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  1. Adam i get a wee bit mad after seeing all the MYSTERY BOX offers you Americans can get and i cant. Surely today theres a ways to deliver to Ireland these sort of good offers. Billy
  2. Does Brilliant Glaze have any silicone in the product.
  3. just came in to here and saw the news and had to check everyone here was ok.
  4. My sons love the Camaro and i would love to rent one when i go to Florida does anyone know of a car hire company that does this vehicle. I have looked at most of the main companies but they dont guarantee the vehicle you recieve.
  5. Billyt


    i sold a never used kestral das6 on C/L and 9 months later the bloke knocked on my door and said it had broken down the night before and he wanted his money back. Or could he have a replacement from the place i got it from i asked him how many times he had used it and he said evey other day he was a detailer. I gave him the number of the place and he left 2 days later he rang to say they where going to replace it and would i pay for delivery back to them. I near choked.
  6. that is amazing what a talent.
  7. Billyt


    yes Michael we will try and get the parks in the first 2 weeks.
  8. Billyt


    we are arriving on the 6th of December Tony and leaving 21 days later. XQIZT Automotive will be on the bucket list my boys would love to see a baseball or baskerball game while there.
  9. Billyt


    we leave florida on the 27th december hopefully with a bit of luck the first game will be a home game.
  10. Billyt


    Hi when we come over to Orlando in December my boys would like to go to a basketball game. Orlando magic they want to support could anyone help with info on the NBA season when it starts and finishes.
  11. You do know they where trying to find a shoe store but got lost.
  12. Billyt


    happy new year time to detox i think to much :cheers:
  13. we still do say Merry Christmas on this side of the pond. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
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