! I had a nice discussion with my bank account earlier today, and I informed it to be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars at this event. I need to stock up on supplies again and there's a few new products I need to try out, mainly the new Brilliant Glaze, In and Out Spray, and Super VRT. Is it safe to assume you will have these products in your excellent showroom display? Thanks, Dan
  9. Count me in! Had a fantastic time the last two years. Hopefully I'll have my latest round of mods on the blue car before this event
  10. Thanks man, I'm not done yet If you make it to Carlisle this summer, you should see a bunch more changes to it by then
  11. It sure was. I attempted a full paint correction a few weeks ago, and I feel I got it to about 85% or so. I had some issues with the trunk lid and roof especially, and AJ gave me some great tips on how to make it look even better I know I can't get it perfect, thanks to the less than stellar clearcoat from Australia combined with some acid rain etching, but I think I can get the finish to about 90 or 95% perfect from what he and Adam showed me today.
  12. Hi, my name's Dan. I've been using Adam's products for over a year now, first attending the Grabiak detail clinic last year and attending it again earlier today. I've finally found this forum so I thought I would post up and show off my rides a little I have a 2006 Pontiac GTO as my Autocross/Car Show toy and a 2008 Trailblazer SS as my daily driver The goat is my pride and joy and has a few things done to it...lol, and I actually bought the TBSS off of my neighbor since I needed a good, reliable daily driver, and he wanted to buy a 2010 Camaro SS RS. The TBSS is showroom stock other than tint...for now. Enough with the typing, here's some pics of each. The big, blue cone killer... And the daily driver SUV that is ridiculously fun... Thanks for this great company, products, website, and community! I look forward to learning a lot here
  13. Sweet ride! AWD or RWD? I'm sure you will love it. I've had mine for about 9 months now and it still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it I wish I could've got a white one like yours or even silver, but they were real hard to find.
  14. Had a blast today! I learned quite a few new detailing tips to help make my detailing process go more quickly. When Adam was demonstrating on the Corvette, some of the little pointers he gave, I was thinking to myself, "now why didn't I think of that!?! Duh!" Big thanks to Grabiak for the awesome event, Adam for helping out at least part of the paint on my friend Matt's poor Phantom Black GTO (I'm going to try to get him to join up here), and to Junkman for taking the time to show me how much better I can get the paint looking on my impulse blue Goat, even though I had already attempted a paint correction a few weeks ago with the Porter Cable, Swirl & Haze Remover, Fine Machine Polish, and Americana. My wallet took a dent today, as I needed to stock back up on a lot of stuff and I now have a few people at my office asking me to detail their cars after seeing mine, but I am more than willing to pay for quality products to keep the GTO and my TBSS looking fantastic Here's to hoping the Adam's crew makes it to the All GM Nats at Carlisle this summer! If you have a chance, come hang out with the G.O.N.E. (GTO Owners of the Northeast) Crew...we took Club of the Year last year...and particularly the PGH GTO Crew...we'll provide the beer for beer pong late at night on the car show grounds...lol. Edit: Nice meeting you Ray, very nice G8 you have there!
  15. I'll be bringing the goat...it's my toy and the TBSS is my daily driver Plus, I need to get more miles on this new Wilwood BBK. The only problem is that I'm driving home from Syracuse today at 2pm, and it's a 7+ hour drive. So I may not have time to clean up the GTO before tomorrow morning.
  16. Just joined the forum but I've been using Adam's products for over a year now. I will make a proper introduction post in the new members section, but I have a 2006 Impulse Blue GTO and a 2008 Black Trailblazer SS that both love a coat of Americana I attended the detail clinic at Grabiak last year and it was a great time, so this is my RSVP that I will be attending the clinic on Saturday this year too! Thanks, Dan Tyger
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