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  1. I do have a couple Adam's Catalogs, Volume 1 left. I put them up on our site.
  2. I also found an old label (New Formula) bottle of 16oz Car Shampoo (blue), if anyone's interested.
  3. FYI, I found 2 bottles of 4oz Detail Spray, old label last night. I put one FREE with an item on our site.
  4. Most automotive interior shops are men who sew. No insult there. Also, I was digging through my inventory last night and found 2 Adam's aprons brand new. I think I'll put one on my site. Most likely FREE with a purchase of another product!
  5. Thank you tlbullet for the plug! Yes, we have some old label products in stock. The contact number I post is my cell, so text is best. email works too: eric@thompsonracing.us. I try to keep our site up to date with inventory, but we do have some in-store sales that I have to update the site manually for. We love Adam's, but have so much going on, we just don't have much time to hit the shows up anymore! We used to have some crazy detail clinics, thanks to Adam and crew! We usually offer Free Shipping over a certain amount. We don't ship enough to get rates like Adam's, Amazon, etc. If you can give us a big enough order, we'll help you out! For smaller orders, I put in our FedEx account into our website and all products have an estimated weight. We don't charge for handling, so the price you get is what FedEx charges us. A few people inquired about my banners, tents and table cloths. I don't plan on selling them at the moment, but I do have some older DVDs and the Vol 1 Catalogue left. I do have a two sticker set of the old Adam's logo. they are 36"x15" each. I put them free with purchase of the 5 Gal Glass Cleaner. I have a couple Adam's hats and a couple 16oz Detail Spray demo bottles. I'll put them up free with other products soon.
  6. Revive Polish is one of the best products, but people don't appreciate it! We use it at the shop all the time. Great for a quick job by hand, or use it with a small polisher, like the Porter Cable. I've always used a black or white pad on the polisher. Speed setting depends on polisher being used. Focus pads and drill even work. Revive works well to clean, as well as polish. I always start with Revive when cleaning up headlights.
  7. I have a few cans of Americana, small and large. All of the cans do this, however, after years of use, both personal and demo, the wax still works great! If your wax cracks, you can warm up the can in hot water and the wax will reshape to the can.
  8. Looks like you have plenty of space in your garage, I'd wash it inside. At my house, I did my floors in epoxy so I wash my cars in the middle bay, then squeegie the water out at the end. Your concrete looks in good shape and you could probably do the same.
  9. I have a couple 16oz bottles of old shampoo left, on clearance. I still use and and love it. I have customers who still are too scared to update! Both red and blue smell great!
  10. First off, welcome! Next, where are you located? While it is a great opportunity for flexible side work, there are a lot of risks involved, you need to consider. I agree, you need to get really good at paint correction and detailing. Practice on multiple cars, as paints are different per auto manufacturer; some hard, some soft, some have really thin clear coat. Also, you need to be comfortable working on a range of interior materials, leather, cloth, suede, etc. If you damage someone's paint, or stain a leather seat, you're looking at thousands of dollars to repair and replace. You might be working all summer just to pay off one mistake. Start local and start small. If you can, work on family and friends' cars, then branch out to neighbors. Start with wash, clay and wax. Get a real handle on the basics before taking on a full paint correction. This will limit risk, as well as build a feel for your ability to budget time and establish prices. Once you get established, the internet is the best place to market. I work with a lot of local detailers and they gain 90% of their business from Facebook, Tweeter, etc. Good luck Matt!
  11. The black one in your picture looks like the one made by Braun. Is it? If so, they are a great brush! The Short Wheel Brush is a great brush too, but not Boar's Hair and I wouldn't use it on my paint, nor wheels. Boar's Hair Brush
  12. I have old Machine Super Wax in Stock on our site for a steal! If there's anything you want to trade in, email me. eric@thompsonracing.us
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