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  1. Looks like you're a big GM and Pontiac fan, which I'm totally ok with! Lol. Very nice rides! I wanted a silver TBSS back when I bought mine but I simply could not pass up the deal on the black one I got.
  2. White Diamond Tricoat is such a beautiful color. The pearls look amazing in person, I love it on my GS. Very nice ride Robert!
  3. What a stunning automobile! Great job as usual!
  4. I don't want to speak for Andrew - and I am not a professional detailer with my own business - but I guess my thought is that he shouldn't really thank the customer for ruining all of his hard detailing work for someone that doesn't take care of the vehicle like that after the fact...say he's at a car show/meet/cruise/cars 'n coffee/whatever with a very popular and awesome car like that Viper ACR, and someone comes up and comments something like "Hey! I know someone that can professionally detail all of those swirls out of your paint if you're interested..." and then the customer says "Oh, I already had it detailed by <name here> a few weeks ago..." Word could spread fast of his "poor" work and could actually hurt getting future customers. There's a thought/statement that I read several years ago that I completely agree with: If you go onto almost any forum...this one doesn't count - cars, electronics, whatever - if you look around, the majority of threads are started to complain about a car/product/service. It isn't very often that you actually read about people praising a product on most forums, because they go onto forums to complain about their issues and hopefully find a solution Negative publicity seems to spread faster and be remembered longer than positive comments. Just think of something like car recalls. Manufacturers are always getting negative press for having 600,000 cars recalled here or 2 million cars recalled there, but how many hundreds of millions of cars are out there not causing problems every day - those numbers don't get reported nearly as often. I know there are vehicles that I've spent 20+ hours detailing that I see a few weeks or two months later out in town, and they're already trashed again. They go to the bottom of my schedule if they want the vehicle done again, or sometimes I just tell them "sorry I have too many other cars to do right now", because I would rather have customers that appreciate and maintain that work and bring me other customers with that same appreciation since I detail as a hobby and to have fun. To a lesser degree, I've also found that the people that don't care for the car afterward are also the people that want to pay as little money as possible in the first place, i.e. I quote them say a modest $250 for 25+ hours of work doing a full exterior wash>clay>polish>seal>wax, interior, engine bay, etc. and they say "you can't do that for $100?" Maybe I have the wrong attitude about it, but it does get very frustrating sometimes at having your work destroyed, just like Andrew mentioned above. Ok, I'll step off my soapbox now
  5. To go along with what some others recommended with trying out the orange Paint Correcting Polish, Adam's is designed to be a 2-stage polishing system, with color coded polishing pads. For the deeper swirls and scratches, you would want to start out with the orange microfiber polishing pads as mentioned, then step down to the orange foam pad. With a Porter Cable, it may take several passes, or it may simply just not have enough correcting power to get your car back to perfect, where a polisher like the Flex might get it there. After the Paint Correcting Polish, most like to follow it up with the white Paint Finishing Polish, with the matching white polishing pads. In some cases and on some types of clearcoats, I have been able to achieve near perfect results with just the orange Paint Correcting Polish, but that might not always be the case. From what I recall, C6 Corvettes have a very hard clearcoat, so that might be why you are having difficulties in getting out some of those last annoying scratches. My black TBSS was the same way, it had a very hard clearcoat that was always a challenge. The most difficult car by far that I've corrected was a Nissan GTR...there's even a warning sticker under the hood that the car has a very hard special clearcoat! For a quick summary: - Adam's Orange polishing pads are cutting pads for use with the Paint Correcting Polish - Adam's White polishing pads are finishing pads for use with the Paint Finishing Polish I recommended this exact kit to a friend of mine a few weeks back for a truck he just repainted. He was blown away with the results using his rotary polisher. There is a good video at this link explaining everything too. http://adamspolishes.com/shop/kits/4-polishing-kits/adam-s-7-pad-polish-kit.html Lastly, this is just my personal opinion, but I would not recommend light wet sanding if you are new to machine polishing with just the Porter Cable like you mentioned in your original post. You can cause some serious damage real quick with wet sanding, and I would guess that your car still being a relatively new 2008 won't need it. Last year I bought a 2002 Sonoma off of my dad. It was his work truck for 11 years and the finish was probably the worst vehicle I've ever worked on as far as heavy swirls since he only ever washed it with just a bucket of water and a sponge. With the kit above and a Flex polisher, I took the paint from this: To this, with just two passes of Paint Correcting Polish: It's still not perfect in that picture, but I kept working the panel until I got the results I wanted. Some spots of the truck, it was absolutely necessary to wet sand, but those were mostly areas where he blobbed touch-up paint all over and I wanted to smooth it down. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope it helps.
  6. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful photos Adam's Team! Wow that GMC Syclone looks great. My favorite truck of all time and the inspiration for the Sonoma I built. I'll own one some day...
  7. I picked up this Keter cabinet at Home Depot a few months back. It's a resin plastic with reinforced metal shelves that can hold 100 pounds each. It's not exactly the same quality as say a Kobalt or Gladiator cabinet, but at $170 it's half the price and still looks nice and does what I need it to do.
  8. Outstanding! Adam's will make sure it keeps looking that perfect for a long time to come
  9. I bumped up my rate to $15/hr in 2014 instead of the $12 I was charging, now that I'm doing a lot more vehicles and people realize my quality of work. I can spend upwards of 15-20 hours on a full exterior paint correction/interior/engine bay/trunk on trucks and suv's. I still feel like I'm not charging enough, but it keeps customers coming back and getting new referrals.
  10. I've told you before bud, you're welcome to try out my Cyclo any time you want, stop over It seriously feels lighter than the Flex when using it, and obviously much easier to control due to the balance.
  11. Sweet! Looks great. Sooner or later, i.e. once I stop being lazy, I'm going to send my GTO steering wheel out to Redline to have them wrap it in Alcantara with blue stitching
  12. Mike, I'm not sure if I can put up a link, but since you already have the cart and you're just looking for a second bottle holder, Amazon appears to have 10 in stock that look like they fit the old Adam's cart. I was thinking of picking up a second one too. $35 and some change. Edit: Steve at Furious Shine looks like he has the bottle holders for an even better price ($24.99), and he's an Authorized Dealer. I would rather give hard-earned money to him than Amazon http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/25894-detailing-cart/?p=413577 http://www.furiousshine.com/Accessories/
  13. Happy New Year everyone! I had no plans, so this is how I spent my New Year's Eve - full paint correction with PCP and PFP with the Cyclo and BG with the Flex to the bed lid on my lil' blue racetruck. I took a break to watch the ball drop, time to go finish the night with a layer of LPS.
  14. Sorry, I don't have too much experience with ragtops, but I will say that SVRT did a very nice job of bringing the black color back to a very faded gray tonneau cover on a truck I worked on last winter. A diluted APC solution might be safe to try on it to get the sap smears out, but I would let some others chime in first.
  15. Very cool DvK! I noticed the consolidation a few minutes ago, and I agree that it makes navigation easier and faster. The "best answer" feature is a great idea that I can't say I've ever seen on any other forum I peruse.
  16. Ah ok, sounds like you did the right steps. I wasn't sure how familiar you were with the whole paint correcting process. If the scratches don't come out after several passes with the Cyclo and Paint Correcting Polish with the orange microfiber pads, then you unfortunately might have to step up to something like wet sanding it with the proper wet sanding paper, but that obviously isn't for the beginner since you could do even more damage to the finish if you sand down through all of the clearcoat. I would never try to dry sand a two-stage clearcoat finish. Have you talked to the salesman about the damage he caused? I would be quite upset and expect him to at least pay for some of the cost to have the hood professionally fixed, just my opinion. Sorry you have to deal with this
  17. Outstanding color and depth in that paint! Great job. Do you have any pictures of the '96? I'm a sucker for any Corvette
  18. Hi Philip! To more fully understand, when you say you used Adam's Paint Conditioner, which product do you mean exactly? Clay bar and Detail Spray? Revive Hand Polish? Paint Correcting Polish and Paint Finishing Polish with a machine polisher? Since you say it's very scratched, you will most likely need to do paint correcting with a machine polisher and the appropriate polishes and polishing pads. Edit: Can you post any pictures of the affected area(s)?
  19. I go away from browsing this thread for a day or two and there's all this talk of stripper scent, haha. I was chatting with my friend Bobby (2013expressram) that I was jokingly going to suggest it, because one of my coworkers used to always show up to work wreaking of their stenchsmell...but I know Adam's isn't that type of company, and I commend them for it and for having values. I've never even personally been to one of those establishments...just not my thing...but I had no idea a company actually made that scent. Haha. My votes: - Patriot Wax Vanilla - Pina Colada - Swedish Fish - Leather - Liquid Paint Sealant Black Licorice
  20. Yep, totally agree Andrew! Outstanding shots. I'm finding that the new Paint Correcting Polish works so good, I don't always need to go to the Paint Finishing Polish, which means faster turnaround time for vehicles I detail I still use Paint Finishing Polish on my cars and if I'm detailing someone else's show car though for that little extra perfection
  21. Chris, I'm thinking he's referring to a different brand all-in-one polish. I will let Dylan chime in for a better answer, as I don't have much experience with All-in-One polishes, but I would say if the surface is heavily swirled and you are using Adam's polishing pads, then you would still probably want an orange microfiber or orange foam pad for their correcting capabilities. Granted, it's not designed to be an AIO, but I've been able to do a one-step polish using the orange pads with Paint Correcting Polish on a few cars that I've detailed...it all depends on how soft the clearcoat is for me. If the surface isn't too bad, then use the white polishing pads. You always want to try the least aggressive pads and polish to start with in a test spot, then determine if you will need to go with a more aggressive pad and polish solution. One other factor to consider, which polisher are you using? 7424xp, Flex, Cyclo, other?
  22. Those to me look like they will need to be polished again with MP #1 and MP #2, and followed up with some Quick Sealant. I haven't had any vehicles come my way with wheels in that kind of shape, but I would think they should clean up. Here's a quick example of what MP #1 and MP #2 can do with some #0000 steel wool assisting, when I began polishing the brake lines on my GTO:
  23. Phil, check out the thread I linked below for info on shelf life and other storage tips Looks like Dylan's rule of thumb is "As a general rule try to never buy more of any one product than you can see yourself reasonably using in 1-2 years time." http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/17083-faq-do-the-products-have-a-shelf-life/
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