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  1. bjoeaull

    Ceramic Boost 2.0

    Sometimes if I use guard and gloss or Boost on my work vehicles that don’t have the best paint, sit outside, and I don’t do a proper strip/clay prior, I can get streaky finish sometimes. But on my newer more well cared for vehicles it works flawlessly. Could that be the issue possibly you are having?
  2. I have a JD tractor too, at first I use to worry about scratches, but just ended up accepting that its a tractor. I would however like to ceramic it, so as to help keep the plastic and paint from fading over time. I generally use wash and wax, and sometimes G&G. Sorry but I don't have any advice on polishing plastic though
  3. bjoeaull

    Washing a ceramic coated car?

    Right now you'll want to use the blue car wash. As it adds nothing to the coating that would alter the hydrophobic properties. I have a sneaky suspicion that there may be a better option in the near future. Ceramic boost would be your best maintenance choice. Or if you like rubbing on the paint, get some ceramic paste wax.
  4. bjoeaull

    Anyone else from Indiana?

    Welcome! I'm down in Jasper
  5. bjoeaull

    Longevity of the different waxes

    If you assume we are talking about a daily driver thats outside, for all of them. It would go like this least amount of longevity Buttery American and patriot I'd think are similar, patriot might outlast a touch? Ceramic wax
  6. I would say coat your truck with ceramic, then buy some of the ceramic wax and boost to maintain your coating plus add some depth and shine.
  7. bjoeaull

    Family Trip to Denver

    I don't recall his name, a younger guy.
  8. bjoeaull

    Family Trip to Denver

    Just left Adams, had a blast! One of the highlights of the trip for me personally! They showed us around the warehouse, detailing bays, saw some cool vehicles, insider scoops ?, and sweet deals on products. As we were about done, Adam himself walked in and took the time to talk with me, my cousin and uncle. Super great guy! So glad we made time to go Thanks Adams team
  9. bjoeaull

    Family Trip to Denver

    I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks for the tip
  10. bjoeaull

    Family Trip to Denver

    True, my other problem is my Adams stock is currently fairly strong ?
  11. bjoeaull

    Family Trip to Denver

    Awesome! My only problem is we flew here ? so limited space.
  12. bjoeaull

    Family Trip to Denver

    Heading to Denver tomorrow for a week vacation with my family. Staying at the Four Seasons, looks to be close. I'd like to stop in to the headquarters with a couple of my relatives and see the shop. Is it kind of stop in whenever and check it out, or are there better times than others? Look forward to it!
  13. Gloss black wheels are a B!%&$, I only use a mitt on ours. I won't touch them with anything I wouldn't put on my black paint. I used a rupes mini to polish mine out, then ceramic coated them. They still got all swirled up in a year of careful washing.
  14. bjoeaull


    I feel like it use to be available years ago
  15. bjoeaull

    ceramic coating on a seadoo

    Bonus, the hydrophobic properties should make it faster! ?