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  1. i also ADORE it. a MAINSTAY in the (large) aresenal.
  2. So in Love with the Scat Pack, MORE in love with what Adam's does to it. my new fave.... SLICK AND SLIDE as the final topcoat. (and of course other, obvious components to "get here")... man oh man. :)
  3. THANKS!!!!! not the best pic, but it was something. and still is! next purchase is the GALLON!
  4. ITS AMAZING! great results last weekend, sorry - i shoulda posted! incredible! DEF my new fave product. Hands down. KEEP IT UP GUYS!
  5. I swear by the odor neutralizer. And I keep a mini one in my console for myself. Plus, the cleaning and wipe-down of interior surfaces leaves behind nice (Adams) scents. V
  6. COOL! yes, his channel is good! And if I order it soon and use on the Scat Pack, I will be sure to report my findings.
  7. Ya... good point... both points! Still seems nice to have in the Arsenal. Definitely!
  8. HI ALL I know it may seem like a dum dum question, but after some poking around and watching the video and reading about the properties and roles of the NEW CS3, ... I was wondering if you could also use this for some extra protection and shine on freshly pampered CLEAN surfaces safely? I wound think SO... but one never knows. Ive been using ADAMS for a decade now and products such as this seem to have some "flexible" uses... I am guessing this is one of them. I love the idea – and not to go off topic, but I am an avid fan of the Ceramic infused products as it is! Shampoo, Wax, Waterless... etc: CHEERS! _V
  9. I havent tried, but my tried and true AMAAZING WS solution is clay, glass cleaner, glass sealant, glass cleaner, and glass boost. no wipers 50+ MPH (with caution). incredible! =V=
  10. Last week i took home my NEW '19 Dodge Charger R/T PLUS Scat Pack... did a FULLLLLL detail and used the paste. I must say, it's one of my new favorites. my pro tip to you is use it SPARINGLY, spread it out nice and even, and with the new (WORLD CLASS) interior towel, lightly buff and "finish". I love it! And I "treated" every surface that needs it most.
  11. Great answers and that article was awesome. I'm moving onto a GM dealership (YAY!) and making a list of extras... all 100% Adam's Products. Thrilled! V
  12. I JUST de-gunked mine last weekend. It is due for a full polishing and then ceramic (once winter is over), but I couldn't take it anymore. I gingerly washed it... had to do wheels 2x, once with ECO all-purpose THEN wheel cleaner... and after a long, long rinse... did a "pretreat" with diluted rinseless, and two layers of foam before carefully washing. It paid off... came out nice, felt baby-butt smooth, and wasn't as thrashed as I expected. But yes, I HATE WINTER
  13. AHHH HA!!! Ok cool. Glad I asked and that you could help! thank you! V
  14. THANKS! good info. now about that mysterious foam formula... ??
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