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  1. i think sometimes a little sits at the edge of the tread and doesn't dry as quick. The sidekick helps with this.
  2. This may not be it, but throwing out there because I've noticed this. It wouldn't be tiny lint particles from the towels being left behind?
  3. Help me decide on new wheels!

    Thinking the z28 style, although if satin black was an option, that how I'd lean. Although my guess is the ceramic coating will make it look more of a satin over the matte anyway.
  4. Best for Black Exterior Plastic

    We recently purchased an 06 black Envoy Denali for my kitchen manager to drive. Before I gave it to her I detailed it, I used the ceramic trim coating on all plastic to revive some of the slight fading. It worked great, and looks fantastic. That was a couple months ago and today it was raining and when I walked passed it, the trim was beading like crazy!
  5. Weather Tech floor liners

    This last time I cleaned a set of our weather techs I used Adams tire cleaner, let it sit a few minutes, scrubbed with a brush, then rinses. I let them sit a bit, then blew them off with the sidekick. They looked pretty good, they are only 3-4 months old, but a few small spots that still had some wornish dirty kinda look, nothing major at this point like older ones. So I then sprayed them with the weather tech protectant. It works pretty well, covers up any of the dirty spots, leaves a matte/satin sheen, and its not slick. I do like using it, I sprayed it on and spread it with a microfiber sponge I had laying around. My hopes are the protectant helps with future cleanings. I did put the protectant on when they were new. Hard to say if it helps with keeping them nice at this point.
  6. Polishing gloss black wheels

    I use a rupes mini on the rims. I have some 22" gmc rims gloss black and machined. I polished them with the mini, with the correct pads and polish. They polished up quite nicely! Then I put the ceramic wheel sealant on them hoping to preserve the gloss black longer.
  7. I go over ours with a damp washcloth to remove smudges and smears. Make sure its dry, and I use a stainless polish from home depot, think its their label zep? I lightly spray a single stripe of it on each door, then rub it all in with a thick microfiber. Getting it spread and level is the trick. Its somewhat oily, so a little goes a long way, but it works great. Hard part is keeping the kids and dogs from mucking it up 5 minutes after I do it.
  8. Old liquid paint selant

    I just used some that has to be 6 years old, and it performed flawlessly.
  9. Hello from Fishers IN

  10. I'm thinking that there are many different kinds of vinyl materials, at varying levels of age stages. I have many vinyl letter logo'd vehicles and some react differently to products. Some receive the product better than others. I think I'd personally wait till your coatings are done and dry, then try cleaning your vinyl with waterless wash, maybe apc, to try and level out or remove the product.
  11. New member from Indiana

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Mini SK

    I have the rupes mini, I love how easy it is to control and maneuver in areas like, running right beside plastic trim your trying not to touch, bumpers, pillars, door frames, wheels, spot scratch removal. I actually grabbed it instead of my flex to apply glaze and wax on my firebird the other day. Just seemed easier than using two machines on that small of a vehicle.
  13. Post Coating Care/Maintenance

    I wonder if there is a ceramic coating shampoo in the works, seems like a logical product idea
  14. Leather interior absorbed bad odor

    I would think like any fragrance it will fade over time
  15. A couple more things. Try to keep the clay fresh by remolding it randomly, especially if you hit some areas that seemed to be rough. My vehicles the back area and the bottom sides and front always seem the worst so I try to save them for last. It may be overkill but seems to pick up bigger chunks off those rockers. Clay doesn't generally need a lot of pressure so monitor that closely so your making progress while not rubbing contaminants back into paint. Good luck! A freshly clayed vehicle feels really satisfying.