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  1. New Layout Question

    I see that but it doesn't show the newest posted threads, it shows the most recent posts which includes replies. Not the same thing as before.
  2. New Layout Question

    How do I get the most recent posts to show up on the side of the forum home screen on the new layout?
  3. Adams Golf Balls?

    Holiday Season starts in 2 days... Depressing. I miss summer already.
  4. Adams Golf Balls?

    Same boat. If you end up buying an entire 3 pack, I'll buy 1 from you for my case.
  5. Most of those products are probably Sealants but they market them as a "Wax" because some people don't understand the difference between a Wax and Sealant.
  6. HGG has a dry application method as well and is a spray sealant. IMO a Spray Wax is useless, wax is just a topper to last a few days and offers next to no protection. I'd use HGG dry application if you want to do it when the car isn't wet. If you don't want to use HGG and just want a spray on topper, use Detail Spray.
  7. Merino wool mitt dreadlock

    I've only seen that issue when people put them in the washing machine.
  8. New From IL

    Man does that name look familiar for some reason! Where about in IL?
  9. Haven't had any issues but I prefer not to use anything other than glass cleaner on clear plastics. Occasionally I'll hit them with the towel I use ID with and never noticed streaking.
  10. Trying not to lose hope here....

    Langka is more expensive, doesn't come with the paint and can be more difficult to use. I've used both and prefer Dr ColorChip WAY above Langka.
  11. Trying not to lose hope here....

    Dr. Colorchip kit will probably be cheaper.
  12. Trying not to lose hope here....

    Dr ColorChip and do what Dan said if you aren't going to go the repaint way.
  13. Gallon Pump Sprayer Recommendation

    Hey, if you don't like it... Use it to spray weeds lol
  14. Gallon Pump Sprayer Recommendation

    I'm not sure if you can do flat. It's more of a spray bottle tip. The pressure is good and it seems to stay pressurized for quit a while. Usually 1 gallon of liquid, I can pump it up fully 3-4 times and empty the entire gallon.
  15. Gallon Pump Sprayer Recommendation

    I don't use it on my truck but I use it for the lawn and it works great. Has a good adjustable spray head. https://www.amazon.com/Chapin-20000-Fertilizer-Herbicides-Pesticides/dp/B000E28UQU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500472762&sr=8-1&keywords=gallon+pump+sprayer Not a fan of battery operated ones... Then you have to worry about batteries and electronics going bad. Pump sprayers last forever if taken care of.