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  1. bjoeaull


    I feel like it use to be available years ago
  2. bjoeaull

    ceramic coating on a seadoo

    Bonus, the hydrophobic properties should make it faster! 😂
  3. bjoeaull

    Ceramic Paste Wax

    I just love the ceramics hydrophobic properties, does the ceramic wax leave the surface the same as with ceramic and boost would you say?
  4. I agree. I tried ceramic boost as a drying aid with pretty crappy results, it was very hard to level out. Best to use it when the paint is dry
  5. bjoeaull

    Ceramic Coating on Vette - New Coating Formula

    Lighting is important, before I polished and coated mine I went to rural king and they had a nice size led tripod type light with two big led lights on it. Roughly $70 I think. They had a smaller cheaper one but worried it wouldn't light up the area as well. It worked great, if anyone is considering a setup like that.
  6. bjoeaull

    my gloss black wheels are NASTY!

    I pulled the trigger on the sidekick blower a couple years ago, not sure why I waited. I'd say I use it most on my wheels and tires. It blows water from all them nooks that normally can't be dried until you go drive the car and spin them out. I also like blowing off the tire sidewalls before I apply VRT. If you are going to wait on the master blaster, maybe pick up a sidekick til then.
  7. bjoeaull

    Ceramic Paint Coating Issues

    These guys are spot on with the recommendations. I'm gonna say your biggest asset will be lighting. If you can't see it, you'll move along then its too late.
  8. bjoeaull

    Best wash for Ceramic coatings

    Thanks! I figured so with the car wash. I do plan to use ceramic boost on both. I assumed it would play nice on both finishes. The light clay makes sense as well as a random strip coat, basically just like any finish might require. Good stuff!
  9. So I just coated my Raptor with Adams paint coating, rim coating and trim coating. I had a detailing company do my wifes denali with CSL and exo on the paint and rim coating on the wheels. My guess is the best soap for this is the blue car wash. I see that some other companies have car washes that specifically mention designed for coated cars. Is there a difference or are they similar to the blue soap? If theres a difference maybe Adams will soon have a car wash for coatings. For now I plan to use Boost on both vehicles on all the coatings. Thanks in advance!
  10. bjoeaull

    It came!!!!!!!

    I have the rupes mini, and I really want to add that nano to the collection! So many uses I'm sure.
  11. bjoeaull

    Flex 3401 Pads

    maybe a year ago I had the same problem, I ordered a smaller flex adapter plate off amazon I think it was. So now I'm using the 5.5" pads adams sells
  12. I can't say it hasn't crossed my mind. My guess is it would work, but with it being on a flexible rubber, maybe it wouldn't last crazy long. But I bet it would last for a while!
  13. bjoeaull

    Rim coating timing question

    So after thinking it over I wanted to update what I ended up doing to the wheels. I decided to do another layer of ceramic on top of the probably half layer I probably didn't let cure long enough. So after they cured for a few days I prep coat wiped them down again. I applied a fresh layer of ceramic to them, this time letting them cure to the proper doneness. The carbon graphite finish on the rims I think made it hard to see the product flashing. But I kept feeling the layer to tell if it started to get sticky. Then buffed off. I waited 15 hours then applied ceramic boost. Now I am awaiting til I have time to get the tires mounted and the level collars installed hopefully this week. It looked like the coating went on fine, with no issues thus far in clarity that I could tell. Hopefully this works out well, I will keep an eye on things and update down the road if issues arise. Guess we will call this a test if you will.
  14. bjoeaull

    Rim coating timing question

    I saw that done on youtube, but assumed it was a professional kinda thing. I may try that out next time. I guess you still buff off after the coating gets sticky?
  15. bjoeaull

    Rim coating timing question

    You may be right. I'm sure I got some benefits of the ceramic left on the rims though, maybe not 100% but protection none the less. So if adding an additional layer is a bad idea if I don't polish and start over. I might just let them ride and boost them. Then see what kind of longevity I get out of it. Then I can always do them again in a year or so if the coating seems to fade. I just can't commit the time to polish every aspect of the rims then reapply. I think my time investment is better served reapplying down the road when they need a new coat. I appreciate your input as it helped me decide the correct path I'm willing to take!